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Texas Study Suggests That Distracted Driving Laws Should Target Women (via Newsfusion)

Can we please come together as a nation indivisible and in unison admit that any study that comes out of Texas should be ignored. I like the way the flag looks but I think I could get used to 49 States or even let’s add Puerto Rico and keep the flag the same way. 29 more words

How To Judge Others

  1. Acquire concepts of stereotypes
  2. Ignore feelings of empathy
  3. Be insulting in a passive aggressive manner

Words Hurt | Adam Cerda

Hey it’s Adam Cerda. Today I want to talk about hatred and insulting and really when it’s appropriate. 1,094 more words


Some Sorts Of Drugs

I notice that we tend to define people by what they do rather than who they are. This week my friend asked, “Who’s Bob Marley?” To my disappointment, one of my classmates responded with, “He’s a black guy who smokes weed.” Have we really become so low as to define people by their actions, skin color, or the type of drug they use? 116 more words

Food For Thought


Who came up with this nonsense! This is irritating, disgusting, ridiculous and simply racist. I don’t understand who at UNICEF approved this campaign.

See how they rubbed mud on their faces or whatever the hell make up they put to make them look like what? 46 more words


Think before you stare or taunt me

I spoke this morning on the 96FM Opinion Line programme with PJ Coogan about the problems I face in my daily life as someone who looks different. 512 more words

Facial Disfigurement

Cultural Appropriation: What Is It? Why Is It Wrong?

If you are not sure what I am about to discuss, you are probably asking yourself ‘What is Cultural Appropriation?’ According to Wikipedia “Cultural appropriation is the adoption of elements of one culture by members of a different cultural group. 452 more words