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I'm A Thief? Nope, She Just Stupid.

So a customer accused me of taking her hone away. She claimed it was on top of her stuff and that I took it and that I’d look like the type of person who wouldn’t give it back. 156 more words


Excuse Me?

Despite them having one like, several others have taken to IG & Twitter clowning them for this and are getting tons more engagement around it. None of it good.


Simplicity of Healing Work 2/5

1963 Instructions for Teaching The Infinite Way

So we in The Infinite Way have one cause of all discord—hypnotism. When you recognize this, this is the end of your treatment, because you don’t do anything to hypnotism after you’ve recognized it to be hypnotism. 1,562 more words


Self-Deprecation -- Your Brain Hears You

I have this theory. There’s a part of your brain that takes in what you hear and assumes it to be fact. My theory is that that goes double for what it hears coming out of your own mouth. 179 more words


Donald Trump Banned from the UK?

I know it will never happen but the fact that it is being banned about makes me smile. While I have a little knowledge of the Presidential Elections, I, like, many people in the UK have heard the shit that is spewing out of Donald Trump’s mouth, apparently we have no go zones according to him. 126 more words


I'm No Saint

— Guest Post by Mom —

I had a thought recently that made me realize what a hypocrite I am. You see, there is a family in my town that I heard about through the grapevine, who have taken in multiple foster children with disabilities. 700 more words

Stop insulting your president Buhari - PDP tell Nigerians

The PDP made the call via a statement released on Thursday, December 24, 2015, by National 316 more words