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Is this the new face of celebrity in this country?

“The rudest woman in Britain.” A “physical manifestation of online trolls.” “The human incarnation of marmite.”

I’m sure most of you know who these quotes are talking about. 356 more words


We are insulted if…

Someone questions our integrity.

Someone talks behind our back.

Someone treats our family badly.

Someone isn’t the friend we thought they were. 440 more words

Live Beyoutiful

Thin Line Between Haggling and Insulting

I’m all for saving money and getting what you paid for. I haggle at times but I know when it’s ok but I don’t cross the line because sometimes it comes out as an insult. 273 more words


Be Nicer to Yourself

I made some offhanded self-deprecating remark the other day, probably about my weight, and it brought tears to a friend’s eyes. That stunned me. I don’t always think about the impact my words have. 256 more words


A free Country??

If it was not for keeping touch with my friends from far away and family who are also are down in England, being able to chat with them etc, I think I would give up on social media these days.. 394 more words


Tory conference: Anger over IDS ‘work your way out of poverty’ call

Original post from Disabled Go News


Work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith has been accused of insulting disabled people by telling them to “work your way out of poverty”. 518 more words


New Brazilian Dictionary Removes Insulting ‘interpretations’ of Jew


A new Portuguese dictionary was published here today by the Ministry of Education, removing, for the first time, insulting” interpretations” which have been for many years tied to the definition of the word “Jew.” 74 more words

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