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A missed call = A missed opportunity?

My most recent encounter with an insurance company went along these lines:

Me: Hi, I’m returning a missed call. What company is this? (note that I got a missed call on my mobile number and I’m returning the call on my fixed line) 249 more words


New Subtype of Alzheimer's Disease

Most, if not all, Long Term Care insurance policies trigger benefits once Alzheimer’s Disease is diagnosed by a licensed physician.


Can What A Large Employer Does For Obamacare Affect A Small Business?

I just read, “Employers Eye Moving Sickest Workers To Insurance Exchanges” by Kaiser Health News.

The article warns of a practice, commonly known as, “Dumping.”   It is the “Evil Twin” to the risk management concept of Risk Transfer. 258 more words


Is Your Money Making Machine Insured?

I read, this past week, that although the jobless rate is decreasing, the number of teenagers who are willing to find a job is also decreasing. 331 more words


Should You Go Without Disability Income Insurance?

May is traditionally Disability Awareness month.  That, in itself, does not mean much to me.  It seems that every day I am bombarded with advertisements, from one special interest group or another, about “National ______ Awareness Day” or “World ______ Day.” 1,192 more words


What If You Waited To Save For Retirement?

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If you have not started saving for retirement, the Bonus Flexible Annuity from United of Omaha is a basic deferred annuity. 37 more words