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Electric cars, accidents and insurance company logic

We are now in central Oregon, heading south.  With the snowing in the passes in  BC at the beginning of November, we opted to avoid passes and head directly south, through central Washington down to central Oregon.  549 more words

Insurance Companies~by rldubour

Insurance Companies

Have you ever filed an insurance claim?

And indirectly, they make you the blame!

This is their justice must be their reward.

As they double your premium without saying a word. 264 more words


Drug Prices: How Pharma Games the System

We have all seen the TV ads for Humira…

What they don’t show is the cost.  For instance there are a number of different TNFalpha blockers, including Humira (adalimumab) and Embrel (etanercept). 893 more words

Flu Shot

Today, I decided to be a responsible citizen, in addition to protecting my own health, by getting the flu shot. Usually, I arrange to get one at my doctor’s office, but this year I had just recently gone to the doctor’s before the vaccine became available, and did not need to revisit my doctor for anything else. 536 more words

Societal Issues

5 Ways Mobile Is Changing The Insurance Industry

Mobile innovation is the most dominating entity to name a few technologies, due to the fact that it can decrease dangers by managing expense, boost performance and enhance client experience. 1,190 more words


Exactly how FinTech is Transforming The Insurance Market

There are arising mobile gamers in the insurance market, and in spite of the sector’s difficult, firmly rooted setting, there is even more opportunity than ever to introduce consumer worth with mobile options. 1,255 more words


6 Insurance coverage Application Suggestions To Simplify Your Business Procedure Process and also Increase Performance

This write-up will certainly be specifically interesting for insurance business and firms that want to eliminate the paper-based obsolete process and rise ROI with their own insurance policy mobile app. 1,404 more words