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Feeling the Bern Yet? 

Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ plan will make all options outside if government offered healthcare illegal. Wow, talk about draconian bureaucracy!

In any system of limited resources someone has to make the decision on who gets what. 44 more words


Cheap 7 Day Car Insurance Coverage: Best Temporary Auto Insurance for Needs

All countries in the world have compulsory laws that one has to purchase a car insurance policy that helps them save their lives at times of accidents and disasters. 363 more words


Protect Your Guitar and Gear with Good Guitar Insurance

Musicians are normally very fond of their instruments and the gear associated. They love their music and are too attached to everything that defines their music. 480 more words


5 Things Drivers Can Do to Stop a Car From Overheating

Vehicles tend to experience a great deal of pressure, and sometimes that pressure leads to the car overheating. As professional insurance agents in Miami often advise their clients, there’s no immediate need to panic when a car shows signs of overheating, though it’s important for the driver to follow a number of standard steps in order to prevent the issue from escalating. 489 more words

Marine Insurance Policy Miami

What Is an HSA and Should I get one?

With Health Insurance possibly overhauling entirely in America in the coming years, and with the rocky fate of the ACA always up in the air, health insurance has been on my mind lately. 1,205 more words