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Delhi fails to know Myanmar and Northeast people

By Oken Jeet Sandham

When the NSCN (K) unilaterally abrogated ceasefire with the government of India in March this year, nobody took it very seriously. Many in Indian side were wondering when the outfit had entered into ceasefire with the Myanmar government, while many intelligentsias felt that such truce with Myanmar government indirectly undermined Delhi’s truce with the outfit. 1,069 more words



Insurgency is a stand alone version of a mod for the same engine based on the Source Engine. That’s what I can say without any bias, with that done: This is literally the best tactical shooter I have ever played. 865 more words


NI BAGA (I Am Baga) — A Poem

I am not alone, I know: never alone
The corpses littered herein are my own
They keep me company while asleep peacefully
Today, their struggles have ended finally… 185 more words


Welcome to Baga

Welcome to Baga
where nightmares live
and dreams go to die
I had heard the men talk in low tones about what they did to Chibok… 163 more words


Alex Reviews: "Insurgency (PC)"

Based on a mod of Half-Life using the Source Engine, INSURGENCY (originally called Operation: Counter-Insurgency) was a squad based, modern combat FPS released in 2007 by the same people who made the original Red Orchestra mod. 805 more words

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