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Build the hacienda, burn down the palaces

Translated from the French by edicioneschafa, revised by ill-will
Original text found at Lundi Matin.
  1. What we’ve been living through is new. It is certainly not just another “social movement.” “Social movements” have a frame, so that everything escaping it is defined as a boiling-over or a break-away .
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You Say You Want a Devolution? by Robert Gore

The Civil War, as it’s known in the north, or the War of Northern Aggression, as it’s known in the south, supposedly “settled” an issue for time and all eternity: that the smaller political units known as states could not leave the larger political unit known as the United States, at least not without the larger unit’s consent. 1,240 more words


Kataklysma - Insurrectionary anarchist Hip Hop from Brazil

Received on 27.04.16:

Inciting and conspiring against all the existing social order of this rotten society!

Solidarity with political prisoners in Greece, the compas from CCF, FAI / FRI and the new urban guerrillas. 1,577 more words



The air is damp and humid around this riverbed. The ground is soggy and wet. Papyrus reeds sprout from it, ascending majestically into the air. Close by, bamboo trees hang loosely over the running river, letting momentary sunshine and shade switch over the water’s surface. 902 more words


Madness in the Streets

This is a wild & crazy world that we live in. From the beginning of time to modern day society we have seen life created & ended. 1,384 more words