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Santiago, Villa Portales: Barricades & propaganda in memory of Mauricio Morales ($hile)

Barricade Monday, May 23, 7AM.

On May 22nd 2009 our anarchist compañero Mauricio Morales was killed while trying to activate an explosive device at the $hile school of prison guards, an institution that is designed to create beings who humiliate and torture those who have transgressed the law of the powerful. 75 more words

Direct Action

Greece: Short message to the proletarians of France

We watch your struggle against the neo-liberal labor reform, from March 9th 2016 (and maybe your reaction was late because of the blind attacks of islamofascists AND the French State). 455 more words


EVICTION ::Banc Expropiat, convocatòria urgent! – #ElBancResisteix — The Free

per solidaritat 23 mai 2016 Estan intentant desallotjar el Banc! Les companyes estan resistint a dins, tancades a la caixaforta ens confirmen que estan bé , donem-li suport!

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Anarcha Feminism is being Truly Anti-Authoritarian — The Free

Anarcha-Feminism by Ruby Flick This is my favorite writing about being a woman involved with anarchism based on my 33 years of experience. What has been put in bold are my own favorite passages that I have seen so clearly for so long.

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Solidarity with Prosecuted, Persecuted and Imprisoned Activists — The Free

Cautiously pessimistic: From this moment, despair ends and tactics begin. from Prisoner Support with thanks “The only protection we have is solidarity from the outside”: news from courts and prisons in Sweden, the UK and the US by nothingiseverlost Here in the UK, last month saw eight people who took action against the DSEi arms fair beat the […]

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The American Revolution – the Sequel, by Jeff Thomas

Why there won’t be a second American revolution, from Jeff Thomas on a guest post at theburningplatform.com:

The US is the most observed country in the world. 446 more words


Updates from a manic writer

For a great many of us who work on an academic calendar, this week tastes especially sweet. For me, it means that my work load goes from heavy to light as students depart campuses and the year winds down. 437 more words

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