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In Catalonia: A Spanish Tiananmen Square? by Justin Raimondo

All those who want to start breaking the grip of evil, centralized governments should be rooting for Catalonia in its standoff with Spain. From Justin Raimondo at antiwar.com: 366 more words


In hiding, Lenin prepares for 'weaving anew the whole social fabric'

On August 25 Kornilov began his advance on Petrograd. The workers, those of the Vyborg District first and foremost, rushed to the defense of Petrograd. Our agitators were sent out to the units of Kornilov’s so-called “Savage Division.” Kornilov’s troops quickly became demoralized, and the advance petered out. 1,027 more words

Catalonia’s Defiance of Spanish Authority Turns into Rebellion, by Don Quijones

Spain and would-be breakaway province Catalonia go to war. From Don Quijones at wolfstreet.com:

“Do not underestimate the power of Spanish democracy.”

With these words, eerily reminiscent of a line once spoken by Star Wars villain Darth Vader, Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy brought to a close a week of frenzied drama. 317 more words


Catalonia’s Independence Showdown Nears, Investors Fret, by Don Quijones

Catalonia looks sets to hold a referendum that the Spanish government has declared illegal. Devolution and decentralized are the theme of our age. From Don Quijones at wolfstreet.com: 376 more words