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"The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro"

On this day, I’m in agreement with the observations Frederick Douglass made in his “Narrative” — that our national holidays are “safety-valves” for the purpose of “keeping down the spirit of insurrection.” 1,318 more words


Trope-a-Day: Police Brutality

Police Brutality: Usually averted, day to day, as the Watch Constabulary is very well trained, highly disciplined, and – as the instrument of force that is legally permitted to apply it, law for the enforcement of – rigorously monitored and audited to make sure that it’s doing it properly.  178 more words


Why Don’t the Poor Rise Up?

Why are today’s working poor so quiescent? I’m not the only one posing this question.

“Why aren’t the poor storming the barricades?” asks The Economist… 1,477 more words


From Prairial to Pop Culture. Day Thirteen. What happened today, June 24th, in Paris in 1793?

Do you realize what happened today, June 24th, in Paris in 1793?!
a. The Constitution de l’An I / Year One (1793) was adopted.
“To many, especially the Jacobins, the Constitution of 1793 provided a model framework for an egalitarian, democratic republic; however, owing to the ongoing war the Convention suspended constitutional rule in October 1793 in favor of ‘revolutionary government . 176 more words

French Revolution

#Charleston. #Baltimore. #Ferguson. Hey Church! Where in the HELL are YOU?

Yes, I meant that.

No, the title was not a mistake.

I’m really asking.

Church, where in all. this. hell. are you?

Because when Black bodies that look scarily similar to my child’s, my husband’s, and mine are regularly burned and broken, it feels like a raging, unholy hell to me. 3,986 more words


Marco, Libero! Ein Interview mit dem ältesten politischen Gefangenen der Schweiz

Der militante anarchistische Umweltschützer ist seit 24 Jahren ununterbrochen in Haft, ohne Urlaub oder bedingte Freiheit. Gerechtigkeit oder Rache des Staates?

Wenn ich Marco Camenisch wäre… 4,365 more words

"Battle Tested" poem by Eric King

This poem was written in solidarity with the Baltimore rebels

They couldn’t take the heat

egos as fragile as their power structure

bones break, convictions never… 83 more words