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Insurrection part 2.

Todd crouched on the rooftop, clad all in black, wondering exactly why he was doing this. His face was covered in his signature mask, a sneering monster with hollow eyes. 526 more words


“Empires rise and fall every day. What you’re asking is a bit more extreme.” Todd stopped speaking for a second to take a drink.

“Name your price.” The man opposite him spoke. 385 more words

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Is Egypt falling into an Islamist Insurrection?

3 July 2015 8:46AM

Islamist insurrection has returned to Egypt. There has been a significant growth in the sophistication of the targeting, conduct and lethality of terrorist acts, a crisis of political legitimacy for the Egyptian Government, and the virtual abandonment of any separation of executive and judicial authority on matters deemed security-related.


10 Points On The Black Bloc - AudioZine

23:21 – 10 Points On The Black Bloc – Harsha Walia – PDF – Archive – Torrent – Text – YouTube

A talk by No One is Illegal’s Harsha Walia speaking about the diversity of tactics strategy and the black bloc tactic (10 Quick Points!) and experiences of the tactic in the context of 2010 Olympics resistance, Heart Attack March. 43 more words


Industrial Domestication - AudioZine

27:46 – Industrial Domestication – Leopold Roc – PDF – Archive – Torrent – YouTube

With the sub-title “Industry as the Origins of Modern Domination,” this zine analyzes the industrial revolution happening roughly between 1750 and 1850 in the West. 30 more words


"Something Revolutionary Is In The Air": Grexit By "Insurrection" Is The "Most Probable" Outcome

Source: ZeroHedge

A week ago, we said the following about the situation faced by Greek PM Alexis Tsipras when he and his new finance minister arrived in Brussels for the final round of bailout negotiations earlier this month: 256 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence