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Time for David Cameron to have that smug fucking grin wiped off his face

So. 11 Million people have voted for the Conservative party. These people are Class traitors. They should be forgiven if they repent. They should hide in fear until then. 878 more words

Anarchist Texts


gangsters crowding the streets of the mind
malice dripping from ball-caps and tee-shirts
the fury of May drawn from violent holsters
rains down upon cities in mourning for ruined… 92 more words


Statement from a Comrade and Baltimore Native About the Uprising There

by Josh Baltimore for SIC
29 April 2015

I’m heading home in two days.

There is something very important happening not only in Baltimore, but across black America. 524 more words


Freddie Gray in Context: a Century of White Supremacy in Baltimore

During the recent unrest in Baltimore, many people have discussed riots and expressed considerations for property. So, let’s talk about property, housing and homes specifically. Let’s talk about Baltimore. 2,991 more words

Green/anarchist Theses

Frantz Fanon: Concerning Violence

The following is an excerpt from Frantz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth, reprinted yesterday on the great blog Middle East Revised. Its relevance is plainly not only to the Middle East. 2,189 more words

Divide Et Impera

"Ted Cruz’s Frightening Gun Fanaticism": When A Presidential Contender Encourages Armed Insurrection

As incredible as it sounds, there’s an argument going on right now between two Republican senators (and, potentially, two Republican candidates for the presidency) over whether the American citizenry should be ready to fight a war against the federal government. 677 more words


The Constitutional Road to Socialism?

Constitutionalism and Revolution: Notes on Eurocommunism

By Ralph Miliband


From The Socialist Register 1978, pp.158-171.
Downloaded with thanks from the Socialist Register Website… 6,209 more words

Political Strategy