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A World to Win, by Justin Raimondo

The populist national sovereignty movements sweeping the globe are the best chance the globe has of stopping the globalists. From Justin Raimondo at antiwar.com:

The political class is in a panic, and not just in this country. 253 more words


The Real Reasons Why Another American Civil War Is Possible, by Brandon Smith

Actually, according to Brandon Smith, civil war is inevitable. From Smith at alt-market.com:

You have to hand it to the regressive left, when they conjure propaganda they really know how to run with it. 233 more words


Over 2000 Veterans To Form Human Shield At Dakota Pipeline Protest, by Tyler Durden

The veterans are bringing no weapons, but the government will. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Following the overwhelming interest in the newly formed group “Veterans Stand for Standing Rock”, Reuters reports… 316 more words


Our ‘Demands’ from States and Companies as ‘Some’ Anarchists from Turkey

1- Looting from private properties like supermarkets, shopping malls and storages of companies; should be legitimate.

2- Robberies from banks and jewelers should be legitimate. 290 more words


Athens, Greece: About the conflicts of the 17th November at the Polytechnic

We take responsibility for the participation in the conflicts of November 17th, 2016 in Athens at the Polytechnic. We are delighted for their scope, and for the 6 cops in the hospital. 993 more words

Direct Action

The Tyranny at Standing Rock: The Government’s Divide-and-Conquer Strategy Is Working, by John W. Whitehead

There is a general preoccupation with the specifics of standoffs with the government by various groups, but the general trend of usurpation of civil liberties and expanding government repression is being ignored. 324 more words


Populist-Nationalist Tide Rolls On, by Patrick J. Buchanan

You Say You Want a Devolution?” The devolutionary impulse gains momentum. From Patrick Buchanan at buchanan.org:

Now that the British have voted to secede from the European Union and America has chosen a president who has never before held public office, the French appear to be following suit. 239 more words