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Fomenting Insurrection: The Name

The Office: Season 7 Episode 23 · “Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager”

Dwight: So I expect you to be on your best behavior, which means none of you will be insubordinate, nor will you foment insurrection. 377 more words


9 March 1790 : "l'affaire de Marseille" in the Assembly

(…) L’abbé Maury, le comte de Mirabeau ont successivement parlé de cette question [“l’affaire de Marseille” – AE], tous deux avec la passion, la violence qu’on leur connaît : je n’ai vu dans l’un d’eux que l’avocat de M. 177 more words


Left Unity: The Politics of a Soldier’s Grave

It was about 11pm when the key source for the article I had been writing told me the lynchpin of my story, nearly 3,000+ words typed up and ready for editing, was not entirely correct. 220 more words


Left Unity: The Politics of a Soldier's Grave

If there is one thing the South never lost it was its Cult of the Dead.

They are everywhere, in almost every guise, for those with the eyes to see. 1,891 more words


Radical Mapuche Struggle: Ancestral Resistance Against the State and Capital (Eng/Esp)

“Each individuality, group, tribe or original people have their own ways of resisting this system. However they have the same enemy who represses and oppresses them and the ultimate goal of their struggles is to live freely and autonomously.” –  2,210 more words


People: Sarah O

Hi, I’m Sarah. :-) I’ve been in the Way Station since the beginning, and I’m one of its founder members. We’re all planning to write something about our individual stories here, so here goes… 1,126 more words