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Lets talk trauma! Psychologist profile

For the first blog post, this is a profile of Judith Kestenberg, she was a psychoanalyst specializing in child development and the emotional state of Holocaust survivors and their children during the war and afterwards.  569 more words


By Richa Sekhani

COMMENT: Unlike other emerging economies, strong investor sentiment and the meltdown in crude oil prices bolstered India’s growth in the last financial year. 638 more words


the darkness of india

yes there is that. as all lands have too, india is no exception. and i speak in terms of energetic imprint on the land, which has carried over millennia. 544 more words


Fall In Love With These Sites on Tue 02 Feb 2016

How To Send Customized Messages To Slack From Your Application

Slack is a popular messaging app used by many teams. It comes with a lot of services and an API for developers to integrate it with their applications. 766 more words


Nos vamos al International Beach Festival en Boca de Iguanas

IB Festival celebrará 11ava edición con miles de estudiantes extranjeros en Boca de Iguanas

Este fin de semana se llevará a cabo la edición número 11 del… 156 more words


How to run R code remotely from Slack

I’m sure someone out there has already integrated Python and Slack, so I thought I should give it a try to integrate R and Slack and create a chat or team based R programming environment. 614 more words


Czech president: “It’s practically impossible to integrate Muslims into Western Europe”

Originally posted by Fellowship of the Minds

Someone has the guts to say it out loud instead of blaming the victims of crimes committed by Muslim immigrants. 417 more words