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“Word of Mouth Marketing,” Which Type of Brand Supporter Are You?

There was a very famous advertisement in the 1970s that became synonymous with Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) about a product called Faberge shampoo. The 30-second commercial explained in the most simple terms that if you like a product, you’ll tell two friends, and your friends will tell two friends and so on and so on. 1,675 more words


The 40-Year-Old Intern

Jurassic Park is tops at the box office, the Hamburglar has returned to your neighborhood McDonald’s, Madonna has released a new album, and at age 40 (fine, 41), I am back to being an intern*. 486 more words


The Original Buzz Marketing


Buzz Marketing is not a new concept in fact it has been around for many years. A number of years ago before the advent of television and radio or other general media channels, circuses would use an event most often designated as morning parade to march through a town to tease potential audiences into attending a performance that evening. 453 more words

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Camera, lights, action at Conestoga

School may be out for most post-secondary students, but the work and learning continues at Conestoga.

Student interns, under the guidance of full-time technologists and faculty in the School of Media and Design, are learning lots about video production and meeting the needs of a client as they help the IMC program co-ordinator bring a video to life. 92 more words

IMC 2014-2015

What is the Power of Story?

As the digital and mobile environment become more prevalent in our daily lives internet users are looking at intrusive advertising in an increasing negative light. Today consumers are looking to gain control over invasive advertising in nearly all aspects of the digital platforms available today. 535 more words

Emerging Media

Hello from the Mountains of Southwest Virginia!

Hi everyone! My name is Nathan Rasnake and I will be one of your new IMC bloggers. After looking at previous bloggers posts, I’m eager to get started and have a lot to live up to! 636 more words

How 360-Degree Video Changes The YouTube Experience

It’s the next step to a more immersive video experience.

YouTube now supports 360-degree video, meaning likes and comments aren’t the only way for people to feel connected to the content they’re watching. 111 more words