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A look at two Natural Hair Care Blogs

Black Girl Long Hair

The first blog I’d like to showcase, is Black Girl Long Hair. BGLH is now a professional blog. There are several contributors to this blog and the blog touts several posts created daily. 1,245 more words

Integrated Marketing Communication

Three Challenges of Transitioning from College to Career (And How to Crush Them)

One of the toughest things college students face is the transition from university life to full-time work. The hours are different; the expectations are more challenging, and you often don’t have your best friends around anymore to help ease the stress. 993 more words

Three Types of Customers for Dough Religion Restaurant and Bar

For students and staff at the University of Florida as well as young professionals, Dough Religion Restaurant & Bar offers customization on high quality, well-priced food. 555 more words


Five Ways IMC Prepared Me For Agency Work

Marilyn Heywood Paige shares the real-world application of IMC in the agency setting.

Wondering how your IMC program compares to work in the real world? Read on to discover five ways that WVU’s IMC Master’s program will prepare you to succeed in a marketing agency. 689 more words

A look at Pixar's Multimedia Use

I am confident that in 1995, many children began to wonder what their toys were doing while they were away. That year, Pixar Animation Studios released its first film: Toy Story. 703 more words


Music Promotion

I have always been a fan of music. I love the way it connects people and the culture that it creates.I cannot sing or play an instrument, but I can make a mean Spotify playlist. 256 more words

Course Work

IMC Research

In this course, we learned about primary and secondary research and applied both qualitative and quantitative research.

Our “client” for the semester was The Gertrude C. 64 more words

Course Work