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Working in the Family Shop

At this point in my service, I’m spending all day, every day in the family’s shops. Most of the time, I would just hangout with them when there weren’t too many costumers and helping them stock the shop when products on the shelves were running low. 823 more words

Bajram Curri


We’ve all had fearful experiences as a child and as an adult, and we mostly react by mentally escaping into the illusionary corridors of time. In this mentally manufactured dream world we pretend everything is all right or will be all right some time in the future. 46 more words


Let's stop playing the Waiting Game

On Monday this week, I was at a meeting discussing the thorny issue of pressure ulcer prevention. Pressure ulcers can be very serious, tissue can break down remarkably quickly and can lead to complications such as infections or even sepsis. 450 more words


I'm responsible for the quality of my experience. 

The quality of my experience is determined by the quality of my emotional condition.

My emotional condition is determined by my willingness to fully face my imprinted childhood emotional charge without turning away and to fully digest it with gusto!


Enterprise Integration


Enterprise Integration sets itself to connecting and combining people, processes, systems and technologies in order to converge people, processes, resources and information optimally at the required time of use.  6,086 more words

Data Integration

Meditation is key to reintegrating the inner child

Anxiety, irritability, fear, anger are all echoes of a suppressed childhood emotion that’s never been allowed to surface. We’d rather sedate or control such feelings with meds, alcohol, drugs, TV or worry. 60 more words


“We should be so thankful that they're here”

“We should be so thankful that they’re here,” demographer William Frey says of immigrants boosting the USA’s diversity.  Mr Frey is a Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program… 122 more words

Hispanic Unity