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An open letter to (some) advocates for those with intellectual disabilities

Dear intellectual disability inclusion advocates who are anti-“segregation” & want full integration, always, everywhere:

Would you never let the intellectually disabled gather with peers? Must they… 259 more words


Tests With Extra Sweetness

A quick post about moving my Node app tests to Mocha and Chai. These are frameworks used where I work, and I figured I may as well learn something new and have more confidence in my Node apps when I deploy them, so how hard can it be? 256 more words


Civil Involvement

As an immigrant I do not get to exercise my civic duty in voting in the German electoral system, at least not federally.  As a town citizen I do get to vote in municipal elections.   1,245 more words

Large JSON Responses

The long slog from a 15 year old legacy monolith system to an agile, microservice based system will almost inevitably include throwing some API’s in front of a big old database. 2,090 more words

Software Development

Bartenieff Fundamentals Chapter 12: Integration

Peggy Hackney

  • “Integration” implies keeping the integrity of the integers, the essential elements of the parts, while also having the ability to coordinate the separate elements so that the constituent units function cooperatively, providing an interrelated whole.
  • 980 more words

FEBRUARY 17, 1980 ("Light")


With each step

toward the blinding LIGHT

of future touch,

I am meshed more thoroughly into

an integrated being.

This balancing act

is coming more naturally now- 164 more words

Kevin Keelan

The 4 Stages of Culture Shock 

Planning to move to a new country, integrate into a new culture? 

Will you remember that you can’t jaywalk in Switzerland? That it’s taboo for women to drive in Saudi Arabia? 412 more words