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Why we stopped wearing the Hijab

Why we stopped wearing the hijab

Canadian Muslim women reveal their reasons for removing the headscarf in public —

thestar.com    gta     November 28, 2015

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Narrating a national migration history: The UK’s Migration Museum Project

The London-based Migration Museum Project was started a few years ago by a group of professionals who were driven by the unfortunate absence of a national institution or museum documenting the “lively part” that migration to and from the UK has played, and continues to play, in national life. 1,034 more words

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Social Media Integration in Marketing: The Best Ways to Get It Done

Social media is one of the most powerful mediums that almost any business can use to market its products and services. Even if you don’t want to sell goods and services directly through your Facebook page or LinkedIn profile, it is still a great way to enhance your brand’s visibility as well as the visibility of your key members. 114 more words

The all-round agency

First published on www.mediaupdate.co.za in November 2015

It’s impossible to attend an industry conference or talk without the word ‘integration’ entering your earholes. And the reason for this is because integration offers more; it enables communicators to give their clients strong, centralised solutions.  620 more words

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News aus St.Gallen: Integrating Gender and Diversity in Management Education : Finding the right balance between "integration" and "marginalization"

Sehr fundierter Artikel, die für das Lesen investierte Zeit lohnt sich für alle die sich für St.Gallen interessieren.

Sander, Gudrun: Integrating Gender and Diversity in Management Education : Finding the right balance between “integration” and “marginalization” : Playing the paradox between ‘mainstreaming’ and ‘context only’. 148 more words

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Mitady Volo

Sometimes, I let my mom braid my hair. I look like the next feature on “Women in Prison” but it sure makes her happy.

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Excuse me, I’m German (please, let’s not talk about it)

I’m living in a different country, so I guess you could call me an expat and I apologize in advance if I ever come across like the backpackers on the Simpsons. 1,131 more words

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