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Students learn as much about themselves and about the world from the informal curriculum provided by their friends as they do from the formal curriculum provided by the faculty. 12 more words


Lightning Connect: Custom Apex Adapters

Last year Salesforce introduced a new feature called Lightning Connect. This feature allows customers to view and search external data from within their Salesforce organisation. 792 more words

Lightning Connect

To ESB or not to ESB is the question. Or is it more noble to just ETL it?

To borrow a metaphor from Winston Churchill, for the mere mortal, the selection of application/platform/enterprise integration tools, is often “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”. 1,077 more words

Software Development

Implementing your own password hash in mORMot

We have to authenticate against a legacy user database already populated, storing passwords encrypted in a proprietary format. The table also use the USERNAME field as the primary index. 266 more words



I’ve been fortunate to be having some serious brain time with Ryan Daffurn and Scott Breton of late. We’ve been discussing, from our own viewpoints and languages, our common understanding of the role of the painter, which is to pull the visible world apart, inspect it, learn it, attempt to understand it, and then to reassemble our visual knowledge into constructed, tightly orchestrated images. 906 more words