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Cross-curricular planning

Meaningful integration deepens children’s understanding of the skills and concepts in each of the subjects that are involved.  Through meaningful integration, children can be encouraged to generate new connections and to explained their existing understanding.  

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1/SERIES: 'School-to-Prison Pipeline' and its implications for Muslim Youth in America

Islamophobia in the United States is at an all-time high.

With more and more cases of explicit discrimination towards Muslims being reported, it has become far too difficult not to notice the grievances that Muslims, African-Americans, immigrants and other minority groups are sharing in this country. 346 more words

Achievement Gap

Rediscovering... YOU

In the last post, I discussed the idea that we often are the ones holding us back from being our most magnificent selves. We do this in many different ways, depending largely on methods we were taught to use by our parents, caregivers, siblings, and early friends. 605 more words


Washington brief Oktober

Top-Themen: Amerikanische Nachwuchstalente erkunden Europas Politik- und Kulturlandschaft, FNF-Brennpunkt: USA besiegeln Freihandelsabkommen mit asiatisch-pazifischen Ländern, kommt jetzt auch der Durchbruch für TTIP in Europa?, FNF-Policy Paper: Integrationspolitik: Welche Ansätze verfolgt der Einwanderungsmagnet USA?, GMF Podcast: Russia in Syria and A Mini-Reset?, ‚Stability Generation’: Eine neue Strategie für die NATO, Serie: US-Präsidentschaftskandidaten 2016 (Carly Fiorina) 9 more words

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Why M&A Is Critical for Growth

50% or higher failure rate. 35% or higher acquisition premium. With those types of stats, you could reasonably question whether acquisitions are a worthwhile pursuit for any organization.   1,556 more words


Integration or segregation - are we all tribal at heart?

It is a brave public figure who debates ethnicity, integration and tribalism so I was pleasantly dumbfounded when I heard former Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, recently say “Some will not like me saying this but, in recent years, there has been too much Muslim mass immigration to Europe. 1,332 more words


#Travel: Why I miss being a total foreigner

Why I miss being a total foreigner

By Ana Ribeiro

Recently I came back to Leipzig from a fascinating trip to mainland China and Hong Kong via Abu Dhabi, with a brief visit to Macau. 1,133 more words