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How do JB Hi-Fi and Hoyts use Pepper's and Roger's 5 I's?

Don Peppers and Martha Rogers 5I’s (identification, individualisation, interaction, integration and integrity) can be used as complementary to the 7 p’s. This concept is seen by some marketing scholars as an update to the previous marketing mix, as it focuses on new marketing, with an emphasis on the customers. 654 more words



 Identification is known as understanding the customer and identifying what their needs and wants are. For example Nike know their customers are looking for sportswear and by identifying the customer well Nike can link the customers information to the organization. 257 more words

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5 I's

As I have already mentioned in my introduction blog, I am a fashion lover therefore have chosen two fashion website to illustrate my understanding of Peppers and Rogers’s 5 I’s… 676 more words


Israel social ills are not cured by secular social medicines: the case of Russian Jews in Israel

Recently, I have published a post entitled “Why our social ills are not cured by our social medicines: the case of ‘race discrimination’”. An opinion paper in Jerusalem Post by Alexander Kogan “26 years of Russian Aliya: segregation, poverty and police brutality” is an almost perfect confirmation of the analysis in my post – this time in regard to the immigration (Aliya) of Russian Jews to Israel. 517 more words

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It's not Immigration Street. It's Memory Lane.

Idly channel hopping one night I stumbled upon Channel 4’s pseudo-documentary, Immigration Street. I had remembered the surrounding furore in the media from when it was being filmed in my home town, Southampton. 939 more words

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[caption id="attachment_884" align="alignnone" width="660"]"We are Southampton" march against Love Productions' view of Immigration Street "We are Southampton" march against Love Productions' view of Immigration Street [/caption] This post is from another Sotonian blogger 'The Parcel Talks' and her memories of an area that Love Productions (makers of Benfits Street) tried to make a controversial programme about called Immigration Street. Southampton as a port has always been multi-cultural. But many who live in this area have been here for two or three generations. True Sotonians in city of transient people. When will they be called British? Most refused to take part in the film. If you LIKE it here, visit her blog and LIKE it there https://theparceltalks.wordpress.com/2015/03/20/its-not-immigration-street-its-memory-lane

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Hi colleagues. It has been a while since I posted anything. Today I will write a quick post as part of an interface I am currently developing to do  222 more words


The Switzerland Theory

When promoting synergy internally within any organization it is important to remain neutral to all your constituents.  Thus “the Switzerland theory.”

In my case, working synergy for The Walt Disney Company, I had a key marketing person designated as the primary synergy contact in every one of Disney’s 60 business segments during my tenure.  119 more words

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