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Connecting Salesforce to a Heroku Database

A popular use of Salesforce is as a front end system of engagement application, using a lookup integration to the more static system of record data in a back-end such as SAP. 1,003 more words


America – Melting pot or kitchen pantry?

It’s absolutely assured that one of the major talking points on both sides of the political spectrum leading up to the next election will be immigration, as candidates vie for the votes of those who are poised to become de facto “citizens by fiat.” Already, media outlets are evaluating potential election contestants  based on whether they have “flip-flopped” in their views toward immigration. 1,036 more words


"Warriors Don't Cry" by Melba Pattillo Beals

Warriors Don’t Cry is a beautiful and terribly moving recollection of Melba Beals experience as one of The Little Rock Nine in Central High School during integration. 277 more words

Adolescent Lit


No human being can keep permanently afraid: fear goes at last to the back of one’s mind, accepted, and shelved, and done with.

(H. G. Wells: The War in the Air) 209 more words


Your Archemes

Consider: All humans become members of their societies by assuming behaviors and attitudes associated with culturally patterned ROLES. A Mother or Father, a Doctor or Teacher, an orphan or an idealist, even a “depressive” all enact social positions vis a vis other social positions by displaying somewhat normative dispositions. 312 more words

BE2: Tuesday Life Paths Tools

Life Goes On, Thanks to Amazing Educators

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I have always wanted to use this blog for reflection and celebration. A good deal of my work in recent months has been focused on details for the SBAC assessment. 361 more words


Besök i Östergötland

Igår talade jag i Linköping inför en engagerad grupp. Idag började dagen med ett besök hos Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan i Valdemarsvik och en grupp asylsökande vårdakademiker som pluggar svenska där. 360 more words