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Starting Integration

Behind every definite integral is a Riemann sums. Students need to know about Riemann sums so that they can understand definite integrals (a shorthand notation for the limit if a Riemann sun) and the Fundamental theorem of Calculus. 105 more words

Integration Theory

Always deploy DTM production libraries

No beating about the bush this time, I’ll just spit out what I have to say:

There is no reason to embed DTM staging libraries anywhere, like, ever! 596 more words


Migration Series (Part 1) Defining the 25% foreign population in Switzerland


By Duc-Quang Nguyen

November 19, 2017 

For the first time, Switzerland has 2 million foreigners living in its midst. As of last year, these non-Swiss – often the subject of political debate – accounted for nearly a quarter of the nation’s 8.3 million population. 481 more words


Mental Illness and Spiritual Crisis

The shock of being diagnosed with cancer is similar to the shock of being diagnosed with a mental illness.

When this happens, even a person of strong Christian faith can have a crisis of faith.  549 more words


"A Very Different Elementary School"

I have a number of longer posts brewing, but this should be short enough to dash off.  Unfortunately, it’s not very sweet.

Today at lunch, I was sitting next to some co-workers discussing househunting.   347 more words

Blog Post #3: Technology Implications for School Leaders

The question of whether or not to embrace the movement of technology integration within the school is no longer there. Technology is already in schools. But, how will it be managed, implemented, and effectively used; those are the real questions school leaders are now forced to answer. 378 more words


EU - Migration: The Time to Act was Yesterday!

Migrants continue to make their way to Europe and Europeans are showing their discontent more and more at the ballot boxes. Yet, many in Europe still argue more are welcome. 1,109 more words