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3 things to do outside of Coachella


Situated on top of a crazy geomagnetic vortex is the integration. Invited by a retired aerospace engineer in the 1960 named George Van Tassel who clammed he got the blue prints by  telepathic download form extraterrestrials. 150 more words



While watching an older episode of Anthony Bourdain last night we stumbled an interesting bit of Americana. Bourdain was cruising around the Californian desert with the frontman for Queens of the Stone Age, and one of the places they stopped was a place named “The Integratron”, a dome-shaped building out in the middle of nowhere, built out of wood and interlaced with copper wires and other things, where they stopped for a “sound bath”, basically a meditative session where they lay in the dome and the hosts created chakra-opening tones using crystal bowls… 449 more words


Birthday fun around Joshua Tree

My wife, Amy, planned some fun stuff in and around Joshua Tree. We arrived at Noah Purifoy’s Outdoor Desert Art Museum in Joshua Tree after sunset to take some photos. 188 more words


Bathe in Sound

Driving through tiny dirt roads in Landers, CA, scanning the barren desert scenery for this ‘Venusian’ sound dome, you finally spot it in the distance… looking as out of place as ever – a tall white dome, built entirely of Douglas fir & calking. 445 more words