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Enlightened Self Interest

When I do something for you, I’m not doing it for you, I’m doing it for me. “Charity is really self-interest disguised under the form of altruism… 215 more words

Play BIG by Showing Up & Travelling Regally

When I talk of playing BIG in life the tendency is to think that I am talk about  doing-achieving.  You know the kind of doing-achieving of say Steve Jobs or Elon Musk.   239 more words


The Dalai Lama talked about

The Eight Verses for Training the Mind. 

  • Cultivate an awakening mind.
  • Regard others as superior to you.
  • Be wary of disturbing emotions.
  • Hold troublesome beings dear.
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Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio exhibits more integrity than foes

In anticipation of his upcoming trial, the failing Arizona Republic is thrusting a multi-pronged pitchfork in Joe Arpaio’s direction.  Dissipated columnist EJ Montini gloats in an on-line video in which he appears to be unwell. 315 more words


Setting Boundaries ...

Setting boundaries is healthy self-care. When we say ‘no’ without guilt or shame, we are signalling self-respect, integrity and our commitment to living our lives authentically.


Maclean’s columnist, David Moscrop, wrote today (June 23, 2017) about BC Premier Christy Clark’s shallow grasp at retaining power. Below, in reverse order, are my response and Moscrop’s opinion piece that prompted me.

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A Few Thoughts on Civility and Leadership in an Angry World

I don’t know if Facebook represents society as a whole or not. I’ve seen research that indicates either could be true. If, however, Facebook is representative of how we interact with each other in the real world then we are faced with some challenging extremes. 796 more words