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A Comforting Word

Reaching out to strangers in need has become something of a habit. It is easy to connect over the Internet and share some heart rending experiences. 231 more words

Self Help

[away~7] the extinction of the "SalesX"

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I storm took out my power for a day and now I was locating a new Internet provider.

With phone book, paper and pen, I called ‘a company’ to learn about satellite internet and whether I would want the service.  505 more words


Leadership Matters 

I recently heard a study revealing that even the most introverted person will impact roughly ten thousand people during their life. Therefore, the reality is, we are all leaders. 595 more words


Reacting To Your Own Mistakes

When you mess up, fess up.

As children, many of us were told by our parents and the other adults in our lives that we would make mistakes; and when we did so the thing to do was admit them and learn from them. 901 more words

Job Search Advice


We have a responsibility to offer and develop buy-in for projects, proposals, events, products that we believe in. Our message must be clear and include the value added to that person. 60 more words

Bankrupt Cheat



A cheat


Robs treasure from himself

Integrity, heart’s full storehouse

Shares wealth


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I will keep my word

I will keep my word everyday (x3)

Oh yes, everyday

You can count on me all the time (x3)

Oh yes, all the time

I’ll not let you down anyway (x3) 14 more words