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Most often, we will have the resources to say yes or step in.

When we do, we must do so with confidence and I’ve found this confidence of saying yes or stepping in comes from knowing priorities. 78 more words


Believe in Happy Endings

Wishing you a week of wisdom, delight, and possibility…


What are You Willing to Compromise?    

A compromise doesn’t have to be something negative. For example, we compromise when a dispute is settled by mutual concession. But a compromise can also be when we accept standards that are lower than desirable. 752 more words

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Read Luke 16

Focus on verse 10

Years ago I had a friend who owned a small company, small enough that most of the employees knew each other like family, yet large enough to be turning over upwards of a million dollars each year. 451 more words

Daily Devotional

Seasons - Safe Harbour

Here in the northern hemisphere, it’s that time of year to ready the garden for the (long) winter. It means cutting back and covering over, and it often means wintering over. 855 more words


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