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Where Does Leadership Begin and End?

Where does leadership begin and end? Is it intrinsically tied to walking into and out of our work doors every day (either literally or virtually)?  Or does it extend beyond the work aspects of our lives into the core being of who we are?   663 more words

It is a great thing to see physical courage, and - (©Oswald Chambers)

“It is a great thing to see physical courage, and greater still to see moral courage, but the greatest to see of all is spiritual courage; oh, to see a person who will stand true to the integrity of Jesus Christ no matter what he or she goes through!” ~ Oswald Chambers



I, too, Gail Conder would like to have an answer to the question when did hand on heart become Australian (C8 22 Feb). You were embarrassed to see our PM stand hand on heart with the NZ PM proud and respectful (no hands on heart) beside him. 100 more words



A true leader has the confidence to stand alone!- the courage  to make some tough decisions when necessary. They will always have the compassion to listen to others. 477 more words

Treat employees....

Treat employees like they make a difference and they will

– Jim Goodnight


The power of silence

Last week I had a strong inner impulse to go silent, to drop everything and anything outward and go inward. Let me tell you this self-initiation wasn’t due to anything spiritual and saint-like at all. 1,336 more words

The Nick Zenophon Party

Listening to Nick Zenophon on Sunday I was struck by his openness and honesty. As a backbencher he admitted that he was on probably three times the wages of the disadvantaged people the govt is proposing to hit and he would be willing to pay more tax. 85 more words