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Intel ATR site updates it's research on web site

Intel Advanced Threat Research (ATR) is home of the CHIPSEC team. They just updated their web site with more presentation archives.


A few materials which we never published are now on the web-site: …

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How Facebook and Amazon Killed It and Saved Tech Earnings

As major technology companies began issuing their first quarter results two weeks ago, the reports were rather disappointing. One after another, the likes of Microsoft, IBM, and Apple dashed investors expectations with weaker sales and sagging profits. 456 more words


new CHIPSEC changes

As I understand things, Intel has a private source tree for CHIPSEC, and makes snapshots of this private tree to their public github.com-hosted source tree. As a result, CHIPSEC usually doesn’t release incrementally, updates usually come in big batches. 191 more words

Computer Controlled Orchestra

Find this and other technology news stories at http://vid.io/xqV. Inspired by the animated music video Pipe Dream by Animusic, Intel Embedded Computing engineers teamed up with Austin-based Sisu to turn that animation into a real computerized paint ball orchestra.


インテルはPC企業からクラウドとIoTの企業に--CEOがビジョンを提示 [ #cloud ]

未来に向けた再編に取り組むIntelにとって、注力すべき重要な分野はクラウドと接続性、モノのインターネット(Internet of Things:IoT)だと、最高経営責任者(CEO)のBrian Krzanich氏は語ってきた。同社は先週、PCなどのハードウェアの売り上げ減少に起因する大規模な再編の一環として、全従業員の11%に相当する1万2000人の人員削減計画を発表したばかりだ。



PC’s Then and Now: A Comparison of Old and New Hardware.

The personal computer is something we use every single day. It’s name has become more of an umbrella term, as what defines as a ‘PC’ is constantly changing. 461 more words


New Ultra Thin HP Chromebook; iPhone 7 ‘Pro’ Drawings Leaked


HP showed off it’s new 13 inch screen, ultra thin Chromebook today. It sports a QHD Display, has a slick all-metal case, and weighs in at 2.86 lbs. 123 more words