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Installation of KVM to speeding up Android emulator on Ubuntu

Checking CPU supports hardware virtualization 

$ egrep -c '(vmx|svm)' /proc/cpuinfo

The result will show the number of supported CPU, 0 if not support. Most of Intel core i3, i5, i7 support hardware virtualization but still need to enable in the BIOS. 55 more words


Starmobile unveils Engage Pro 10, hybrid, Windows 8.1

On a  recent blog post by Starmobile, they unveiled the latest member in their Engage line-up of tablets, but for the first time a Windows-powered 2 in 1 tablet was announced. 193 more words

It's Not Your Dad's Watch

One thing the millennial generation cannot get over is where fashion meets technology. 2015 is projected to be a huge year for wearable technology – some of which you would only think to see in futuristic movies. 261 more words

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Building a New Workstation

When it gets cold outside, I park the bikes and start looking for other activities to keep me busy.  This winter, I decided it was time to build a new computer. 1,433 more words


Nixie es el drone de muñeca de Intel, saca selfies en HD

Nixie es el drone de muñeca de Intel, saca selfies en HD y en 1080 pixeles además de volar. Nixie resultó finalista en el concurso Make It Wearable realizado por Intel y un premio de 500 mil dólares para darle continuidad al proyecto. 187 more words


Intel Core i-7 4790k Review

In the latter part of the last decade, getting performance on the cheap meant buying a low end processor and learning how to overclock it. This is how I started in building computers, but a few generations ago Intel locked it all down except for a few high-end models in each generation. 3,553 more words