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Trump moves to ease intel community tensions with CIA visit

President Trump visited the CIA on Saturday in a conciliatory bid to end a feud with the intelligence community — a dispute he suggested was overblown by the media — while making…


Ex-intel chief: Trump’s relationship with intel community ‘dismaying’

President Trump’s tense relationship with leading U.S. intelligence officials is “dismaying” and hurts the individuals who staff the country’s vast intelligence networks, a…


Performance preview: Intel Core i3-7350K processor

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

Performance preview: Intel Core i3-7350K

Intel’s seventh-generation Kaby Lake processors represent a modest, if unexciting, upgrade over its Skylake predecessor. A large part of the performance increase can be attributed to the clock speed increases – 200MHz in the case of the Core i7-6700K (4.0GHz, 8MB L3 cache) and Core i7-7700K (4.20GHz, 8MB L3 cache) – so there isn’t really a compelling reason to upgrade if you’re already on Skylake. 828 more words


U.S. spies fear allies will stop sharing intel under Russia-friendly Trump

Now that Donald Trump is officially its commander-in-chief, America’s foreign allies are being forced to grapple with a highly sensitive question: Is it still safe to share…



People on Facebook who comment on vegan recipes using the words ‘puke’, yuck’, ‘ghastly’ or words describing other body functions associated with waste, who also claim to be vegan are hiding their eating disorders and food phobias under the vegan label. 22 more words


Intel’s Compute Card is a PC that can fit in your wallet

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Intel mostly missed the boat on smartphones, but the company is trying to establish a firm foothold in the ever-broadening marketplace for connected appliances and other smart things. 529 more words


Intel's Cloud-Friendly Clear Linux Hits Microsoft Azure

Microsoft says that Intel’s Clear Linux, a lightweight distribution of Linux that is optimized to run on Intel processors and is now available as a virtual machine in the Azure Marketplace. 7 more words