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Intel wants to make its IoT chips see, think, and act !

Rolling out the internet of things means using devices as our eyes and ears and even asking them to make decisions for us. The chips at the heart of those devices play critical roles, and on Tuesday some of them got better at their jobs. 508 more words


インテルが遠隔医療をデモ、IoTで支援 [ #cloud ]

米Intel社日本法人のインテルは、各種のヘルスケア機器と連携でき、遠隔でのヘルスモニタリングや見守りに利用できるIoT(Internet of Things)ゲートウェイ3品種を「デジタルヘルスDAYS 2016」(主催:日経BP社、協力:日経デジタルヘルス)の同社ブースで紹介した。それぞれ台湾Gigabyte Technology社、台湾NEXCOM International社、ぷらっとホーム(Plat’ Home)のIoTゲートウェイで、Intel社が半導体チップ供給やソリューション構築で協力している。



Micro Processor performance and its functional components

Sometimes regarded as the central processing unit (CPU) or the processor.

It is the most important component of the computer since it is the center of all processing, control and coordination functions in the computer hence also regarded as the brain of a computer. 358 more words

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Why Apple is not about to release ARM-powered Macs

If someone had said to you last Christmas that the UK would decide to leave the EU, and Donald Trump would be a serious challenge to Hillary Clinton in the US Presidential Election, you’d probably have laughed at them. 598 more words


Two different modems found in the iPhone 7, one performs 30% better

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

Two different modems found in the iPhone 7, one performs 30% better

Apple is known to use different components with comparable performance for its devices as a means to diversify its supply chain. 211 more words


Laser Wi-Fi with Silicon Photonics Technology By Intel

Maybe not quite as exciting sounding was the news that Intel has finally began volume production of Silicon Photonics, a technology that uses laser light assembled right into computer Read more