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What happens in Down syndrome, exactly?

What is it?

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder. It typically leads to delays in physical growth, characteristic facial features, and low intelligence even as an adult. 376 more words

The Unusual Chicken: how NOT to explain intellectual disability to children

Sometimes Wade is given gifts. Mostly it is for a reason like birthdays and Christmas but occasionally we will receive a ‘Just Because’ gift. ‘Just Because’ gifts are generally lovely because I know that the person giving it to us saw something and thought of Wade. 1,319 more words

Down Syndrome

Mumtaz - an extraordinary journey to an ordinary Karachi life

KVTC is the first and only Vocational Education & Training (VET) centre for intellectually disabled (ID) people in Pakistan. With 400 graduated trainees gainfully employed in Karachi, KVTC has proved since 1991 that ID people can become independent, contributing, and responsible members of society. 72 more words

What happens in fragile X syndrome, exactly?

What is it?

Fragile X syndrome (FXS) is a genetic syndrome that leads to intellectual disability. People suffering from FXS often have certain typical physical characteristics like a long face, large ears, and less muscle mass. 379 more words

What makes a Virgin a virgin??

Can it be that a person is defined a Virgin in terms of being biologically born that way or is it all in the mind or… 1,023 more words

Reporters Are Not Vultures

When I was in my AP Psychology class during my senior year of high school, I was assigned to write a paper on people with special needs and the mental impact they have on people. 515 more words

JRM 215

An Unexpected Motherhood - the story of a woman with Down syndrome who has a child of her own

*This story was originally published in Voice The Journal of Down Syndrome Australia, Issue 1 2016 and republished with permission. I am the author of the original article* 2,776 more words

Down Syndrome