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Time got away on us the last few days and I barely had enough time to sleep or write so the blog took a wee break… but thought I’d write a quick catch-up today before we are back into our home schooling schedule tomorrow. 566 more words


A Schizophrenic, a Slain Worker, Troubling Questions - The New York Times


The rise in community residential facilities across this country, this is one subject that doesn’t get enough airtime, dangerous working conditions for workers tasked with helping the developmentally disabled and mentally ill live full lives.¬† 298 more words

Thursday at home

Some more Little Gardens were kindly given to us so this time Ryan did all the steps himself… with supervision and a little help. He stirred the dirt and water, filled the pots 2/3 full, put the seeds in, covered them with more dirt and put the name signs in – giving me a thumbs up when he was done :) We now have a dozen small plant pots to water and watch :) And yes, he is still wearing the shirt he made yesterday… and wasn’t happy when it went in the wash later in the day. 273 more words


Wonderful warm Wednesday

We took advantage of the beautiful sunshine and did an activity from our Laundry/clothing theme list. We got a plain white t-shirt and a spray bottle with blue food colouring and water. 416 more words


Tired Tuesday 

Tonight I am tired beyond belief… waking a concussed teenager every few hours during the night, dealing with a sick 12 year old and Ryan’s endless talking and moving has drained every last drop of energy I have. 430 more words


Monday Madness

I decided to try starting each day with a couple of crossing-the-midline and stretching songs and hopefully Ryan will join in with the actions. He loves music and I know he loves to dance but he will only do it independantly after watching others do it a few times. 542 more words


Ask A Therapist Video Series, Episode 1 What is Intellectual Disability?

“Ask a Therapist” Video Series is based on participant’s questions and topics of interest. “Episode 1 What is Intellectual Disability?” covers the cognitive intellectual and adaptive social aspects of Intellectual Disability. 62 more words