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I Step Up for Eden - Danielle Boersma

At first, the possibility of my child having Down syndrome didn’t give me a big scare. God gave me a peace – I felt like my non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) would either not be positive or it would be okay, regardless. 793 more words

Step Up For Down Syndrome

I Step Up for Equality - Lacey Charboneau

I began my work with individuals with special needs well over a decade ago and have never wanted to do anything else. My reasons for stepping up go beyond it being part of my job as Program Coordinator for DSAWM. 181 more words

Down Syndrome

I Step Up With Amazing Grace - Sara Middlebrook

Grace is our Amazing Grace – my saving Grace some days. She has succeeded in so many ways – she is such a joy and makes my heart dance and constantly brings a smile to my face. 517 more words

Down Syndrome

I Step Up Because A Life With Down Syndrome Is a Life Worth Living

“God only gives special children to special people.” “We are never given more than we can handle.” It’s meant to be comforting, but it feels like people are saying, “You should be held to a higher standard, you should bear more than others, this happened to you because you deserve it.” 1,222 more words

Down Syndrome

Literature review: Current models of health service delivery for people with intellectual disability

The Social Policy Research Centre based at the University of NSW has published a recent literature review about models of health service delivery for people with intellectual disability. 49 more words


a stolen miracle

Four years ago, my dad called me on a sleepy winter evening with some pretty unsettling news. Apparently, my parents had had a meeting at my then-eight-year-old adoptive younger brother’s school that day, and it was in that meeting that he was officially diagnosed as intellectually disabled. 515 more words


Empathy is difficult. It’s harder when the person with whom you’re trying to empathise has a brain wired in a way that’s not only completely different to yours, but limited in its ability to perform certain socially crucial functions. 1,535 more words