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Intellectual Disability (Gangguan Fungsi Intelektual)

“Anak saya lambat belajar. Nilai sekolahnya selalu jelek, saya sering dipanggil ke sekolah saat terima rapor. Bahkan, dia sudah tidak naik kelas dua kali. Apakah anak saya tergolong keterbelakangan mental?” 380 more words

Kesehatan Mental Anak

How I Became a Sixty-Something Soccer Mom

I wasn’t always a sixty-something soccer mom. Back in the 1980’s,  I was a thirty-something mom — much like the characters on that old TV show, “Thirty-Something.” In other words, I was one of those moms who tried to do it all — a career plus babies, and, oh yeah, a husband. 674 more words

Down Syndrome

passing: a reflection for World Down Syndrome Day

Duke of Edinburgh I love the fact that there is a World Down Syndrome Day. The videos produced to promote awareness are encouraging, showing people with Down Syndrome as happy contributors to society. 723 more words

This randomized controlled trial examined the efficacy of peer network interventions to improve the social connections of 47 high school students with severe disabilities. School staff invited, trained, and supported 192 peers without disabilities to participate in individualized social groups that met throughout one semester. 81 more words

The King is in the house.... or not?

It’s been quite a while since my last post.  I haven’t given up on writing, nor have I abandoned my Wesley journey.  But all my available time has gone on writing my next book, which I hope to finish (at least the first draft) by the end of next month.  1,203 more words

A Regulatory Nudge Toward Supporting Spiritual Lives

by David Morstad

For years – probably for as long as US federal funding has been in place – there has been an uncomfortable relationship between professional support providers and the issue of religion and spirituality in the lives of the people they support.  534 more words

Little information is available regarding the visits made by persons with profound intellectual disability (PID) to general hospital emergency departments (ED). This study aims to know whether persons with PID who attend ED are given the same type of diagnoses as people with no such disability. 9 more words