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America the Dutiful

Freedom of information is an internationally recognized fundamental human right (as an extension of freedom of speech). The ideology of free speech is thought to have emerged in ancient Athens in the late 6th or early 5th century BC.  759 more words

American Culture

Banned Books Week

Banning books seems like a dated concept. It seems like something that happened in the past but couldn’t possibly continue in our modern society. It seems like in 2016 I should be able to say, “I’m so glad we don’t ban books anymore.” 317 more words


Education is the Silver Bullet

education is the silver bullet. Education is everything. We don’t need little changes, we need gigantic, monumental changes. Schools should be palaces. The competition for the best teachers should be fierce. 972 more words


"I'm With the Banned"

Since we are coming up on Banned Books Week, (Sept 25-Oct 1) I thought this might be a good time to blog about why this is celebrated and some great suggestions for banned books. 656 more words

Book Recommendations

Snowden by Ted Rall

Get the true story of what Snowden did and who inspired him to inform the public (via journalists) that the US government really could do a 1984 and use cameras and smart TVs to look in peoples’ living rooms, not to mention monitor emails and cell phone calls. #educateyourself #privacy #snowdenfiles #quickread


About this Noon

About this noon,
I can tell you,
what is different…

way her feet are touching ground,
but not meeting a surface…
way her eyes are lusting for tangent… 259 more words


I Wish...

Jury duty day 2 was even less eventful than day 1. The jury coordinator stepped up to the mike 3 times to call the names of people to go up to courtrooms. 457 more words