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"This Is Where Libertarianism Gets Its Ideas from" | History News Network

In the first of a three-part series, the historian Richard Striner traces the roots of libertarian ideology. He writes, “The cultural, intellectual, and political history of libertarianism spans at least two centuries. 59 more words


From Prairial to Pop Culture. Day Twelve. Who was the Prophet of Revolution?

Although it was written well before the Revolution took fire, this passage, which cites Latin poet Lucan’s violent epic poem Pharsalia (On The Civil War… 275 more words

French Revolution

Reviving the Female Canon

In “Reviving the Female Canon” at The Atlantic Susan Price looks at efforts being made to increase the exposure of worthy female authors in philosophy and history. 277 more words


Historian Huang Jinxing (黄进兴) on the transformation of traditional Chinese thought




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假如藉着“阅读来思考”(thinking by reading)不失为一种学习方式的话,已故法籍哲学史名家哈铎(Pierre Hadot, 1922-2010)对西方古代哲学的重新阐释,势必对民国以来中国哲学史的研究有所针砭,甚至对未来中国哲学发展也有所借鉴。

迥异于过去习以为常的理解,哈铎认为西方古代哲学的精髓,主要是一种“生活方式”(way of life)的抉择。在西方古典时期,“爱智”(philosophia)的活动主要见诸“精神的锤炼”(spiritual exercises),“哲学论述”则只是衍生而来的辩护,而非如当代哲学活动这般概由“概念论述”所主导(哈铎的著作,请参阅两册英译本:Pierre Hadot, Philosophy as a Way of Life: Spiritual Exercises from Socrates to Foucault… 36 more words

Internet Texts And Print Media

TOC of the latest issue of Twenty-first Century (No.149) incl. an article on the history of the PRC



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Intellectual Work and the Spirit of Capitalism: An Interview

Thomas Kemple is not only a dear colleague with whom I teach in the Arts One Program at UBC, but is also a brilliant scholar and writer. 88 more words


Introducing Doubt into Weak, Unstable Minds

Steven Nadler, A Book Forged in Hell:
Spinoza’s Scandalous Treatise and the Birth of the Secular Age 

              17th century Amsterdam was known as a liberal and tolerant city, as it is today. 1,373 more words