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In recent reading, an intellectual examination of regional history and identity, western migration through the Pioneer Girl project, and threats to a Brutalist building that embodies the history of nuclear research at the University of Washington… 373 more words

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"Geniuses Came Only From Athens?" Velleius Paterculus on the Greatness of a Single City

“My wonder passes from clustering in certain times to cities. A solitary Attic city bloomed with more works of every kind of eloquence than the rest of Greece together, to the point that you might believe that the bodies of that race were separated into different cities, but that the geniuses were enclosed only within the walls of Athens. 165 more words


Why Are Similar Minds Clustered in History? Envy, Emulation, Desire

Velleius Paterculus on intellectual clustering, part 2 (History of Rome, I.17)

[part 1 is here]

“Although I often seek explanations for why similar minds cluster in one period and focus on the same pursuit with similar success, I never find any I am sure are true, but only those that seem probable, especially the following. 399 more words


The way men think

I lay myself open to the charge of being so very naive as to believe that the way men think has some influence upon their actions, of not remembering that these ways of thinking have been officially decided by modern psychologists to be generally just so many rationalizations constructed by the subconscious to disguise the pursuit of more tangible ends.1…

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Another critique by Wang Weiguang (王伟光) of historical nihilism and "restaurationism" focussing on intellectual history





For the original website see here. 14 more words

Internet Texts And Print Media

Parsimony in Copernicus and Osiander


A medieval logician in the twenty-first century

In the discussion surrounding the unusual light curve of the star KIC 8462852, Ockham’s razor has been mentioned numerous times. 3,917 more words

Strictly Theoretical

Now posting on Vulpes Libris: John Carey's The Intellectuals and the Masses

It’s National Academic Book week, and over at Vulpes Libris I’ve posted a heartfelt thank-you to John Carey for his game-changing book, The Intellectuals and the Masses: Pride and Prejudice among the Literary Intelligentsia, 1880-1939… 14 more words