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Eating for Others: The Nineteenth-Century Vegetarian Movement in Germany

by contributing editor Carolyn Taratko

“Vegetarianism is not only a question of the stomach but also one of society.” This may sound familiar to readers, as articles such as “ 1,214 more words

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Seminar CCXXXIX: medieval fragments of the Father of History

My pile of unreported notes makes it look as if by the time I returned from Kalamazoo last year I was very firmly in the conference season, and there’s a good deal of that coming, but there was a brief interlude into which… 807 more words


RIFA’AH AL-TAHTAWI ( 1801-1878)

A Journey to be remembered in Paris

By Siti Jamilah

The name of Imam Al-Tahtawi will be remembered in the history of Egypt, particularly for his ideas suggested for advancement of Egyptian society. 970 more words

Islamic Civilization


Islamic Learning Center in Africa

By Elmira Akhmetova

The city of Timbuktu is located in the present-day territory of Mali, some 12 kilometers (8 miles) north of the Niger flood-plain along the southern edge of the Sahara. 1,250 more words

Islamic Civilization



By Lea Ofeaa

Dialectical Historicism had become highly influential from the 19th century to the present times. Although many would recognize that this concept was from Fredrich Hegel (1770-1831), he had only been apart of the completion of Historicism. 1,511 more words

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Some Aspects of the Arab Bedouins in the Prophet’s Time

By Alwi Alatas

Several years ago when Malaysia was led by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, or commonly called Pak Lah, he launched a program called… 2,443 more words

Islamic Civilization

Reflection without Retreat: Brooke Palmieri interviews Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft on “Thinking in Public” and the role intellectuals play in politics.

Interview conducted by contributing editor Brooke Palmieri

The longer you stare at the words “public intellectual” the harder they are to decipher. They imply the application of thought to everyday life, they imply that the “ 3,195 more words

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