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Guenon on the Skeptical Problem

In chapter 5 of The Crisis of the Modern World, Rene Guenon deals with individualism, the defining trait of modernity, which he defines as, “the negation of any principle higher than individuality.”   All the traditional religions teach that certain knowledge and wisdom are acquired not through discursive rational thought, but through spiritual practice.  810 more words

Intellectual Intuition and Physical Action

In the Crisis of the Modern World, Guenon has this to say:

This is the most conspicuous feature of the modern period: need for ceaseless agitation, for unending change and for ever-increasing speed, matching the speed with which events themselves succeed one another… Indeed there is exact correspondence between a world where everything seems to be in a state of mere “becoming”, leaving no place for the changeless and permanent, and the state of mind of men who find all reality in this same “becoming”, denying by implication true knowledge as well as the object of that knowledge, by which we mean the transcendent and universal principles…

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