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The communication industry in this region is evolving to be a very visual one. Now, more than ever, people are using images in campaigns, on social media, and other numerous platforms. 830 more words

Behind the Glitz and Glamour

The yearly event that everyone talks about – Miss Universe. Although nothing can be more talked about than Steve Harvey’s 2015 mix-up,this lawsuit is worth the mention. 218 more words

What's Happening In The Law?

Intellectual Property Law Practice Areas Explained: The Differences Between Patent Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law, Trade Secret Law and Licensing Law Explained

Intellectual property (IP) lawyers deal with inventions, creations, and other intellectual and intangible types of property. The term “intellectual property is used in its general sense to describe:A product of the intellect that has commercial value, including copyrighted property such as literary or artistic works, and ideational property, such as patents, appellations of origin, business methods, and industrial processes. 914 more words


Property As Legal Construct

Property appears an abstract, transcendent, metaphysical concept from afar but on closer inspection reveals itself to be legally constructed. Like ‘person,’ property obtains its philosophical traction from a legal, economic, and social imperative to distribute resources, and thus, wealth and power.   471 more words


When Concerns Of Cultural Appropriation Risk Supporting Intellectual Property

By: William Gillis | @rechelon | Support this author on Patreon

The latest entry in panics over social justice comes from my hometown, where some folks have created a list shaming restaurants and foodcarts that were owned by white people but sold “non-European international cuisine.” One of the more annoying restaurants on that list has… 2,499 more words


Copyright ruling called 'bad news for consumers, bad news for Canada'

Internet service providers are bracing for a flood of requests to turn over the identities of subscribers that allegedly download pirated movies after a court decision some Internet policy experts warn will increase “copyright trolling” in Canada at the expense of consumers. 727 more words

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