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How do copyright laws and resources such as creative commons influence the development of digital societies?

Copyright law is a legal framework that protects one’s work output from re-use and redistribution once it has been physically expressed. Copyright enables one to share, sell, rent and adapt their work, and disable others from doing so (BBC). 431 more words

Intellectual Property

Do Copyright Laws Discourage Creativity in the Digital World?

Copyright “supports the fundamental idea that if a person created something, they can decide who has access to it” (Baker, 2016).

Current laws grant the creator the automatic right to control the distribution of their content. 502 more words

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Relation of IPR and Olympic


Olympic is the largest sporting event in the world, which features both summer and winter sports. Currently XXIII Olympic Winter Games are going on in the capital of Republic of Korea. 890 more words

Intellectual Property

Walmart USPTO Application for "Drone Pollinators" Published

Walmart has applied for a Drone Pollinator presented in the recently published application as “Systems and Methods for Pollinating Crops Via Unmanned Vehicles.” Here is Application # US2018/0065749 A1 at this link from FreshPatents.com:  … 161 more words

The battle for digital supremacy -- U.S. and China

America’s technological hegemony is under threat from China

The Economist

“DESIGNED by Apple in California. Assembled in China”. For the past decade the words embossed on the back of iPhones have served as shorthand for the technological bargain between the world’s two biggest economies: America supplies the brains and China the brawn. 969 more words