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Home decorating gets a new AR toolkit thanks to Intellectual Ventures' new incubator

Taking another step toward shedding its reputation as the tech industry’s most notorious patent troll, Intellectual Ventures is launching the first company from its incubator… 1,116 more words


AI-powered microscope goes commercial in China

For years, the Global Good Fund has been working on a malaria-hunting microscope powered by artificial intelligence, and now China-based Motic is taking advantage of the technology to create  20 more words


Malaria-hunting AI microscope is ready for debut

SAN FRANCISCO — Can artificial intelligence help battle malaria and other infectious diseases? Intellectual Ventures CEO Nathan Myhrvold says it’s time for his company’s AI-enabled microscope… 122 more words


Business is booming at two idea factories

Less than two months after Intellectual Ventures and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence put out the call for entrepreneurs, business is booming.

“We might be sitting here in a year telling you something very different, but right now, it’s like, ‘Come one, come all,’” Azam Khan, Intellectual Ventures’ director of new ventures, told a roomful of entrepreneurs at the University of Washington’s  112 more words


Bill Gates and Paul Allen Invest More Money in Autonomous Tech Startup

Echodyne, a small Seattle-area startup building small radar units to help drones fly, has $29 million in new funding from big-name backers: Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen, via Allen’s Vulcan Capital. 272 more words


Echodyne's pocket-sized radar may be the next must-have tech for drones (and drone hunters)

Just because we live in an age of many sensors doesn’t mean we always have the right one for the job. One in particular we’ve been lacking is a radar system that can detect obstacles and aircraft hundreds of meters out, yet fit comfortably on a small drone. 1,180 more words