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Intellectual property laws, AKA the fashion police?

Looking through the lens of the intellectual property paradigm, consolidation of a brand means people are willing to pay hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for a piece of designer clothing that may literally just be a white t-shirt with some writing on it. 185 more words


#WednesdayWisdom: Copyrights

In today’s video we have Angela Bandich, attorney at Crowley Corporate Legal Strategy. She discusses how to protect your intellectual property with copyrights. If you enjoyed the video, please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up! 19 more words

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#WednesdayWisdom: Hiring Independent Contractors and Consultants

Need coding, website or PR help for your startup? Looking to hire a consultant to help you out? If so, then watch this week’s video which is all about hiring independent contractors and consultants for startups! 45 more words

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#WednesdayWisdom #8: Employees vs Independent Contractors

Check out this week’s #WednesdayWisdom video. Learn the difference between hiring an employee or an independent contractor and the legal differences between the two.

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2018.02 Мурманские чиновники предложили бизнесу купить публикации в блогах (завезут в поисках счастья гостей к саамам – коренному малочисленному народу)

пятница, 16 февраля 2018, 08:13

Правительство Мурманской области под эгидой Федерального агентства по туризму анонсировало пресс-тур для иногородних блогеров, снабженный прайс-листом, адресованным потенциальным героям публикаций. “Рассказать о трудной, но счастливой жизни в условиях Крайнего Севера” предлагается за вполне ощутимые деньги – от 50 до 250 тысяч рублей. 15 more words

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#WednesdayWisdom: Due Diligencing the Buyer

Happy Valentines Day! Our gift to you today is some words of wisdom for your startup. Check out this week’s #WednesdayWisdom video, where Matt explains how to due diligence the buyer if you are selling your company: