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Top 100 Questions Friends & Family Ask a Lawyer (#7: The Next Big Thing)


I’d been spending a lot of time in my garage and basement tinkering with things when the idea hit me.  It only took a few years and a couple hundred thousand dollars to develop a prototype.  612 more words


Top 100 Questions Friends & Family Ask a Lawyer (#8: Your Right, My Right, Copyright)


Years ago, I had a great idea for a book, film, or television show.  Recently, I saw a trailer for a movie that looks exactly like my idea.  577 more words


SiriusXM hopes a legal blast from the past will fix Oldies mess

SiriusXM recently suffered a series of disastrous courtroom defeats that threaten to harm not just its own digital radio service, but other companies — from YouTube to FM radio — that also play oldies from before 1972. 619 more words

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The 9th

After years of being an avid Ally McBeal fan, I have developed an appetite and keen interest in the law. Which is why the topic of this week, copyright & property, appealed to me greatly. 343 more words


Big Pharmaceuticals Inside the WHO

Confidential documents related to the World Health Organization Expert Working Group on innovative financing for research and development surfaced revealing the group’s thinking as well as pharmaceutical industry thinking about the WHO process. 87 more words


Intellectual Property Explained: Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents.

By Benjamin Posener– Managing Partner

Whether you’re planning on being the next Zuckerburg or whether you are taking an existing idea and going out on your own, intellectual property and protecting your own business ideas should be a matter which you consider at the earliest stage. 812 more words