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Lost Spells (part 13) Understand how something was made

A quick spell to allow the caster to understand how a complex item was crafted. I feel the base level could have been lower, 10 instead of 15 and still impart the same information – however I wanted to ensure that overly complex crafted items were supported. 156 more words

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Lost Spells (part 12) Watching Aging

Viewing a person’s potential likeness from an Arcane Connection is canonical (The Whole From the Part, InCo2, HoH:TL p72), so viewing a bodies likeness at a different age is likewise possible. 77 more words

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An odd spell to Craft Invisible Illusions

Yep, you read that right. The idea is to create an illusion which is normally not able to be perceived by a human, and then a second spell which then allows the wizard to perceive the special effect. 370 more words

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Lost Spells (part 6) Detecting Supernatural Creatures

Detecting supernatural creature is often as simple as just observing. There are times however when knowing if a creature is magical, fae, or something else would be beneficial, and guidelines to do just that (like RoP:M p.111). 213 more words

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Mentem Gestalts (part two)

From spell effects directly influencing combat (part one) now we move onto spells which are more like real gestalts.

Joining of Two Minds

Intellego Mentem / Creo 35, R: Touch, D: Concentration, T: Individual… 135 more words

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Mentem Gestalts (part one)

These effects are based upon the premise that combative actions are partially instinctive and partially planned. As such an InMe effect which warns of hostile intent could allow the caster to better anticipate the actions of those around them. 430 more words

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Spells for Perceiving People as Music

Adding new supernatural senses through hermetic magic is not low level, and is also often very effective. Spell effects have to be specific and purposeful. Here are two spells which perceive dead and then living humans as musical tones and notes. 136 more words

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