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Can't See the Forest for the Trees

I have no real explanation or use for this spell except overhearing the cliche on the train home. Chasing somebody through thick shrubs, or flying over a forest while trying to follow an animal below? 106 more words

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Necromancy spells, part 8

A quasi-necromantic idea is to use dead body parts as a form of substitution for lost limbs, as it is a popular fantasy trope. ┬áMany stories have similar myths, the one I like best is the… 702 more words

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Ars spells to assist with Navigation

Many wizards in the Ars Magica setting have powerful spells and clever tricks for making travel faster and a lot easier (and here are some other custom travel spell ideas too… 2,022 more words

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Silly Gardening spells

Here are some spells I wish I had in daily life to get more omph from the weekend. Admittedly it is an absurd list of desired special spell powers, but your mind goes to strange places mid way through a gardening marathon. 279 more words

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Necromancy spells, part 7

The following spells are not strictly necromantic, but may be very useful additions for wizards with that inclination.

Animated corpses may also be a useful tool of reconnaissance, by making the animation a vehicle of remote exploration. 927 more words

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Two cantrips for finding things in Ars Magica

Here are two simple low levels spells for Ars Magica, to find a beasts and miscellaneous items. These are both based upon the spell Sense the Lodestone… 102 more words

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