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Remembering those who have been lost

This post is about spells to hold and recall memories and emotions in Ars Magica. One of my characters has the Lost Love flaw, where he is haunted and deeply affected by the death of his wife. 858 more words


Indians were Not Indian: European Explorers

A word about this globe. I found it at a rummage sale at an old church, and it is fantastic. It glows. Here you can see AJ assessing the likelihood those European explorers were going to get to India by heading west from Europe… 551 more words

The First Unit: The First People.

And…we’re back. It’s taken me awhile to 1) find the time to update the blog and 2) decide how I wanted to organize the blog this year. 1,345 more words


Grade 3.

The Gerhardt Schoolhouse has existed for three entire years, starting on four. This year, like every other, I’ve fielded questions about whether we are going to do it again. 1,371 more words

Lesser magical device - The Chiurgeon's Gewgaw

A low powered but useful item for a starting covenant, created for the Ars Magica RPG.

The Chiurgeon’s Gewgaw

The Chiurgeon’s Gewgaw is a rectangular palm sized smooth rock crystal. 88 more words


...at the Quality Chop House

Just before Italy, we finally went to the Quality Chop House in Clerkenwell for dinner. It’s such a lovely place with perfect service, delicious and really well balanced menus, and brilliant wine. 499 more words