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Two cantrips for finding things in Ars Magica

Here are two simple low levels spells for Ars Magica, to find a beasts and miscellaneous items. These are both based upon the spell Sense the Lodestone… 102 more words

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Spell to trace the lineage of men and beasts

Here is a few spells of Ars Magica using the Faerie Target: Bloodline. These allow the caster to trace blood relatives for themselves, other humans, and animals. 379 more words

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Road spells, because they're a tad rare

The Faerie Range: Road is somewhat enigmatic. It can facilitate some interesting effects but is not well represented in the core spells. Some effects are very useful when rewritten as range Road but are often just as useful as range Sight or Voice. 1,395 more words

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Using Mentem spells to detect invisible hidden or foes

Initially wanted a spell which would be used by a Mentem expert to assist in finding hidden or invisible opponents; then I started to ponder the fact hat those opponents might be animals just as likely as humaniod in Ars Magica’s quasi-fantasy setting. 271 more words

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Piensa en grande y convierte tu información en una ventaja competitiva. 

Por :  Armando Adolfo Alvarez Govela.

Más allá del impulso de las nuevas tecnologías de alto desempeño para almacenar o procesar grandes volúmenes de información, así como de las técnicas de analítica avanzada, la cuales permiten explotar dicha información para predecir u optimizar escenarios futuros, el concepto de Big Data puede significar un cambio de paradigma en la forma de enfrentar la toma de decisiones, no sólo en los negocios, sino en la vida diaria. 582 more words


Carving a Mystic Tower

Another variation for creating dwellings in Ars Magica is the idea of carving them from the rock, rather than conjuring them. In this way the caverns, rooms, hallways, etc, are hollowed from the foundation materials and no elaborate vis expending ritual is needed.A carving spell could also convert a cliff face into a separate tower too, as the spell would be effective above ground or below as long as the right sort of materials were present. 947 more words

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