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Explosive New Snowden Doc: NSA/GCHQ Stole Vital Cell Phone Encryption Keys

New reporting by The Intercept, based on documents leaked by whistleblower, reveals how spy agencies hacked world’s largest SIM card manufacturer. ‘One of the biggest Snowden stories yet,’ says journalist Glenn Greenwald…

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National Security Complex

The U.S. Intelligence Community (Kirkpatrick)

Title:                      The U.S. Intelligence Community

Author:                 Lyman B. Kirkpatrick, Jr.

Kirkpatrick, Lyman B. (1973). The U.S. Intelligence Community: Foreign Policy And Domestic Activities. New York, Hill and Wang… 234 more words

Intelligence Agencies

The Abuses of the Intelligence Agencies

Title:                      The Abuses of the Intelligence Agencies

Author:                 Jerry J. Berman

Berman, Jerry J. (1975) and Morton H. Halperin, eds. Center for National Security Studies. … 154 more words

Intelligence Agencies

Defending encryption doesn't mean opposing targeted surveillance

David Omand, the former head of British spy agency GCHQ, has made an extraordinary threat. Speaking earlier this week, he said that if companies such as… 736 more words

The U.S. Government was Found Guilty of Orchestrating MLK’s Assassination (Secret Fun Fact #0017)

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Our Intelligence Agencies: Creating Havoc throughout the World

b. traven and W.J. Astore

It’s time to eliminate U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies. It is they who are most responsible for setting up the extremist and jihadist organizations that are creating havoc throughout the world community. 953 more words

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"The French Connection," a new intro by b. traven Recent events in France remind us of the chaos that our “intelligence” agencies have brought to the world. “Je suis Charlie.” Thank you CIA, Saudi, and Israeli intelligence. We’re all “Charlie” because after several years of drone warfare making us “safer” in Yemen we have two brothers who massacred the staff of a cartoon magazine in Paris. Your excellent intelligence and intervention in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, and we might add Ukraine, have brought the current western world not safety but direct violent fallout and blowback as a result of your ill-advised ventures to advance Western imperialism throughout the world. The brothers who murdered the staff at Charlie Hebdo were trained and indoctrinated in the midst of your drone attacks in Yemen. That intervention backed by the Saudis has changed that sorry country from a corrupt, repressive state to a totally failed state more like Somalia. Let’s also chalk that one up to the other violent gangster who murdered four people in a Paris Jewish deli. Now we hear about the Belgium shootout with a group of Belgium citizens trained in ISIS-controlled Syria-Iraq who apparently came back home to spread carnage long after G.W. Bush declared “mission accomplished” in Iraq. Now ISIS controls a good portion of Iraq. So while we continue to pursue this perpetual war on “terrorism,” and to receive lectures on how our “intelligence” services must ignore the Constitution and violate our privacy to control terrorism we are finding ourselves more vulnerable to killers being trained in the Middle East thirteen years after we brought “democracy” to their shores. With success like that, who needs failures?