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Tweeting Instead of Golfing

President Donald Trump didn’t play his usual round of golf at his wholly-owned Mar-a-Lago resort during his usual federally-funded weekend visit there, ostensibly out of respect for those mourning the deaths of 17 students at a nearby high school in yet another American mass shooting. 418 more words


When Former Spies Turn into TV 'Experts'

By Philip M. Giraldi | Strategic Culture

Once upon a time in the United States there was a general perception that organizations like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) were both apolitical and high-minded, existing only to calmly and professionally promote the safety and security of the nation. 674 more words

Donald Trump

Don't Use Huawei Phones, Warn 6 Top U.S. Intelligence Chiefs

Heads of six U.S. intelligence agencies are warning Americans against using products made by Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei.

In a Senate Intelligence Committee briefing on Tuesday, the heads of the CIA, FBI, and NSA, the director of national intelligence, and others, expressed concern that the devices could be used as conduits for spying. 198 more words



Well said Anti-School! Please watch, learn a lot from Isaac Green, and…


gk Part 1: Impotent intelligence agencies ||বিভিন্ন দেশের গুরুত্বপূন্য গোয়েন্দা বাহিনী

বিভিন্ন দেশের গুরুত্বপূন্য গোয়েন্দা বাহিনী

১.ভারতের গোয়েন্দা বাহিনীর  নাম কী ?

উত্তর )’IB’ও RAW 

২.গ্রেট ব্রিটেনের  গোয়েন্দা  বাহিনীর  নাম  কী ?   

উত্তর )’ JIO’,’SB’ও’ MI’ 12 more words

U.S. lawmakers want to restrict internet surveillance on Americans

By Dustin Volz


(Reuters) – A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers unveiled legislation on Wednesday that would overhaul aspects of the National Security Agency’s warrantless internet surveillance program in an effort to install additional privacy protections. 832 more words