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National Security Archive Releases "The Cyber Vault"

The National Security Archive has launched “The Cyber Vault”. “The 2008 Cyber CI plan is just one of the newly-published documents researchers can find in the National Security Archive’s Cyber Vault – an online resource documenting various aspects of US government cyber activity, including hacking and defenses against hacking, cyber intelligence, and cyberwar. 75 more words

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غرس الخوف والكراهية                           To Instilling Fear And Hatred

كيف قامت وكالة الإستخبارات المركزية (CIA) بـ”تضليل” البيت الأبيض والكونغرس حول فاعلية التعذيب خلال برنامج استجوابهم؟ حسنا، هذا السؤال يفترض أن البيت الأبيض والكونغرس قد تم تضليلهم بالفعل، وهو شيء غير معقول بالمرة. 302 more words

It ain't just the Feds snooping on folks -- the Koch Bros have their own spy system

Five years ago, when The New Yorker published my piece “Covert Operations,” about the ambitious and secretive political network underwritten by the billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch, the Koch brothers complained mightily about the story’s title, protesting that there was nothing at all covert about their political activities.

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... Obama ' s Drone Strike Policy is a Failure [#intelligence gathering]...

.. especially with an admission like this one ..

.. you need to gather intelligence . It means that you have to go in and grab the bad guys , interrogate the hell out of them , and try them before a military tribunal … 36 more words

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γνῶθι σεαυτόν

“Know Thyself” is the Delphic entreaty and so far in this blog, I have pointed at much of  the folly, the illusion, of the human condition. 191 more words

Self Discovery

Internal Investigations 101: Different Approaches to Interviewing Targets/Suspects, Part IV

An internal investigation is an important mechanism an organization can use to address an allegation of wrongdoing, determine legal liability, identify individuals or parties with culpability, comply with regulatory requirements, develop corrective measures and enhance operational efficiencies. 224 more words

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