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Those of us who are American are heading into Memorial Day weekend, which is the time that summer seems to start, even though technically that doesn’t happen until late June. 477 more words

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ACS Guaranty - A Guaranteed Secured Centre for All Cyber Threats

Malware and Ransomware have become an enormous threat for every industry/sector now. Industries that are still ignoring cyber security issues are digging a hole for their future. 467 more words

ACS Guaranty

Clapper Stresses the Importance of the Intelligence Community at Roanoke College

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper gave a talk on the ethics and importance of information gathering at Roanoke College last night. Nick Gilmore was there and filed this report. 10 more words

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Bristish Navy Shadows Russian Warship Sailing Close To UK Waters On Christmas Day

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson says Britain “will never be intimidated” after an upsurge in Russian ships entering UK waters. 293 more words


Permanent Waves

This morning Finland’s (and the Nordic countries’) largest daily Helsingin Sanomat published what they claim is the first of a series of articles dealing with Finnish military intelligence. 862 more words


Turning Trump: Our Muscovian President

Following up on my posts nearly a year ago about The Muscovian Candidate, here are my recent “musings” on the possibility that Donald Trump is one of the “active measures,” активные мероприятия, cultivated by Russian intelligence agents to subvert US government policy. 550 more words

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The glowing Orb easily thwarted the high tech security systems of the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa.  The message it carried was for only the Face of Everyman.  35 more words