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The Bakery

Tasty treats and fresh baked bread aren’t the only temptations Carlos faces in the bakery.

Novel Scenes

Games and Virtual Environments: Playing in the Dark. Could These be Havens for Criminal Networks?

Both British and American agencies have identified games and virtual environments, which they term “GVEs,” as havens for illegal activity. Released documents show that, because of fears that “criminal networks could use the games to communicate secretly, move money or plot attacks,” intelligence operatives have entered the video game terrain as virtual spies. 502 more words


A Guangzhou Story

This is a story that happened to my friend’s ex-roomate in high school, Ms. X[1], who has settled in the Capital of southern China, Guangzhou, lately. 1,278 more words

Mind In Everyday Living

A Lack of Intelligence

Just 24 hours prior, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) downplayed a travel advisory released by the United States Embassy regarding terrorist activity in the traditionally peaceful Central Visayas region. 500 more words

Philippine Issues

Patriot Act?

One of the things we found out today was, President Trump and members of his transition team were spied on by the NSA and other intelligence agencies. 279 more words

Power, Knowledge, and the C.I.A.

When news broke this past Tuesday that WikiLeaks had released thousands of pages of C.I.A. intelligence documents, government officials scurried anxiously to analyze what kind of danger these leaks would present. 646 more words

Current Trends

Midget Submarines at Kalbådagrund

The following chain of thoughts started when a strange place name appeared in a blog post by Swedish defence blogger Jägarchefen. Further research led to a theory, the reasoning behind which is detailed below. 2,007 more words