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Conveying Intelligence through Facial Expression - What Does Your Face Say about Your IQ

Do you look smart? Does your face send a signal of intelligence?

Can we judge a person’s IQ based off their facial expressions.

Believe it or not – people whom you just meet make a decision on your level of intelligence based off subtle ques in your facial expression. 192 more words

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5 Weird Signs You're Smarter Than Average

Have you ever wondered how you fare among your friends or co-workers when it comes to intelligence. Well, instead of asking everyone to take an I.Q. 155 more words


100 Things About the Philosophy of the Cafeteria

1. It envies what other religions or non-religions have, never satisfied.

2. It doesn’t believe grieving, suffering, and ache are a part of the Way, but it causes it without giving itself any blame. 2,053 more words


Top 10 Ways To Establish a Healthy Marriage

10) Have your prospective spouse meet your family and friends and get feedback from them:

During the dating process emotions generally are intense, deep and passionate. 1,412 more words

Pregnant Cat Burglar Gets Stuck in Ventilation System

It seems that, of all the changes that impending motherhood brings to a woman’s body, increased intelligence level is not one of them.

As evidence we offer ¦ Three people break down in a car in Phoenix.

21 more words