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Words Fail....

H/T to Wirecutter, here.

This is what’s going on inside of major universities….and .gov wonders why Joe and Jane Citizen is prepping??


Intelligence is the Difference Between Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz

Jeffrey Toobin discussed Ted Cruz. Toobin attepted to contrast Palin and Cruz. What he was saying in a polite way was that their philosophies might be similar, but Cruz is smart and Palin is not. 135 more words

The Wonderful Power of a Nap

Society has its way of wearing us down. From the hyper-connectivity social media frenzy to the busybody work days we put ourselves through; seldom do we have time to sit back and recharge. 442 more words


Module 3.3 Thoughts: The Brain as a Superprocessor

In terms of your ability to learn, are there ways that you wish you were more like a computer? Or are you better than any computer in all aspects of processing information? 706 more words


10 Situations and Ideas on Mindfulness Practice in 2015

  1. Mindfulness becomes mainstream in America. It has been practiced once in the small groups of Buddhism. Now, it goes to schools, hospitals, university, business organisations even prisons.
465 more words


Why the Government's extremism culture encourages more, not less, religious fundamentalism

Today the former Labour minister, Peter Hain MP, bemoaned how he and fellow Labour MPs were monitored by Special Branch during their time in Government because of their radical activities in youthful years. 928 more words


Army Initiative Test

I heard this form my dad and thought it was brilliant. Care of one of his friends who is an ex-navy fella.