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Why a degree doesn't automatically equal intelligence

Earning something is never bad.

However, demanding superiority for it is wrong. 478 more words


Exposed: the staggering hypocrisy of a ‘spycop’ accused of sexually exploiting a teenager

Andy Coles, a former undercover police officer – or ‘spycop’ – who spied on political activists, was exposed earlier this year after it was reported he formed a relationship with a teenage girl as part of his operations cover. 45 more words

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Brainboxes likely to live longer

Do clever people live longer? Why is it that scientists often hit the fabled 100-year mark? Is it nature, nurture, behaviour or just luck? New research may have the answer.  585 more words


Pace of Change Complicates Signals Intelligence World, NSA Chief Says

The National Security Agency has never seen the field of signals intelligence change as rapidly as it is right now, said agency director Navy Adm. Mike Rogers at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado today.   608 more words

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PM Turnbull to reform Australia's intelligence community for a strong, secure nation

By Marielle Joy Opana

After more than four decades, the Turnbull administration is set to undertake a comprehensive reform on Australia’s national intelligence and domestic security arrangements. 434 more words

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Our Relationship with Saudi Arabia Is an Embarrassment, by Michael Brendan Dougherty

It’s not an embarrassment if you think the US should be aligned with a repressive Islamic fundamentalist regime that is one of the leading state sponsors of terror. 386 more words


Nine Things That Make You Unlikable

(Source: www.forbes.com)

Too many people succumb to the mistaken belief that being likable comes from natural, unteachable traits that belong only to a lucky few—the good looking, the fiercely social, and the incredibly talented. 601 more words

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