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I was watching Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar the other day and I noted that the robots (TARS and CASE) were equipped with an Artificial Intelligence (AI). I think AI is one of the coolest things ever, because it’s a thinking machine that can communicate. 164 more words

Quiet Thoughts

Sex, lies and the CPS: a forensic examination of spycops (and other) cover-ups

Law is not sacrosanct and its imperfections must always be overridden by a higher sense of justice. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is the UK Government’s gatekeeper of which alleged crimes get to go to court and which do not. 2,464 more words


Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Stupidity is a recurrent theme in this blog: The bizarre relationship between intelligence and unintelligent behaviour always strikes me.

In a recent study, Proffesor Balazs Aczel and coworkers show that despite the ambiguous definition of the word stupid, … 181 more words

Mind The Post

"Robots are learning [PROGRAMMED] to DISOBEY humans"

  • Engineers used artificial intelligence to teach robots to disobey commands
  • The robot analyses its environment to assess whether it can perform a task
  • If it deems the command too dangerous it politely refuses to carry it out…
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This is funny!
So my dominant strength is intelligence? My brain may work diligently and be keen to learn new things so that every topic can be thoroughly explored but, 37 more words

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