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Beware Sci-Fi. Hullo AI

We all watch Sci-Fi. Short-cuts are taken to make a good story. Danger though because we come to believe in the short-cuts and we continue to think of what we see as truth. 193 more words


Two Types of Intelligence

A thought worth considering:

There are broadly two types of intelligence:

  • Physical intelligence, which includes the ability to do well in puzzles, mathematics, and science, and includes memory, the ability to do mental arithmetic, etc.
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One Man's Philosophy

“The problem with being intelligent,” explained Burt, “is most people aren’t. People don’t want to think. They just want to feel good.

“People walk down this sidewalk talking like they’re special, thinking about nothing except work, the money they owe, the money they want and what’s for dinner.” 134 more words

Deal 1343 Preview

Walk in The Dreamlands:
On a puddle of pale green (#ddeecc) are dealt
Intelligence, Clumsiness, silence, Unity, Frog, fowl, and tuxedo

Daily Deal


Clod: (n) a stupid person

A novel, noble notion just came to my brain. If I could turn it into a lifestyle choice, I might just transform myself a decent human being. 225 more words

C Words

the circuit weeps/rages/prays

(For Robert Okaji)

the circuit weeps/rages/prays

oh comrade
my comrade
how thy hardware
now lies scattered
across the human concrete panes
beside their noisome lanes… 248 more words