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They Said That? 7/28/16

The Russians have been accused by the Democratic National Committee of hacking their computers and releasing the emails that caused the Committee so much consternation. The reason the Russians purportedly did so was to help… 224 more words


On Consciousness. 

What is consciousness? I am a conscious being, or at least i think so. It may be argued that anything reading this is conscious but are the web bots who pick the keywords out of this article conscious? 951 more words

[Wireless brainwave control]: the synchronization is the phenomenon sparking in the brain according to the external radiowave

The frequency used for the brain control is centered at the beta wave, but longer waves are also irradiated, whose directivity is much lower. Although, the brain activity is much more complicated to generate many waves simultaneously when each cell functions. 383 more words


[Wireless brainwave control]: the individuality is necessarily cracked for the customized effect

The next issue is the frequency range affecting to organs. It is experimentally proved that the beta wave affects them, externally, though cannot dismiss a possibility of other frequencies. 528 more words


The Love of Money is the Root of Reliability

mercenary (n.): A source who is working for us in exchange for money (typically discreetly delivered cryp) and detailed explanations of where all their body parts are likely to be found in the event of a contract default. 103 more words


Got a bad aptitude?: How different types of intelligence can help you do psychometric tests

Many of us sit psychometric aptitude tests to ensure that we have the necessary abilities to succeed in a particular field. Whether its for a job or university or a school application these tests are meant to give an idea of our mental abilities. 430 more words

A Letter To My President

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Re: Your Reactions to Personal Attacks

Dear President Barack Obama:

I am writing this letter to express my amazement and near adoration at your equable persona in the face of unadulterated vitriol from many in Congress as well as from far too many in our country. 510 more words