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Is Intelligence A Defect?

Yesterday I heard:

Intelligence is a defect.

This never occurred to me. I am not sure if I agree or disagree with this statement and it poses a valid question.

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What must one do to become a great orator?

In the first place, I would advise you to have something to say – something worth saying – something that people would be glad to hear. 572 more words


The untold story of Musa Cerantonio

A SWAT team smashed through the front door of Robert ‘Musa’ Cerantonio’s two bedroom apartment in Cebu, Philippines. It was July 11, 2014, and Cerantonio watched on as officers, without a warrant, searched through his personal belongings, took his money, and eventually arrested him. 1,665 more words


How can we build a culture of learning?

As leaders we should be about the process of learning all the time. Creating a learning culture is not always easy work. How can we build learning activities into our daily routines? 336 more words


Positive coaching through bias umpiring

LJMU 1st Vs UCLan 1st

This video, if you skip through the 4 quarters show how bias a home team can be, even if they don’t want to be. 619 more words


That Child

Dear friends,

I recently read something online… It was an open letter from someone who functions without any judgement, in total allowance.

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By Dr Dain Heer

10 Most Intelligent People Alive Today

Call them geeks, nerds or super sharp intellectuals – these 10 smart geniuses have brightest minds in the world…


With an outstanding IQ of 230, Terence Tao, 39, was teaching 5-year-olds how to spell and how to add numbers – he was 2. 594 more words