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The Eyes: Windows to the Soul, by Uncola

Uncola at theburningplatform.com celebrates the demise of David Rockefeller and anticipates the coming battle between Trump and the Deep State.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the week of March 20, 2017, will go down in history as a Fort Sumter-like spark which began a cascading series of events that will soon spread like wildfire, engulfing the entire world with inescapable social and political ramifications. 259 more words


9:00am CT Thu 30 Mar 2017 - Senate Intelligence Hearing on Russia begins



Senate Intelligence Committee Examines Russian Interference Capabilites

The Senate Intelligence Committee hears testimony from several witness, including former NSA Director General Keith Alexander (Ret.), on Russian interference in the 2016 election and its capabilities to impact elections in other Western democracies. 13 more words


3-180 [Terrorist issue]: Terrorist had been unleashed for fifteen years, even though his whereabout was known

After carrying all of the boxes into the post office, I started to talk to someone familiar in the brain.

There have been many people whom I know on the other side of the electromagnetic wave operation, but I could not confirm any one of them at the spot surely. 482 more words


Being Real on a Job Interview!

When going on job interviews, regardless of the level of the position, presenting yourself as authentic is essential. Over-inflating your accomplishments or presenting an untrue depiction of your true self often backfires. 209 more words

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Mexico's bad year

The U.S. DEA(federal hostile to medication organization) trusts a little yet extremely successful medication cartel known as Las Moicas is en route to turning into a noteworthy wellspring of heroin in the United States. 1,211 more words


NSA Ready To Share Intelligence On Trump Surveillance

It would appear that the NSA is prepared to share information related to the Trump surveillance by the Obama Administration.

Fox has learned that the NSA is prepared to share the documents with the intelligence committees.

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