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Stupidity or Lack of Education?

What is stupid? Merriam-Webster (online) points out three main brief definitions, and if I may paraphrase, they would include someone who is: not intelligent, … 567 more words

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Art of Intelligence

What rings your bell when you think of the term-‘intelligent’? If you fall under that category or you know someone with that intellectual capability, you will realize that somewhere in your mind you have portrayed the person and that person has somewhat similar appearance- smart looking, nerdy, bibliophile and introvert. 453 more words

Are Pictures The New Text?

In the article “Is Google Making us Stupid?” Nicholas Carr discusses the idea that maybe the internet is changing the way in which we think. 126 more words


How to Find the Right Mentor as an Entrepreneur — astrideahead

As an entrepreneur, it can be hard to find a good mentor. You don’t want to share your weaknesses and struggles with just anybody. You need someone who has significant knowledge and experience with the issues that you’re facing.

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[Other countermeasures against the radiowave manipulation]: there are several methodologies to counter the invisible assault

Even if you are a victim of the electromagnetic manipulation, you would like to proceed your life going, which requires countermeasures to the wave.

Your motivation should be lowered by the electromagnetic wave with various directions. 563 more words


Level is a pair of fitness glasses that might be able to tell if you have diabetes or other diseases

A pair of glasses, once relegated to nearly blind and blurry-eyed nerds, could one day save your life. At least that’s the pitch from VSP Vision Care… 351 more words


My IQ score

I did an intelligence test – simplyfied. My score is somewhere between 127 and 143 – more like 127, but it’s still high!

And Grzesiek is always saying that I am NOT an intelligent person… :P