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“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”
– Voltaire

Humans have lost the ability to question effectively. The art of intelligent debate, clear and concise arguments and critical thinking is absorbed into the arrogant hypothesis; that we know all there is; there is no cause to examine our ideologies any further; we are learned. 138 more words

Musings Of An Odd Soul

Receding glacier reveals new evidence of Annunaki


Blogging is an art form.  To draw attention, post something that raises eyebrows.

I thought I’d post some good news by reblogging from a UK newspaper how the polar cap recovered this year. 1,294 more words

On hash tagging and the perils of having an opinion.

I’ll admit it, I am still being outwitted by twitter (out-twitted?). I log on, scroll through comments that I barely comprehend, full of @so and so #something or other and I just don’t follow.   1,126 more words


Some Studies Say

I’ve noticed that as social networking sites become more popular with the masses, that the art of discussion is being eroded away.  I sometimes think that one day the art of discussion will be defined as nothing more than a mass of status updates, game scores and vague generalizations couched in fancy words. 511 more words


Politics and Controversies: About this category

I was inspired to create this category after I noticed something interesting. My conservative friends have always called me liberal. I accept that label (even though I don’t see myself that way)  because, for the most part, I… 382 more words

Politics And Controversies

Ken Clarke Falls Foul Of The Soundbite Mafia

Kenneth Clarke has earnt the ire of the nation. In a single, hostile, four minute interview, the most senior legal politician of the state has offended, it appears, just about everyone by positing different ‘categories of rape’. 911 more words

Social Commentary

Tea Party Racism: Straw Man of the Left

The NAACP has gone on the offensive against the Tea Party movement, and instead of actually engaging in thoughtful, intelligent debate and presenting solid arguments against the Tea Partys strong platform, all the NAACP can come up with is their baseless, playground, name-calling resolution claiming the Tea Party is a racist movement. 8 more words

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