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Klinghoffer: Intelligent Design & Oogity Boogity

Promoters of pseudoscience often take comfort from the fact that some new scientific theories may be ridiculed at first, but eventually they become accepted. The classic example is the vicious hostility encountered by Galileo’s theory — which he backed with observational evidence — that the Earth and the other planets orbit the Sun. 643 more words


Censoring ID and Creation

Last week I wrote an article on the documentary, Revolutionary, which followed-up on the Kitzmiller vs. Dover Area School District trial. With that ruling, Intelligent Design was declared unconstitutional, effectively censoring scientific education, academic freedom, discussion and progress. 1,034 more words


Water Is Proof of Intelligent Design

It’s remarkable to see how far the Discovery Institute has fallen since the days when Casey Luskin would at least try to present arguments for intelligent design. 527 more words


Creationist Wisdom #805: Evolution and Sin

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Amarillo Globe-News of Amarillo, Texas, known as “The Yellow Rose of Texas” because the city takes its name from the Spanish word for yellow. 449 more words


Intelligent Design -- A Progress Report

From time to time it’s good to step back and look at the big picture. How are things going for the Discovery Institute and their “theory” that the intelligent designer — … 462 more words


Science and Religion in Morocco : Human Evolutionary Theory

Aritcle source : Will Moroccan Schools Reintroduce Curriculum to Feature Human Evolutionary Theory?

From a religious perspective, some Muslim scholars support the study of human evolutionary theory. 327 more words

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Between Science and Faith

This is kind of a tired, old discussion, however, people keep posting about it so I guess I have to put in my own two cents (once again).   1,104 more words