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Book Review - "God's Crime Scene" by J. Warner Wallace

I love apologetics.  I love reading on various arguments, explanations, and ideas on explaining and defending a Christian worldview.  Naturally, I was very excited when David C. 1,090 more words

Book Review

Dogs proven to engage in moral evaluation of people and animals by observing their behavior

by: L.J. Devon – Maybe we need a dog during the Crash – But then again they EAT A LOT!!

(NaturalNews) A Yale study is shining new light on the complexity of the canine mind. 536 more words


Creationist Wisdom #639: Total Confusion

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Register-Herald of Beckley, West Virginia — proudly known as “The Gateway to Southern West Virginia.” It’s titled Religion indicted; it’s not a practical joke… 675 more words


The Folly of the Theory of Evolution- Part 1

One could legitimately claim that “evolutionists” have as much, or MORE, “faith” than the most ardent creationist Christian. What is this evolution doctrine that inspires so much faith in its disciples? 714 more words

Post-Holiday Free Fire Zone

Mars is red,
Uranus is blue,
The Intelligent Designer,
Created you.

Traffic is down and news is scarce, so once again we need to entertain ourselves. 265 more words


Thanksgiving at the Discovery Institute

This may ruin the holiday spirit for our American readers, but we can’t resist telling you about the latest at the Discoveroids’ creationist blog: … 357 more words