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Suit Alleges Creationism in West Virginia Schools

A brave mother in West Virginia is suing her local school system in Mercer County because her child’s school teaches creationism. We found this article in the… 592 more words


A Demonstration of Discoveroid Doublethink

The Discovery Institute has put up a fascinating post about their propaganda tactics — it’s never about actual science — at their creationist blog: … 615 more words


Defeating Darwinism (Book Review)

Sometimes a specialized subject matter expect is actually not the most qualified person to critique a related idea.  Case in point: Who would you trust more for advice on a difficult end-of-life decision for a loved one?  1,639 more words

Book Review

Oklahoma Creationism Bill for 2017

Our friends at the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) just posted Antievolution legislation in Oklahoma. That’s not surprising. We can always count on the Oklahoma legislature to provide us with entertainment. 358 more words


The Age of Water...

“What does the land want? What does the river want? What does the planet want? These are meaningless questions unless one grants the land, water and planet some kind of consciousness. 44 more words


The Discoveroids' Magic Filter and Archaeology

One of the many strange and totally un-evidenced claims of the Discovery Institute is that they have some kind of filter which reveals the presence of design. 519 more words


Ken Ham: Making America Great Again

The central theme of Donald Trump’s campaign was his promise to make American great again. No one knows how to do that better than… 542 more words