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Klinghoffer Attacks the NCSE

We’ve had a terrible time the last few days finding news of The Controversy. The only “reliable” source has been the Discovery Institute, and the pickings have been slim over there too. 587 more words


Casey Makes a Startling Admission

Last week we wrote West Virginia Evolution Litigation, about a hilariously confused and misguided lawsuit claiming that evolution is a religion, and it was unconstitutional to teach it in the public schools of West Virginia. 743 more words


Casey: Intelligent Design Is Not Faith-Based

The Discoveroids are in denial-mode again. Casey Luskin, our favorite creationist, wrote this for the Discovery Institute’s creationist blog: Answering a Common Complaint: Does Intelligent Design Require Faith? 935 more words


The Antichrist Revealed

I used to believe that the bible was just a bunch of fables and lies.  And I believed that the book was merely a construct of many men.  398 more words


Evolution in the Classroom

Evolution belongs in the biology classroom of every school. This should include faith schools and home schools. Evolution is the backbone of biology, and children need to know about it. 228 more words


Logical Gal - always be prepared

  I walked into the faculty lounge, coffee cup in hand.  In between classes, I caught the tail end of a conversation between 2 of my colleagues in this secular school.   513 more words


Mystery Structure Casts Doubt on Evolution

Look at this picture. What in the world could it be?
See if you have any ideas, before reading the answer below the picture.

Even if you have no idea what this picture is, you probably recognize design and purpose in the hardware components pictured here. 645 more words