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The Fine Tuning of the Universe and the Existence of God

Scientifically speaking, why the universe exist and why it looks like what it looks like is still a mystery. We don’t know why anything exists rather than nothing, or why energy-matter works as it does. 594 more words

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SETI infers that a thing (signal) is best explained as agent-made; in SAME WAY, ID infers same about similar things (DNA code). Both science


Creationist Litigation Update: 03 May 2015

The few court cases about creationism that are currently active aren’t generating much activity that we’ve noticed. Our last litigation update was at the end of last year. 1,121 more words


CA. teacher banned from using Bill Nye/Ken Ham evolution debate to sneak creationism into classroom

A California high school teacher has been banned from showing his students a debate between science educator Bill Nye and creationist Ken Ham as a way to insert creationism into the classroom. 282 more words


The limitations of science

The discipline of science cannot offer conclusions on the ultimate origins of matter.

Scientists can describe in fascinating detail what is observable within the universe. They can demonstrate  purposes related to adaptability and survival in the physical world.   496 more words


Creationist Wisdom #565: The Missing Link

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Daily Republic of Mitchell, South Dakota. It’s titled Evolution just another false religion. The newspaper doesn’t have a comments feature. 498 more words