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2017 Gallup Poll on Evolution

The last time we posted about one of these was 2014 Gallup Poll on Evolution. The results of the Gallup Organization’s latest poll are online here: … 629 more words


Klinghoffer Criticizes Olivia Judson

Things are getting out of hand at the Discovery Institute’s creationist blog. Look at this new thing they posted: A “Nachos and Ice Cream” Theory of Evolution… 551 more words


Creationist Wisdom #772: The Designer's Defender

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Pueblo Chieftain of Pueblo, Colorado. It’s titled Not by chance, and the newspaper has a comments feature. 352 more words


Peter S. Williams on Intelligent Design

Peter S. Williams is a philosopher I respect very highly. Being a Christian, most of his work falls within the realm of Christian apologetics, however, Williams is also an intelligent design proponent and has produced some valuable work on philosophy of science and intelligent design theory. 492 more words

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Ken Ham Has Proof of the Flood

You may have heard of the Channeled Scablands, about which Wikipedia says:

The Channeled Scablands are a relatively barren and soil-free landscape on the eastern side of the U.S.

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I Am Not a Scientist

When I was an agnostic and didn’t identity as either a theist or an atheist, it was because I found it overwhelmingly arrogant of people, comparatively infinitesimal specks in this universe, to say that we know where the universe came from or where it is going. 960 more words


AIG: Information and the Micro-Macro Mambo

The creation scientists at Answers in Genesis (AIG) — the creationist ministry of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia — have just posted: … 1,132 more words