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Data Driven: Creating a Data Culture (Free Book)

It’s been a while, (almost 2 years), but I’m back and ready to bring you the best information and resources out there, on Information Management. 355 more words

Intelligent Enterprise

Crunch time for big data

Source: http://www.uk.capgemini.com/news-centre/news/crunch-time-for-big-data/ and

In a global survey of 600 executives this month by Capgemini and the Economist Intelligence Unit, nine out of 10 respondents identified data as being the fourth factor of production – as fundamental to business as land, labour and capital. 207 more words

Intelligent Enterprise

Big Data – the end of Data Warehousing?

There is a massive amount of hype and buzz in the Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence market place surrounding the term ‘Big Data’.  Recently we have even seen talk of Big Data as a replacement for Data Warehousing.  732 more words

Intelligent Enterprise

L’intranet “inutile”

L’intranet aziendale (ovvero il sito web interno dell’azienda) è una di quelle cose cui quasi tutte le aziende sostengono di dare importanza e poche considerano davvero utile (per il risultato aziendale). 321 more words


Lessons Learned in 2011

This year is half over and we already have experienced some new experiences that we can sum up as lessons to be learned.  Take a look, as an example, into the huge success of ipad.   140 more words

L’importanza dell’Informazione non strutturata - MIT Sloan Management Review

Un’intervista molto interessante (oltre che autorevole) per i seguenti motivi:

  1. autorevolezza della testata (USA): la rivista di management dell’MIT;
  2. origini (India) dell’azienda di cui l’intervistato è “Chief Technology Officer”; …
  3. 119 more words

Iberia to use iPad to enhance information management and customer care

At its Madrid hub, Iberia is to deploy the IBPad, a revolutionary and pioneering system to supply its staff with all the information they need in real time and at any point in the Madrid-Barajas airport to inform and assist customers, anticipate problems, and make the best decisions at all times. 441 more words

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