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Floor Bleeker – Chief Information Officer – Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts

There is no such thing as a single burning issue for our industry. Our sector is dynamic and faces numerous challenges that require technology to solve them. 339 more words


Evolution of the Print Service Provider - why it’s time to get closer to your corporate clients

It’s Monday 8:30 AM, the day’s print production has not even started and you have just got that call that you dread. Your sales rep has called you to tell you that a reshuffle at your biggest corporate client has meant that your purchasing contact has left. 1,128 more words

Print Service Provider

Good Video is changing the way we see businesses

Here are some FACTS which may affect your current thinking on visual media. It not a sales blurb they’re just honest facts:

  • The USA is about 4-5 years ahead of Europe in leveraging visual media for sales and training…
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Mark Alexander Todd

Is fear holding back your business?

Of all the great things I get to do as a creative person, the one thing that is always exciting is learning new stuff. Sometimes that stuff is work related, sometimes its ‘life’ related. 586 more words

Mark Alexander Todd

The 3 Cardinal Sins of Corporate Video pt3

Of the three Cardinal Sins, the Third Sin is probably the most difficult to explain on paper, as video is a visual medium. But, if you don’t speak the ‘language of film’ you might find you connect with the audience…in the wrong way. 806 more words

Independent Film

The Three Cardinal Sins of Corporate Video pt1.

When looking at video as a commercial project, so many people dance on a thin line between art and common sense.

Frequently, years of accumulated commercial experience go out of the window because of phrases like “People will love this” “It’ll look great” or “I’ve got a great idea what if…”. 607 more words

Independent Film

An Intelligent Choice for Brands Combating Overextension

In a world where consumers’ attention is increasingly spread thin and organisations’ IT and marketing departments are spread even thinner, now can be a frustrating time for marketing departments and service providers. 432 more words