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No Such Thing as Either Dead or Blind Matter

MOLECULAR biologist Bonnie Bassler discovered that bacteria “talk” to each other, and is studying how they communicate with one another.  But there is nothing new in this “revelation” for Theosophy. 1,462 more words


How Maverick Scientists Changed Science & the World

“In some cases, a new branch of the sciences … can begin with a few mavericks (with a high Intelligence/Knowledge ratio) whose research is initially dismissed as speculative,” writes Kathleen Taylor, research scientist at oxford University. 306 more words

The Meaning Of Water

Water Is...

“The fall of dropping water wears away the Stone.”–Lucretius

The Meaning Of Water

Spiritual Vision: Piercing the Illusions of Sense

ALL of what we call ‘reality’ may actually be subjective, that is beholden to our powers of perception, according to Theosophy.

If, as in the words of the dying Buddha, “all compounds are perishable” then all collections of atoms are to be considered ‘illusions.’ 1,698 more words

Brain, Mind, Consciousness, & Beyond

The Order of Nature Proves Intelligent Design

MODERN evolution is one of the most elaborate scientific frauds of all time. The fraud consists in a conscious refusal to accept any kind of design in Nature. 1,092 more words

Society & Humanity

Dogs that Know When Their Owners are Coming Home

“THREE decades ago, few scientists were courageous enough to break ranks and question their own belief system,” Deepak Chopra writes.

“Even calling science a belief system sounded outrageous – religion is a matter of belief, science a matter of facts.” 1,463 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

Fohat: Electric Plasma Currents Pervade Space

FOHAT is a term and concept which appears throughout “The Secret Doctrine” by H.P. Blavatsky – and especially in the first volume titled “Cosmogenesis.” 

What is this mysterious yet vitally important thing called Fohat which happens to be “the key in Occultism which opens and unriddles the multiform symbols and respective allegories in the so-called mythology of every nation”? 589 more words

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