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A Mother's Love, The Law of Life

WHENEVER there is separateness and selfishness, Theosophy teaches, there will always be suffering.

This is why we need to continually try to practice Divine Compassion… 1,945 more words


Our Astral Sight, Piercing the Reality of Illusion

ALL of what we call ‘reality’ may actually be subjective, and beholden to our powers of perception, according to Theosophy.

“Every one of us possesses the faculty, the interior sense, that is known by the name of intuition,” H. 2,099 more words

Brain, Mind, Consciousness, & Beyond

Life, Light and the Pursuit of Consciousness

ALWAYS poised to advocate for the existence of an invisible conscious world within the visible physical world, the writer of The Secret Doctrine, H. P. 2,723 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

Six Things To Know About Canada’s Boreal Zone

The Boreal Zone is the wide area that lies between the treeless tundra of the arctic zone in northern Canada and the temperate zone in southern Canada. 463 more words


Occult Science vs the Top 10 Dogmas of Modern Science

“THREE decades ago, few scientists were courageous enough to break ranks and question their own belief system,” Deepak Chopra writes.

“Even calling science a belief system sounded outrageous – religion is a matter of belief, science a matter of facts.” 1,646 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

Animal Souls, the Heart of Good

BETWEEN humanity and Nature, in a perfect world, mutual peace and harmony ought to always reign.

Mutual respect and universal compassion would be an accepted norm between humans and all beings in nature. 903 more words

Reincarnation & Karma

Sailing the Racetrack Playa of Death Valley, California

Have you heard of “sliding stones”? These are moving rocks that mysteriously move across the surface of the Racetrack Playa, a seasonally dry lake (or playa) in the Panamint Mountains, Death Valley National Park. 307 more words