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The breath Test

I love this, measure the intensity level of your work out.

You do this by making small conversation while exercising.  If you are able to talk comfortably and a fairly audible, your level of exercise would be termed as moderate. 31 more words


Prepare Like You Intend to Perform

A few days ago, I published a blog post titled, You’ve Got to Practice at Game Speed.  Today, I’d like to address practice and preparation from a different angle — specifically, the athlete’s focus and intensity level. 270 more words


Respiration Relay

res·pi·ra·tion (r s p -r sh n). n. 1. a. The act or process of inhaling and exhaling

This week students have been simulating this process with the use of PE equipment. 461 more words

What Does Getting in Shape Mean?

Getting in Shape is a phrase many of us are familiar with.  What does the phrase mean?

First, select the word Getting. Getting generally implies a future process.  260 more words


Slow and Steady Wins

Perserverance isn’t the most exciting or sexy topic.  After a  while, when someone asks how your fitness program is going, you can say, “I’m still doing it.”  Sure, there are the ups and downs that come with participation, but what I’m noticing is that the ups and downs are like a graph … as long as I keep exercising, it doesn’t loop back and take me back to the beginning.  217 more words

Home Gym

Play Has a Place in Any Fitness Plan

It’s easy to get waaay too serious about fitness and exercise.  I need to have goals!  I need to know if I’m making progress!  After all, workout has the word “work” in it, right?  589 more words


Listen First ...

Today I skipped my morning workout for the first time.  I have a pretty impressive sinus infection going right now, and I chose to listen to my body.  295 more words

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