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Should Section 230 protections be changed?

Facebook, Twitter and other hosts of content on the Internet are protected by the “safe harbor provisions” of Section 230 of the CDA against liability for content posted by their users.  55 more words

@CREDOMobile and @FCC won't help a disabled senior; perhaps @KremlinRussia_E will.

Despite my life-threatening medical conditions, I am not one to wait for rescue when I’m being stressed beyond what my medications can handle by hostile parties, because I know that I can number the people I can count on one hand, and not one of them are people who have a sworn and/or fiduciary responsibility to render assistance. 254 more words

The problem of "deepfakes"

The problem of “deepfakes” will grow as technology gets better — and the law has yet to catch up with it. 

Free Speech