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That Podcast Life: from Textual to Aural

As I’m sure some of you have noticed, I began my podcast titled “Club Chalant” last week. It focuses around something that in recent years has been central to my life, and to be frank, something that really should be central to everyone’s life: learning to live intentionally. 1,090 more words


dear crab

We have two prisms hanging in our front windows. They don’t often cast rainbows because they don’t hang low enough to fully catch the sunlight, but I love them nonetheless. 198 more words

Dear Crab

Change Is Risky, and That's Why You Need It

This is a guest post by my friend and top-notch human, Ricky Ortiz.

Ricky Ortiz is a native New Yorker who’s also lived in Florida, Washington State, and South Carolina. 545 more words

Intentional Living

What's The Most Important Part of Your Life?

I said last week that I would expand on the quote by Ivan Misner, founder of B.N.I.

He said: the most important part of your life is whose story you are in. 500 more words


Why you shouldn't own a T.V

Televisions are the biggest waste of time in the majority of peoples lives. They waste valuable time. People when they are tired just watch T.V to get their mind of everything that is going on around them. 190 more words

Self Improvement

Journey to Peace Part 3

I hope you have been finding this series helpful.  I find that many of us that grow up with an abusive parent, or other extreme family dysfunction, struggle to be understood, and struggle to find peace and stability.   930 more words


the Language of Movement

Body language is a powerful expression that many of us may undervalue. Our physical gestures have a big impact on our surroundings and once we realize what types of signals we are sending it can make quite a difference when it comes to interacting with others. 380 more words