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An Anecdote


noun: a short and amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person

Once upon a time I was a teacher. I taught elementary school, private first then public, for about a decade. 353 more words

When You Change But Your Friends Don’t

Differences cause tension and expectations fall short. How long do you stay loyal? Do friends outgrow each other? What will you do when it happens? 922 more words

Intentional Living

Behind the Name

I may be biased, but I’d venture to say that I was raised in part by a pretty great musician. My dad. He’s been playing since he was about 10 years old, and that’s given him plenty of time touring and out on the road. 411 more words


The intentional walking lesson.

There is this boy  who has taught me a very important lesson. I have not been able to forget him and so I need to write about him. 546 more words

The Journey

Reblog: https://writingforme1961.wordpress.com/2017/05/23/what-we-really-need/

I’ve been watching TV, ok I’ve been mesmerized by Netflix. Instead of looking for what is new, I’ve been watching older shows. I’ve seen all the Twilight Zones from the 1960’s over the years until I have them memorized, so I started with Night Gallery which ran in the 1970’s (that I actually remember as […]

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My Own Packing Party

So y’all know (or most of you I should say), know I am a huge fan of The Minimalists. Their podcasts continue to inspire me to make room for the things that matter by getting rid of what doesn’t. 584 more words

Intentional Living

The Adventure of Living an Intentional Life

The morning was cold and the rain was coming down in sheets. I had been in this new city for about a month and my life was adrift. 738 more words