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Why I love a good ol' no spend

We are consumers and it’s what’s ingrained in us. So, it’s difficult to break out of that mindset, but with so many benefits of a no spend, it’s worth a try, right? 461 more words


2019 Goal Check-in: Reflect. Celebrate. Focus.

It’s hard to believe we are on month SIX in 2019. How did that happen? I feel like this year is flying by, but I think that’s how it always seems to go because time flies when you’re having fun, right?!  585 more words


I Have Zero Clue About What To Do Next & Maybe, That’s Good...

Hello from the land of the clueless,

I have always been afraid of feeling lost in life and I am pretty sure a lot of you share my sentiments. 664 more words

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A Tolerable Planet

I’ve never really joined in the whole save the planet movement.  I’m not a zero waste minimalist.  But the more I embrace this minimalism journey, the more I realize just how much our choices do affect the earth.   192 more words

Intentional Living

Finding the Path

I sometimes see posts on social media that make minimalism out to be some sort of magical life solution.  These posts discuss decluttering and downsizing like they are the keys to all happiness.   404 more words


You Can Ignore What Sets Your Heart On Fire Or… You Can Just Go For It

Funny I should write about this today because it’s EXACTLY what I need to hear right now. Ladies and gents, I am just going to lay it down simply. 566 more words

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30 time wasters you should avoid for the better

Do you ever engage in unnecessary activities that cost you your precious time? Are you concerned enough to identify these? Let’s see some time wasters that might need your attention… 672 more words