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You’ve Got To Change

Growth is uncomfortable. But, if you want something different in life, you’re gonna have to be someone different. You can not stay the same and expect a new result from life. 618 more words

Personal Growth

Another infectious disease

Trump Virus, caused by POTUS-Covfefe-45, is a highly contagious outbreak. Unleashed in 2016, this virulent, man-made malady affects a large part of the population, spanning a wide geographic area and social range. 413 more words

Intentional Living

Seasons and Schedules

Quarantine life offers time.
Time to read.
Time to catch up on TV series.
Time to exercise.
Time to do a puzzle.
Time to write. 543 more words

Expat Life

5 Ways to Completely Change Your Day

In 2018, I thought waking up every morning was the hardest thing I had to do. I knew that with every sunrise, there would be heart ache, tears, and an unsurmountable feeling of missing my father. 1,070 more words


May You Walk as the Woman in White

Who is the Woman in White? Is she you? Is she me? What does it mean to be the Woman in White? Is she respectfully standing in solidarity with other women as a declaration, or is she the ghost of a beautiful woman who was once scorned or betrayed? 798 more words


The Dangers of Cancel Culture & Prioritizing What Serves You

Over the past several months, I have noticed an uptick in this mentality called, “Cancel Culture.” The idea is that you find something you dislike about a person who is in a position of fame, influence, or popularity, and you make this knowledge public and fuel an ideology of “canceling” the person for their mistake. 1,293 more words


Suffering with others

I went through a hard time a few years ago. It was about a year after the failed attempt to adopt our daughter’s sister. I think it took a year to realize she probably wasn’t going to end up with us. 530 more words