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Simplify: My Goal For March

Although I embarked on decluttering missions last year, I feel like more can be done. And not just with decluttering, but with simplifying as a whole. 168 more words

Intentional Living

How About This Weather?

An all too common phrase in the Midwest. It’s true, if you want the weather to change, just wait five minutes. But do we have to use this as small talk? 232 more words


How to Have an Uninspired, Unintentional & Unmotivated Day

You are suddenly awakened from a sluggish slumber to a pesky alarm on your phone that you preprogrammed to help you get your day started. Instead of jumping happily out of bed, you are jolted to the phone and hit snooze. 1,725 more words



My therapist recently told me that we have a choice for how to handle fear. We can Fuck Everything and Run (lol!) or Face Everything and Recover. 831 more words


You’re a bit young to be part-time aren’t you? 

“You’re a bit young to be part-time aren’t you?”

“What are you going to be doing if you’re not working?”

“How did you get your job to let you do part-time?” 1,102 more words


The Greatest Love of All

Last Friday, all of my neighborhood friends converged on my house for an early Valentine’s Day party.

To be fair, they never went home…they were waiting for me in my driveway when I got home and never left. 953 more words

Intentional Living

Setting Intentions

Getting back into the groove of planning. 
This year is not about making resolutions but continuing good habits. Two years ago I’ve delve into living minimally and simplistically; this year I’m adding intentionality and mindfulness so that I don’t revert back to old ways and lose everything I’ve learned from the past two years. 6 more words