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The Myth of the Genuine Christian (and a lesson for children)

Years ago when I was a teaching assistant at Duke University Divinity School, I noticed a recurring theme in student papers: the search for the ideal conditions to form a… 960 more words

Why You Should Make Kombucha Part of Your Daily Routine

I began brewing my own Kombucha after my senior year of high school. And honestly all I knew about it was that it was good for you, and I saw a lot of Insta bloggers drinking it. 564 more words

Intentional Living

I support and admire...

As I write this I’m hearing a conversation in the background between kids on a sitcom about followers (daughter is sick on the couch) how many? 2,727 more words



One of my most loved, and at the same time, most hated parts of the experiences I had at Recovery Weeks was the excursion at the end of the week. 952 more words

Day To Day

My Minimalist Closet: The Why and How

When you hear the terms ‘capsule wardrobe’ or ‘minimal closet’ do you roll your eyes? I was with you for a long time; paring down on my clothes was the least appealing thing in the world to me. 1,472 more words


Wonderful Wednesday #5

Hey everyone! Can’t quite believe I’m onto Wonderful Wednesday number 5 already. I really look forward to writing these so much. It wouldn’t be the same on a different day of the week…They come at just the right time…hump day! 492 more words



“Our clothes tell a story.

Our clothes reflect our personality and what’s important to us.”

-Anuschka Rees, The Curated Closet

Recently, I’ve been reading The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees and it inspired me to write about defining your personal style. 706 more words

Intentional Living