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part eight: preparing

this summer i really struggled with the desire to be married. although i know i don’t want to be married right this moment, by heart is longing to be in relationship with someone and love them completely. 451 more words


the Father

so if you ask me who i am the closest to in the trinity, the answer is the Holy Spirit. actually, other people can answer that question for me. 689 more words


the process: part two

my head and my heart are either racing, or completely silent. there is no middle ground. i am trying to wrap my brain around what God is walking me through in this season. 779 more words


Meraki & Kairos

Words. I love their subtlety and shades. Great power rests in each word to build and destroy; beseech and release; and heal the broken-hearted…set captives free. 602 more words


The Little Things

I was with a girl today who I hadn’t seen or talked to in three months. Today I remembered why I was so impressed with her last year. 278 more words


Create Your List of Core Values

Feeling directionless is a common occurrence these days. Luckily I’m not absent of directions per se; I’m simply unsure of which direction to run. Perhaps  1,032 more words


Hiding From God

Tell me to pray for a friend or for our nation and I will. But tell me to pray out of just a desire to have a conversation with God in quiet solitude and friendship and that’s hard. 566 more words