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What if we fail?

If we should fail?

Lady Macbeth:
We fail?
But screw your courage to the sticking place,
And we’ll not fail.

What do you do with uncertainty? 882 more words

Derring Do


I can’t help but think about that camel commercial now…ya know, the “Hump Day!!” camel. It pops into my head anytime I hear the words hump day. 277 more words

Being Real With People

Real Systems


Now I’ve never had any mentors; my path has been too idiosyncratic, for the better, since I think it’s the lack of institutional constraints that has allowed me to experiment the way I have. 5,722 more words


Manifesting ... Making Things Happen

What I needed, I realised as I watched the 25th video on how French ladies care for their skin, was a proper skin care routine. The old bar-of-hand-soap-followed-by-a-slather-of-aqueous-cream just wasn’t going to cut it anymore if I wanted my skin to stand the test of time. 226 more words

Thoughts On Faith

What Do We Look For?

People generally find what they look for, or so we are told.

We find truth in this thought because when we look for the worst, we find the worst. 155 more words


Work for it

I have been in something of a depressive funk lately.

It’s not serious enough to merit anything besides time and laughter as a cure, but it is still there. 1,258 more words

Intentional Speech- The Journey toward a Mantra

By Katherine Gaines

For at least the last four years, I have been intentional in the words I choose when describing something or someone. The obvious cause for this intentionality was my introduction to the world of social work. 244 more words