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leadership dot #1794: double duty

The Baltimore Hilton has done a great job of combining design with functionality in its meeting room signage. Rather than have rooms with names that have no meaning and generic art lining the hallways, the Hilton has utilized its art to tell the story of the person for whom the room is named.                        100 more words


Goat story

It’s raining here.

Gobs of rain.

Rain has cancelled my leaping from an airplane, this morning’s run, a trip to the farmers’ market, an adventure in Kansas City, and any desire I had to get out of my toasty lined yoga tights…to go to yoga. 620 more words


Catching Up with Old Friends

There are certain people put in your path for very specific reasons. I believe my HP gives me people to admire, people to guide me, people to walk with me through hard times, and most importantly a handful of friends that will be there for me no matter what. 177 more words

Being Real With People

Ultimate Freezer Pizza Hacks

You clicked on this because the word “hack” was in the title, thinking that I’d be giving you some clever tips and ingredient add-ons to freshen up the most estimable quiescently frozen confection: pizza. 449 more words


Know When It's Time to Go to Bed

Yesterday was an amazing, exhausting, and overwhelming day. The baby had woken up at 3:30 am, went back to sleep for an hour or so, then my alarm was going off at 4:45 am. 243 more words

Being Real With People

You Know Every Single Hair on My Head

So, this may seem like an odd situation I’m going to explain, but I’ve talked about prayer here before. Have you ever had images of yourself or other people pop into your mind while you prayed? 244 more words


Loving Like Jesus Loved

Becoming more Christ-like.  That is the goal, or at least it should be, of every Christian.  That is what being a Christian is.  Following Jesus’ example and becoming more like him.   1,281 more words