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The Real Problem with 'Correlation'

Since presuming that intentional cognition can get behind intentional cognition belongs to the correlation problem, any attempt to understand the problem requires we eschew theoretical applications of intentional idioms. 2,800 more words


Giving Back- Your Inspiration to Change the World

Maybe it’s just part of growing up (I know, I know, I’m getting old.), but lately I’ve really felt an urge to give back more.  I watched Adam Braun talk about his charity Pencils of Promise on Marie Tv… 346 more words


an alpha // whiskey // foxtrot anniversary ...

It’s funny, but it occurred to me for the very first time today that in just a few weeks, alpha // whiskey // foxtrot will celebrate its one-year anniversary — and nobody’s more shocked about this than me. 239 more words


Dream Rendezvous

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Taking a brief – less than ten minute – nap, I dreamed I was going to Crayonhouse to have dinner at their… 26 more words

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Marriage 911

This is not what I signed up for!

How many times do you hear yourself say that?

For me lately, it has been quite a bit. 695 more words

Hard Day

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… a day when the slightest imperfection, in myself or my environment, starts to feel intolerable; when, once home, I find myself attempting to do everything — from pouring water into a mug and drinking from the mug to plugging in my iPhone’s charger cable and attaching it to my iPhone to spreading almond butter on carrot sticks and eating the almond-buttered sticks — with the slowness, deliberation, and concentration of… 52 more words

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