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plans pt. 2: humility

word of the week(s): humility- a modest or low view of one’s own importance

oh, humility. the opposite of pride. I have always prided myself in not being a prideful person…the irony. 735 more words


The City Isn't My Redeemer

I enjoyed my Portland experience, I really did. I learned much about leadership, evangelism, living all of life for the glorification of God. I built relationships, and have even seen a man come to know the Lord in this past week as the result of fellow team members’ intentionality in his life. 783 more words

Growing Hope

       Family movie night at New Life yesterday and we saw a really interesting movie ” Where Hope Grows.”  (in the course of this blog I may stray into “spoiler” territory if and when I do so I will proceed this with the word… 518 more words


Is Belief Bad Philosophy? A Naturalistic Account of Content

In this paper I present one possible answer to the problem facing a naturalistic account of content. The initial concept I will discuss is the Millian view of proper names, which describes their exhaustive utility as “so to speak, simply a name. 944 more words


The Unlecture

Reading Mark 9:33-37.

At the store with the kids

Jesus and the disciples are walking, as usual. (It feels a bit like that first Hobbit… 770 more words



one day at camp I was talking with a friend and the Holy Spirit spoke a truth through me that we both needed to hear in our lives. 562 more words


Christianese 101

Primary, a word defined by dictionary.com as an adjective meaning, “first or highest in rank or importance; chief; principal.” With this in mind, I have a bone to pick, but first some wisdom from George Carlin: 1,059 more words