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Motivational Monday, But on a Friday

Many people need a motivational boost to start their week off on a Monday because they’re still tired from the weekend, they have to wake up earlier, or just the thought of everything they have to do that week is totally overwhelming. 172 more words

Being Real With People

Inspiration for Creatives: Finding and Holding on to What Inspires You

Inspiration is an interesting phenomenon. Sometimes you’re struck with a sudden burst of energy and it infuses everything you do and write, creating amazing pieces of work that bring you immense pride. 543 more words


Consistency Really is the Key

The accomplishments I’ve had in my life can be attributed to consistency. I haven’t won a Nobel Prize. I’m not a doctor. I haven’t innovated the latest and greatest new technology. 199 more words

Being Real With People

leadership dot #1847: accommodation

It is human nature to want to give positive feedback and to avoid the negative, and the same principle has carried over to cause grade inflation in many classrooms. 197 more words


Life's Special Moments

My dad came to visit me in New York two weekends ago, and even though it wasn’t Father’s Day weekend, it felt like it to me. 271 more words


Noise, Constant Noise

Noisy honestly doesn’t begin to describe the world we live in. Constant social media notifications, emails, calls and texts, never ending negative news, and modern day metropolis consume our our attention. 834 more words

Intentional Living

leadership dot #1844: influential

Anyone who knows me well knows that Good to Great by Jim Collins is the most influential book I have read. It changed the course of an entire university, stimulated relationships with some of the people who became my best colleagues and friends, and has been part of my vocabulary and thinking since I first picked it up in June, 2002. 170 more words