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leadership dot #1723: rocket

Because of my love of organizational strategies (and cool new office supplies), two friends shared information about the Rocketbook notebook. This system is a combination of high tech/low tech, allowing you to write with a (special) pen, then the pages are synched to the cloud so your handwritten notes are stored electronically. 208 more words



Today is the day.

Soon, my route to the office will take a few more twists and turns to the far end of Purpleville.

I am excited. 396 more words


Murphy's Law

If you’re not familiar with Murphy’s Law, then here it is: If anything can go wrong, it will.

This is basically how I felt my entire afternoon went yesterday. 265 more words

Being Real With People

The Intentional Life

I decided to call this blog The Intentional Life because intentionality is a theme that I try to incorporate into nearly everything I do (or opt not to do) in life. 158 more words


The Intentional Voyage Explained

I believe that our purpose as human beings is to flourish. However, flourishing does not come without being intentional. When we do not seek intentionality, it is easy to fall into unhelpful, stagnant routines. 148 more words


Beauty in every moment

The funny thing about moments is they don’t often stick around.

Half the time, by the time we notice something is a moment, it’s gone.  854 more words


Expectations from Relationships 

Seeing as how it is Valentine’s Day, this seems to be a very fitting topic. For a long time, I was under the impression that we found a spouse or a significant other who was able to fill all of the gaps in our existence. 268 more words

Being Real With People