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A Culture of Offense

No, this has nothing to do with football or any other sport for that matter. These thoughts came to me as I read an article about cinema’s (movie theatres) in England banning… 384 more words

Chipping Paint and Oncoming Complacency

I heard a quote this past week that has been bouncing around my cranium since I heard it. I’ve made reference to it no less than half a dozen times since I heard it because the truth of the statement resonates so deeply with me. 938 more words


We heard about the Paris attacks late Friday evening and the Beirut attacks Saturday afternoon.

At one point, I recall thinking, “I don’t want to die. 571 more words

Derring Do

Remarks on Physics & Mathematical Application


Up until this point, I have attempted to show that the mathematical proposition “2 + 2 = 4” is not about any particular group of objects: It is about a rule. 676 more words


Sustain Me!

The other day, a friend noticed my sink wasn’t draining properly and opened up the cabinet to check it out. Ack! What had been so painstakingly organized just two years ago looked like a jumbled mess of garbage. 241 more words

My Walk

Do you love me?

The days of tribulation are upon us! Soon we will see those signs in the heavens. The sun will be darkened the moon will not give its light, stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of heaven will be shaken!! 854 more words

Sunday Morning

Philosophical Return to Sender & Update RE: Blog w/ George Shiber

Yesterday, Dr. Richard Carrier posted an open letter to academic philosophy arguing that consequentialism, deontology and virtue ethics are all basically the same thing. His argument rests on the reducibility of deontology to consequentialism (& vice versa) and the reducibility of both to virtue ethics (& vice versa)… Or, if one is true it necessarily entails the others. 557 more words