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Loneliness and Solitude | Part 2 of 2

Part 1 focused on loneliness. How it felt to me, and the kind of person I looked for to dispel my loneliness. I described the impossible expectations I had of you and, of course, of myself in my search for someone who would adore me just as I was. 598 more words

Spiritual Formation

0 for 2.

It’s official. I’m skipping the Cowtown Ultra this weekend. I ran five miles this morning and felt good for just over four of them. I saw the doctor again today, and he confirmed what I feared – there’s no way I can do 30 miles on… 551 more words


When even power lines can be beautiful...

I don’t know what made me pull the car over when I did, except for that certain instinct I sometimes have that there’s beauty to be found nearby, if I’m willing to look for it. 495 more words



Traveler, there is no path

paths are made by walking.

The train pulled into the station around 6 in the morning, I imagine. The lack of morning light served as my only time reference and left the streets without hope of drying under the dismal downpour of the hour.   747 more words

Kindness Bears Fruit

During a recent dining experience, I was favored to share a conversation with the Chef/Owner.  I will never forget how he looked me in the face and with all sincerity said, “Kindness alone saved me.”  Needless to say I was so impacted by his statement that I scrambled for a pen to capture this small but profound account of his life.   593 more words


Setting an intention….

Tonight was the start of the CARE For Teachers (Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education) training I signed up for and have been eagerly looking forward to! 355 more words

Spirit of the Living God we just wanna hear Your voice. We're hanging on every word...

I wonder how many of us can truly say this. How often do we come to God with our requests but never stop to listen to what He has to say to us? 236 more words