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A little sweetness

I’ve grown this season – whether I’ve wanted to or not. People have been kind, patient, and straight-forward (thank you.) Fortunately, with so much to learn, my empty bucket caught a lot of good hard “life stuff.” I even resisted sitting with a gallon of extreme Moosetracks, a bottle of wine, and the entire Gilmore Girls telly series (I’ve heard it’s good.) Until last night. 415 more words


3 reasons you need a mentor

So you make new mistakes.
We do some of our best growing and learning from failure. Although none of us would ever seek it, we recognise that it is one of our greatest teachers. 357 more words


It could have been me

October 21st 2016, was a sad day for my home country Cameroon. It started with the collapse of the national road between Yaounde and Douala the two capitals cities. 1,333 more words


Visions of the Semantic Apocalypse: A Critical Review of Yuval Noah Harari's Homo Deus

“Studying history aims to loosen the grip of the past,” Yuval Noah Harari writes. “It enables us to turn our heads this way and that, and to begin to notice possibilities that our ancestors could not imagine, or didn’t want us to imagine” (59). 6,981 more words


Bundle of Joy

Our friends stateside call it ‘rough-housing’, in our family we say ‘bundle’ and the casual onlooker could call it carnage. Whatever you call it – it’s fun and I love ‘bundling’ the kids. 586 more words



I’m tired. I can’t watch anything more about the election. I can barely look at my Facebook feed. There’s too much anger and hatred being thrown around. 266 more words


Chalkboard Evangelism

Great job OSU Cru students!

Last Thursday, our students killed it executing a Chalkboard Evangelism event.

One of our strategic goals is for students to experience the three modes of Evangelism through Ok State Cru. 333 more words