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Cups, Implication, Intention

Last week, my Ceramics I students set up their first bisqued mugs all over our studio tables for our second attempt at critique.  The first round, after they created simple pinch pots, was barely even a discussion of the work.  1,038 more words


Are Minds like Witches? The Catastrophe of Scientific Progress (by Ben Cain)

As scientific knowledge has advanced over the centuries, informed people have come to learn that many traditional beliefs are woefully erroneous. There are no witches, ghosts, or disease-causing demons, for example. 3,012 more words

The Two Whys

I’ve been thinking a lot about why. Why, why, why?

In primary school, we were taught to ask the five W’s (and the accompanying H) to dissect situations in literature and beyond: “Who? 700 more words

The Intentional Life

Currently in March.

It has been a crazy month and I can’t believe it’s going to be April next week. The first quarter of the year has already gone by and it seems like yesterday was just January.   866 more words

I Just Read the Recipes

I’ve got a number of cookbooks to my name, about a dozen, plus about another dozen cooking magazines (e.g. Quick Cooking, now sadly defunct). Then there’s my recipe box, which grows fuller and fuller. 1,359 more words


P1: Pre-assessments

P1–Practice intentional inquiry and planning for instruction [1]. Being intentional in planning involves adapting curriculum and lessons to fit your students’ needs. In order to do this it is important to gather information about your students current knowledge [1]. 268 more words



This world is for the intentional.

It’s the kind of place where I should thrive. I should rule.

I’ve considered every step, of every day. 179 more words