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Dear Diary... 100 Posts?

When I was a little girl, I used to love writing in diaries. I loved the thought of journaling thoughts and the feeling of writing secret things for my eyes only. 242 more words


Itty littlebit tinysmall

I have to write Tallulah.

I have a morbid desire to go through this blog and embarrass myself by counting up every time I’ve made some grand sweeping statement about how I’m going to write  1,845 more words


Health and Wellness: Because My Body Needs My Care

I’ve had it up to here with my body.

I don’t have health issues, per say, but my body is high maintenance. It has itself some… 1,076 more words


Part 2: "...a look at God’s designs for relationships and sexuality."

In continuing with my previous blog post on the “From the Beginning” series, I am excited to share my notes on week 2’s sermon as it was mind-blowing for me. 2,274 more words

God's Love

Part 1: "...a look at God’s designs for relationships and sexuality."

I don’t know what is more frustrating to me right now,

  1. The fact that I had no idea the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage was coming today (how had I not been keeping tabs on such an important ruling?),
  2. 1,846 more words
God's Love