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OTC Summer Camp Postcard

Tuesday’s market was very quiet, but did throw up a rather nice inter-war postcard depicting boys of an Officer Training Corps on their summer camp: 136 more words

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The Ersatz World of Germany

Throughout Europe and large parts of the world the 1930s was an era of extreme levels of poverty and suffering. The Hungry Thirties as they were called followed on from the hardships of the post-Great War twenties. 1,073 more words

1919 Pattern Rucksack

Today marks a year since I started this blog. In that time I feel I have covered a large selection of British and Empire militaria and I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed researching and writing these posts. 650 more words


25 Pattern Haversack

In the past we have looked at the RAF 25 pattern pistol set as a whole piece (see here), however we are now going to take the opportunity to look at the individual components in a bit more detail. 332 more words


KD Service Dress Tunic

Tonight we are looking at a British Army khaki drab Service Dress tunic. This tunic is made of light cotton cloth, but is very similar in cut and form to the serge service dress tunic introduced in 1903: 342 more words

British Army

British Army Wolesley Helmet

One of the iconic images of the British Empire is the pith helmets worn almost universally by British military and civilians in the hotter climes. These helmets have come to be seen as almost a comedic anachronism now, but at the time were seen as a vital piece of safety equipment for those unused to the harsh sun and high temperatures, indeed woe betide the Indian civil servant who was caught outside his office without his pith helmet. 348 more words

British Army

1919 Pattern Mk1 Holster

Last month we looked at the second Mk 2 design of 1919 pattern holster, since then I have been lucky enough to pick up an example of the Mk 1 holster. 262 more words

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