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Interwar Recruitment Pamphlet

I have quite a few recruiting booklets for the various services over the last few decades, however tonight we are looking at my newest addition and possibly my favourite. 261 more words

British Army

Heritage Victoria grants permission for Demolition of Princess Mary Club

MHA is sad and disappointed to learn that Heritage Victoria has issued a permit allowing BOTH the demolition of the Princess Mary Club and the construction of a large tower right next to the Wesley Church. 292 more words

Building Under Threat

Photographs of Soldiering in Colonial Hong Kong

By the 1920s personal cameras were small and cheap enough that the hobby of photography was open to a far wider cross section of society- including those in the military. 393 more words

British Army

Military Protractor Mk III

The importance of maps to the military can scarcely be underestimated. Whether it is to navigate to an enemy position, design a bridge or bring down artillery fire; maps are used every day by the armed forces. 206 more words

British Army

Old Comrades Postcard

In what seems to be becoming a regular Friday feature, we look at another postcard from my collection tonight. On the face of it, this image seems an odd choice for inclusion as it is ostensibly a photograph of three men in civilian clothing: 456 more words

British Army

Inter-War Tropical Uniform Studio Postcard

One of the first stops a British soldier made when being stationed to a far flung station of Empire was often to the local photographic studio to have a souvenir postcard taken to send back to his loved ones. 195 more words

British Army

Life in the Royal Navy Cigarette Card Album

Collecting cigarette cards was a very popular hobby amongst both boys and men throughout the first half of the twentieth century, a tradition upheld today by the sticker collections so beloved of children. 219 more words

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