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How Smartphones are Numbing Us to the World.

Last night, while desperately trying to find some solace in the silence of the night, I started thinking about the ongoing argument of how the use of the smart phones are degrading personal relationships. 1,245 more words

Urbanism of the Hashtag

Human being by nature does not belong to any category; society provides room blocks in which everyone may find identity.These rooms are not supplied with doors or windows as they represent group categorical choices devoid of any interaction. 508 more words


Dropping Expectations

We tend to start any interaction with our fellow co-humans based on certain expectations. This is true especially for long-term relationships as well as for business environments. 659 more words


234. A Formality

Not too much more to say for us
where eyes cannot maintain,
but drift beyond to rosier blushes,
unspoken effort to mask pain —

That years hence to lament again, 138 more words


Changing behaviors on social media platforms?

This week I wanted to look into the notion of changing behaviors on social media platforms. I recently read a number of articles that outlined how behaviors were changing online, they article outlined how a recent study carried out by researchers  Dr. 307 more words


Isabel Behncke (TED) | Evolution's gift of play, from bonobo apes to humans

Bonobos, like humans, love to play throughout their entire lives. Play is not just child’s games. For us and them, play is foundational for bonding relationships and fostering tolerance.

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Emergence Cognition Design

Happy Birthday

The following post is dedicated to my spouse, Jessica. Although it is personal in nature, I put it out into the world as an example of managing the business of a relationship which feeds the business of me.  484 more words