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Interaction 09 - 4th May

CSS3 Animation, FTP, and SEO.

CSS animation basics:
1. Defining the animation
2. Assigning the animation to a specific HTML element (elements)
1. Define CSS animation… 60 more words


Interaction class: CSS3 Animation, FTP and Domains

We played around with CSS3 animation and transitions today which was quite fun and will definitely help make elements more dynamic and stand out on pages. 490 more words


A piece of my heart

Phone chat with my four year old brother.

“Do you like school Brandon?” After hearing of a particularly bad day he had, he spent it in the administration office more times than I can count on one hand for bad behavior. 323 more words

Day First: blog settled down

Here is where I record my daily work.

In the next few weeks, I will complete my final project step by step and record the process in this blog. 148 more words


Lean on Me: Tips to Build Community for Older Adults

By Maureen Hewitt

Did you know loneliness increases the risk for dementia? And the risk of early death, especially among the elderly?

Of all the things InnovAge and other elder care providers do for their program participants, perhaps the most important is to help them make connections with other participants and community members. 472 more words


Being Scared

Have you ever thought, why am I scared of ? You just sit there in your bed, and think, hen I am here, in the now, in bed, why am I afraid of this thing? 660 more words