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Triggering others, self reflection & integration

What’s a trigger? A trigger is when someone does something; whether it be an action, the way they speak, the way they conduct themselves or an interaction that takes place in which sets in motion a series of reactive emotions within yourself, usually in a negative regard towards the person. 1,139 more words

An interaction with Devika Das about the upcoming release of the revised edition of her bestseller The Mind Game: Master your emotions to achieve success

The Mind Game: Master your emotions to achieve success is a self-help book by author Devika Das. With emphasis on emotional intelligence, stress and other related mental health issues, it has been widely read and deeply loved by its audience. 595 more words


Oat the Goat

Imagined by the New Zealand Ministry of Education, Oat the Goat is a short and sweet interactive story centred around the theme of anti-bullying. Rather than enforcing opinions upon young readers however, this story allows the user to decide what Oat does and thus better understand the consequences of their actions. 426 more words


No Doubt About It

After writing about a straightforward conversation with a potential employer:

sanity & professionalism: have been looking for that for 4 years without finding it. tired of chaos & disrespect. ready-more-than-ready for peace.

Right Brain

Teaching reading to young learners

Some of the best practice in teaching reading has been developed for pupils who are learning English as a second language, or ELLs, English language learners in the US. 23 more words


Romanticism and "First" Meetings

Evening Friends,

There’s something about romanticism and meeting new people. I feel that there’s so much potential when you meet a new person. They could become your best friend or worst enemy. 103 more words


How to share your feelings 3

When you decide to share your feelings there is one important rule. Do not justify.

Explain but not justify.

Remember they are your feelings. You can give a reason of course but you don’t need a confirmation or agreement. 88 more words