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Socializing Takes a New Meaning With Social Media

The word socializing has taken a different meaning with the introduction of social media. Before social media socializing meant talking to a group of people face to face. 130 more words

Social Media

Here's a Thanksgiving treat: Device-free talk


Excerpt from this article, and wishing all of our colleagues in the US a happy Thanksgiving holiday weekend:

This week, millions of us will endure crowded airports and traffic jams just to sit down to dinner with people we probably can see every day on Facebook.

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Human Interaction Interface (HII)

What is Human Interaction Interface (HII)? It is a term that I invented to describe a potentially useful extra layer on top of MVC on the client side… It is a concept similar to that of Google’s layer for separating style from design (Material Design). 983 more words


Hola Event Passionaters!

In a recent research (which was undertaken by Julius Soliaris) regarding the future of events industry it was interesting to note that engagement is one of the main elements professionals seek to improve in their future events. 571 more words

Events Industry


felt under-appreciated, an age-old problem. hate feeling taken advantage of. all in perception, dear one. you’ve seen it happen to others who profess to not be bothered by it or even feel that’s what’s happening.

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a webpage with no words

This semester I’ve been taking a class at ACCAD with Jeremy Patterson called Interactive Arts Media.  It is essentially a web design class, but I’ve been fixated on emphasizing the “Arts” part of the class description (which is kind of how I approach all of my work). 96 more words