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I used to call you on my telephone...

Remember the days when your phone would ring, and you’d run to it with anticipation, wondering who it might be and what stories they might tell? 472 more words

Ordinary Encounters And Happenings...

Gender and Field…a complicated story!

The choice of a place like Haryana for the field work came with several apprehensions right from the beginning. Without consciously alluding to myself as a ‘woman’, I was made aware of my gender in many more ways in the 4 weeks that we were on the field than I have been in the 26 years of my life. 1,869 more words

DivRod Visitor Interactions Overview

Max created a high-level overview of what might be happening while a DivRod is used by a museum visitor.  This diagram is constructed from the point of view of the devices we will be using, which see the preference engine in terms of the steps is outputs.   40 more words


Can It Hurry?


help has always appeared in the past. comes at its own pace.

Right Brain

Ten (Sorta) Hours With Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a slow starter.

No doubt you’ve had that repeated to you over and over if you’ve dared to even glimpse at preview coverage of the game. 560 more words

Video Games

An Intuitive Controller

As our Tangible Interaction Workshop is close to the end, I’m been thinking about the idea of ‘tangible and intuitive control’. In a way I wan to create a controller which requires minimal effort to learn: as you touch it, you will know how to use it in seconds. 1,054 more words

Physical Computing

Balancing the Digital and Human Factors in Retail Banking (Part 1)

The digital transformation of retail banking is clearly apparent by now. The way consumers manage their banking accounts (e.g., deposits, savings, investments) and run their finances keeps changing by relying on digital channels and tools to perform more and more account operations.   2,281 more words