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Managing Content on Social Media

I was first introduced to the world of social media when I became a Facebook user at the age of 13. I took to it like a dog to a bone. 618 more words

The Virtue of Patience

she doesn’t trust & you’re not sure you do, either, but feel options are weighty. patience for now, dear one. see what happens.

Right Brain

A Drug for Friendless People and the Expense of Interaction (Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 227)

The pubs were open, oozing sour whiffs of beer. People were trickling by ones and twos into the picture-houses. Gordon halted outside a great garish picture-house, under the weary eye of the commissionaire, to examine the photographs. 257 more words

Reciprocity and International Cooperation

By: Gene Yang ‘19

Reciprocity, the act of responding to kind actions with other kind actions, has been known to stabilize cooperation within populations and communities. 273 more words


From Graffiti to Galleries

‘Buy some Ignorant Art’ from Basquiat by Julian Schnabel, 1996.

Your mission: Understand a film scene. (facts & message)

RECAP’ Post your reactions on beeoclock.wordpress.com! … 54 more words


New Kinect Interaction - Angel Wu - Week 02 PPJ

There has been some design changes to the mural portion of our exhibit involving the Kinect and so I have been doing some research into it. 363 more words

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