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Savannah Love

I am in awe with the lifestyle of the Lions. Tales of Glory, Victory, Graceful defeats, Family ties, Behavioral aspects, Brilliant hunting strategies, Love, Protecting their young ones, Utmost patience even when in deep hunger……. 85 more words

This one life

My wonderful and challenging counselor said this to me…live the life you were given to live.

Live: it’s a verb. It is an active and engaged state…not static…not going in circles but moving in a direction. 149 more words

Love Wins

Quiet Inspiration


don’t have to go across the world to find adventure: no swash-buckling required! stories of quiet people determined to help are always inspiring.

Right Brain

A new pair of jeans for 2017

Marketing is like your favorite pair of jeans. You find these jeans that work so well for you. They fit perfectly in all the right places. 573 more words


We'll do it live!

Within recent years, at some point you have probably had the experience of feeling your pocket vibrate, only to pull out your phone and seeing a notification stating “John Smith is live now: ‘cat got into the catnip'”. 476 more words


Information Creates Innovation

After few weeks, I have learnt about the interaction between human and information.  69 more words