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How Passive Aggression Can Be Harmful For Your Personality And Relationships

Aggression has been defined as a ‘hostile or violent behavior’ towards others and when it becomes passive, it is extremely detrimental because it does not manifest itself, it remains under the surface and the façade of goodness misleads us till the simmering emotions overflow into a big explosion. 879 more words


Handbooks and Welcoming Goods

You are looking for a job. You submitted your resume and expect to have an interview soon at that company you feel it’s the right fit for you. 637 more words


Rambling--Can Anyone Relate?

Holiday Weekends

Having just had two long weekends in a row, I’m feeling relaxed and caught up on writing. We had some time to enjoy the unexpected nice weather this weekend, yard work, walking, and driving along the lake. 263 more words

God's Purpose


Howdy! I’ve got a bit of a storytelling experiment to share with you. I’ve put together three short pieces of semi-abstract audio fiction for you to listen to. 147 more words

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How to Be Kind: Relearning an Old Lesson

You know, there’s a hard line between kindness, love, positivity, being nice, and so forth… It’s a lesson I’ve learned before, but in my life and experience therein one thing I’ve learned is that relapse is a reality. 594 more words

Everyday Life

Sucky Saturday

It’s true; I’ve forgotten how to relax.

After a few too many drinks in London Town last night (weird but enjoyable night – involved a loud random American guy who thought my name was Amy), I woke up in an empty house with no little Labrador face to be seen. 203 more words