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Been Reading - The Quick and Dirty Version

Don’t you hate it when bloggers start off by apologizing for not writing and end up writing more about that than about the real reason they finally cracked open ye olde blogging software again?  315 more words


Day #203: Pool Nation

There really is nothing like hanging out on a Friday night at the local pool hall.

Oh, you didn’t know? I’m a bit of a “shark” as they like to say. 358 more words

Video Games

McDonald’s created a build-your-own-burger website, and the internet used it to make racist burgers

In the name of user engagement, McDonald’s New Zealand had a brilliant idea: “Build your own unique burger and the sides are on us,” read the invitation on a web page encouraging customers to design a burger and then order it from a kiosk at a participating McDonald’s. 129 more words

Day #202: Pictures of a Reasonably Documented Year

This is one of those days where my brain is simultaneously fried and full of stuff, which is great for the critical consumption of interactive entertainment, let me tell you.   184 more words

Video Games

Lighting a candle of my own, while the world seems to burn around me

I’m focusing on just being really kind to other people.

… Carving out my own little space of heaven on earth, where others can be treated with dignity and respect and offered what they need most – connection with a living, breathing person who sees their worth and humanity. 264 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

Of Selfie Sticks & Stranger Danger

A couple of months ago I hopped on the train to Porto,  a mere 274 kilometres from Lisbon, Portugal, on a voice acting assignment. I had lived there with my parents from 1984 to 1986, relocating to Lisbon at the age of ten. 3,459 more words

Don't Be A Stranger


Today’s Gospel excerpt contains so much wisdom and real life: Martha and Mary are sisters, two good Jewish women, both of them close friends of Jesus.  662 more words