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Friendship Pod Is A Group Marriage

Friendship Pods are made up of about six to eight people of differing heritages and beliefs. Each pod is started by two people from different backgrounds who have already discovered friendship and connection. 717 more words

Continental Drift

You thrive on conversation
Said he to me condescendingly
I thrive on affection
I wanted to tell him imploringly

Between what was felt
And what was perceived… 11 more words


Interacting with the gig economy

A secondary school in Western Australia has banned students from using services like UberEATS. The reason for this ban presents an interesting aspect of the gig economy rarely talked about: interaction. 779 more words


Elements of Effective Sales Automation

Managers  complain about complexity and broken communication even after buying an e-mail marketing cum leads management software. Sometimes it is because the choice of the software was very unsuitable for their work environment. 330 more words



People Can’t See Your Heart When You’re Lost in Your Head

I can not notice people. I want to notice, but I’m easily distracted.

People can’t see your heart, when you’re lost in your head.

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Tips for qualifying leads and assigning market segments

Many marketers focus on gathering information about high quality leads, but do not focus deeply in segmenting them into different categories. Maybe it is quite a time consuming task to classify as each customer may have some unique characteristics and many general characteristics. 302 more words


Virtual Reality Game with Interactive Redirected Walking Algorithm

In the last two weeks, we worked on a Vitrual Reality Game with our redirected walking algorithm. The following video is an initial demonstration of the algorithm’s application in the game.  56 more words

Virtual Reality