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Guiding Lights

do your best to keep judgment & criticism at bay. kindest thing you can do for yourself & everyone else. let dignity & grace be guiding lights.

Right Brain

Day #267: Bathtime Exorcist

Monday: My roommate Jed is possessed by a demon.  I tied him up and put him in the bathtub.  Thankfully, I have this ancient tome telling me how to handle this exact situation.   180 more words

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So I Thought

blood pressure was high & nurse asked if traffic was bad. you made detours to dodge jams & were annoyed ‘mildly,’ you thought. be aware, dear one.

Right Brain

Day #266: RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

My creative juices are still flowing from yesterday’s entry, but, at the same time, I feel yet another illness creeping up on me.  If you were to tell me that someone out there has a voodoo doll of me that they’re currently abusing, I would be inclined to believe you, especially considering my dating history and long list of mortal enemies. 310 more words

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week 415 ~ when the fat lady finally does sing

when the fat lady finally does sing
will you be ready for what happens next
or lost in a maze of doubts lingering
be derailed by inattention perplexed… 76 more words


72Hrs Urban Action

For the workshops Design4DCity teamed up with 72Hrs Urban Action. This Berlin based organization defines itself as a civic design practice that involves residents, decision makers and professionals. 95 more words


Pubic Spaces Build Community

“What has fascinated us most is the behavior of ordinary people on city streets — their rituals in street encounters, for example, the regularity of chance meetings, the tendency to reciprocal gestures in street conferences, the rhythms of the three-phase goodbye.”

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