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Be kind online

We live in a digital, connected, age and more of our lives are being spent online. For a growing number of people, this is their main source of communication, information or entertainment. 484 more words

Personal Development

6.Market shelters

Markets are one of the attractive places for females to roam around, because, shopping is always in their mind. Besides,  it is always said that whenever you newly visit any place, its good to start from a market because from their get to know their culture, language, living etc. 617 more words


What does it mean "gameplay"?

Sometimes we use vague and not well defined words, such as gameplay: what is it? Is it synonymous with interactivity? Does it define the ways and the complexity of interaction? 622 more words


Autistic Bilingualism

I’m bilingual

My first language is English. It’s what my parents spoke at home, my first words and thoughts were English. I learnt Welsh when I went to Ysgol Feithryn (nursery). 752 more words


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Lovely post by a lovely person!   I can relate to this.  Enjoy!   :) <3

Yes, I Have


note today’s cue: release. always appropriate. sometimes possible. have seen amazing results when you purposefully let go.

Right Brain

Social Media Hiatus

I’m officially not on any social media platform. I’ve renounced Snapchat, Facebook and much more recently my beloved Instagram. There are friends who are bummed about this and I honestly view that as validation for taking this Social Media hiatus. 276 more words

Embracing My Life



concentrate on the friends who remain & accept their choices regarding contact & connection time. never hurts to reach out to them, dear one.

Right Brain