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How impactful is Interactive Design?

When someone mentions ‘interactive design’, what first comes to mind? Touch screens? Instructions? Animations? These are just some common aspects that people generally grasp. What they fail in realising is that our lives and daily environments are surrounded by interactive design, which by definition is a product of shaping our everyday lives through digital artefacts. 241 more words


Umbrella Etiquette - get it right

While the British climate could never be described as dry, I think that winter, in particular, obviously brings with it more rain than usual. Hairstyles get wrecked, moods dip, posh towns in the south flood, and everybody’s favourite bugaboo comes out of the woodwork; the umbrella. 457 more words


Splash Of Color

① memo 20170222 ~ Splash Of Color ~ EYE , Amsterdam


The Game is on

Gamification is this week’s theme for session 3 and we will TELL you all about it this week in class. Personally I am a big fan of games, but mostly games played with other people, such as board games. 468 more words


My First App

Ugh, if only I knew where to start. I have been wanting to do this for years and finally I have an excuse, or a topic, to write about.



I encourage you to write everyday.I really believe it keeps your mind stimulated and it also pushes you to interact more with your friends.