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My Authentic Response to Being Fired

I have been accused of being authentic. Of having integrity. I have been accused of having heart and being so very nice.

But, to me, I was just being myself. 1,103 more words

Life Lessons

Are Three Little Things a Weekly Thing?

Well, itā€™s possible that it could become that. I do it every week so why not spread the love and let you all share in my happy times? 245 more words



I’d brought a small plastic cup out of the bathroom. I put it on the kitchen counter.

My mother comes downstairs. Sees the cup.

I see her looking at it. 187 more words




This is a tradition. The preamble thing. I have not written in weeks, 3 weeks and some days, and I missed it.

There are still old topics waiting to be written, this seems to be my athem now, forgive me. 593 more words


Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

Our first science unit of the year will focus on forces and interactions. Ā Our hands-on activities revolve around Isaac Newton’s laws of motion that explain the connection between the forces acting on an object and the object’s motion because of those forces. 50 more words


"There is always a reason for everything."

Hey love! I know you are chosen too, that’s why you’re here right? I am Milyn Espejo, encourager, a Prayer Warrior and a Worshipper ā™” 219 more words

God's Plan

Feeling ā€œPart Of Itā€?

Not always. Not often at all, really. It just brings home to me the years missed.

And…Jim felt like the glue that bonded the fanbase together. 69 more words