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An important factor that should be kept in mind while choosing a digital production partner is their level of expertise and experience in digital media. They should be experts in online advertising, rich media formats and global adaptations to help the client to get the maximum mileage from the advertising campaign. 12 more words

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Why don’t you build an HTML5 banner ad for the Super Bowl?

Sure, it’s a rhetorical question. But, what would happen if you approached digital production and every single piece of advertising creative with the same fervor you would a Super Bowl ad? 108 more words

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In-stream video ads

if you violate any of the advertising best practices, it doesn’t matter how compelling your in-stream video ads are. Viewers will punish you with brand awareness. 12 more words

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Rich Media ads why should marketers care?

Rich media isn’t necessarily new (it was introduced in the 90s by Hewlett Packard), but it is making more of an impact than ever before. Today’s, it’s one of the most accepted and beneficial types of advertising. 30 more words