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Interactive Media Project 3: Interactive Art Production Update

For the update on my project, I created the crow that will follow the player around. I will pop up on a tree branch. It will either talk to the player or stare at player making you think that the crow is watching your every move. 101 more words

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Interactive Media: Interactive Art Check-in

By using Point Effector 2D on the rigid body of the character, i am able to create a faux gravity effect. however, ‘eggbase ring’ is acting as an inverse sphere collider (or rather polygon collider) to keep the player within a reasonable distance to the egg. 28 more words


Interactive Media: Interactive Art, "Walking on Eggshells" DRAFT

This interactive art piece takes inspiration from the phrase, “walking on eggshells”. the players interaction will be moving a character around a giant, planet-like egg, and as the player moves, circuit board cracks begin to fill up the egg. 116 more words

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The first week of my MA course has passed and I am excited to see the door to interesting and challenging opportunities that have opened to me though many unfamiliar art terms and lots of reading tasks are making me feel overwhelmed and nervous. 183 more words


Interactive Media Project 3: Interactive Art Concept Drawings

For this project, I need to create a interactive art that is poetic that subverts video game mediums. For my game, I wanted to create a game that revolves around death, specifically physically and mentally dead.   128 more words

Non Time-Based

Pop Up Downtown Tour

On the tour of the Pop Up Downtown exhibits I played with Eric Hill’s Downtown GO – an interactive piece that uses motion detection to control a video game depicting an adventure through downtown Regina. 10 more words

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