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Swinging at 21 Balançoires

In the midst of spring and with summer around the corner, Montreal is setting up art installations around the city. The first interactive installment is 21 Balançoires, or 21 Swings. 102 more words


First prototype digital piece - Being Present

Just shown a prototype of my digital art piece to some people who had very little background in what I was trying to achieve.

“It’s just like thoughts rushing through my head!”

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MA Fine Art

Incredible Interactive Artworks Created by Jackie Wen and Pd Chueng

The [ Blooming } Paper Art Interactive Installation utilizes paper art flowers and is created with moving parts, giving the illusion of the flower petals opening. 10 more words



In Sculpture II I had an installation piece just installed. I called it Metamorphosis because the butterflies represent us as students in college becoming adults and growing into our careers. 133 more words

Where Creativity Works

"Living" Furniture

I thought this was an interesting illustration of how to make even the most mundane movement an interactive experience. Something as simple as opening a drawer becomes a fun and transformative action. 58 more words

Inflatable Dreams

Feel like jumping into a pool without getting wet? If so, you are in for a treat! In Galeria Melissa, located in Covent Garden, you can go swimming in a pool full of plastic balls. 61 more words


XKCD: Garden

On April 5th, Randall Munroe posted his interactive April Fool’s comic that unfortunately had technical issues when originally released on the first. The comic starts with a barren landscape with a lamp. 429 more words