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This is a great site and a really clean and clever execution of a simple idea. Its something that i wish existed for a long time. 65 more words


Spotlight Vendor: Mine Control

Patrick shared this tech company he had in Arizona with us in a meeting that i thought was important to share. It inst the prettiest website (it looks like an excel sheet at times), but they have a lot of really nice interactive and ideas. 40 more words

Interactive Art

Volumique/Alternative Augmented Reality

Volumique is a company that is specializing in physical pieces that interact with ipad screens in a way that feels very similar to what we wanted to do with Clay Center and its Reclamation AR, way back when. 93 more words


Reach Out (2015)

I may give each position a name of its own, to denote the significance of the configuration. I may not. There are a lot of ways to look at this piece. 129 more words

Abstract Expressionism

Projection Map Paintings

This looks like some breakthrough in the way of projection that seems to make total sense for us to look more into. Great video too! Def one step closer to the Harry Potter painting effects in real-time! 36 more words


Shooting Thoughts

Could totally see us riffing off this! Interactive projection allows visitors to generate a constellation of stars by sending their thoughts with a mobile device.