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Detroit Demo Gives New Meaning to Obsessing the 'What If?' In Your Life

If you’re a sociopath like me, then a virtual scenario of toying with people’s emotions leaves you quite entertained.  Detroit: Become Human lets you do just that as you control a dramatic and story driven experience via dialogue options, but more importantly, you’re chosen actions all play a big part on how the game plays along.  310 more words



Release date: 25 may 2018

Genre: Interactive Drama, Sci-Fi, AI

Last effort from creators of unforgettable interactive drama  as… 444 more words


Beyond: Two Souls - It is Bad, But That's What Makes It Good

I was wrong about Beyond: Two Souls. I used to tell people that Quantic Dream’s 2013 ‘interactive drama’ was a terrible game. The truth is that I’d never actually played it – I’d only ever watched a YouTube playthrough. 2,688 more words


The Wolf Among Us

Telltale’s reputation has quickly become tarnished as its releases have become more formulaic and of lesser quality. They are no longer the fresh genre saving developers as they were in 2012 when The Walking Dead won several game of the year awards. 919 more words

Interactive Drama

Game Review: Beyond Two Souls

Tuesday, 6th February 2018

How’s it shaken bacon?

I played Beyond: Two Souls relatively recently. I know I’m particularly late to the party. Extremely late. But I wanted to share my opinions in a relatively spoiler free review. 446 more words


He'll huff, and puff, and slow your house down to 1 fps

The Wolf Among Us (Vita Version)

Tea: Assam

This is the last time I will (probably) talk about Telltale Games and the like. After only having watched Let’s Plays of these games so far, I recently played the Vita version of… 1,199 more words


Conversational News Experiences

News consumption is a passive experience—reading print or online newspapers, listening to radio shows and podcasts, watching television broadcasts. News producers create, curate, and organize  content which consumers absorb passively. 96 more words