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Telltale's Walking Dead Season 3 Coming in 2016

Depression Simulator Volume III

The next season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead will land sometime later this year.

The news comes from an interview between the developer and… 159 more words


Firewatch Review

Firewatch is, at its core, a game about damaged people. It uses this focus on such beautifully complex, but ultimately critically flawed, characters to grab hold of you and never let go until the end of its roughly 5 to 6 hour narrative. 822 more words

Campo Santo

“It All Seems So Planned Out”: Emily is Away and the Troubling Politics of Playing as a Rapist

The following essay contains a discussion of rape and sexual assault, as well as spoilers for Emily is Away and Spec Ops: The Line. 1,903 more words

Video Games

Ryan's Late Review: Heavy Rain

A Chilling Narrative-Driven Experience

Heavy Rain: A-

Heavy Rain is an interactive drama game by David Cage, head of Quantic Dreams.  Heavy Rain was met with both critical and commercial success and brought interactive dramas into mainstream popularity.   758 more words


Her Story

Date Completed: December 23, 2015

I bookmarked ‘Her Story’ in Toucharcade  when I first heard about it so I was informed immediately when it went on sale.   328 more words


Until Dawn - An honest review (spoilers)

I was really excited when I saw Until Dawn on sale on the PSN website at Christmas time. I had this 20% off coupon also that came with my brand new PS4. 963 more words

Survival Horror

What Heavy Rain Can Teach You About Bad Narrative Design

David Cage’s Heavy Rain presents itself as an “Interactive Drama”, and mostly succeeds in being just that. It tells a compelling murder mystery thriller, the choices the player makes impact the outcome of events, and the story is told through the viewpoints of well written characters with voice actors who make them come alive. 1,141 more words