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Game Music Middleware, Part 4: Elias

Welcome back to my blog series that offers tutorial resources exploring game music middleware for the game music composer. I initially planned to write two blog entries on the most popular audio middleware solutions (Wwise and FMOD), but since I started this blog series, I’ve been hearing buzz about other middleware solution and so I thought it best to expand the series to incorporate other interesting solutions to music implementation in games.   521 more words


De Motu - A journey through your blood cycle

After two years of development, I am proud to release De Motu, an interactive music app, made in cooperation with Iris Fegerl, Paul Brenner and Jan Roth. 320 more words


[Interactive Media] Drum Sampler

This post is by Sungmuk Im.


This is a “Drum Sampler”. You can make your own beat.
Everytime you press the buttons, you can see the cool interactions.

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Interactive Map of the Indie Music Universe

Was searching the net and came across this awesome infographic of indie music universe. Hitlantis.com made an interactive map that connects people to more unknown artists/music on a live map that changes as you interact with it!

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Interactive Game Music of LittleBigPlanet 3 (Concepts from my GDC Talk)

I was honored to be selected by the Game Developers Conference Advisory Board to present two talks during this year’s GDC in San Francisco earlier this month.   978 more words

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Audio, Visual, and Generative Design

Generative design – audio, visual, or animated output created by algorithms, is something I’m aiming to incorporate into my work sometime in the near future. I believe it can be utilised as a three-way process in which audio can be created by the scanning of parameters in a visual, visuals can be created by the scanning of parameters in audio, and both audio and visuals can be generated from some fairly simple algorithmic rules. 622 more words



Good day anyone who gives a shit.

Little bit of background info on myself; I grew up in Qatar, have been a professional golfer, DJ, and football coach, love languages, traveling, cooking, drinking wine, sitting in my boxers. 174 more words