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PLUS N204 Interactive Whiteboards

PLUS N204 Interactive Whiteboards comes with a lot of options to boost up the efficiency of your work. For scanning, it takes only 15 seconds and it can save the data in 3 different formats i.e. PNG, JPEG and PDF.

Interactive Whiteboard

Popular Interactive Whiteboards

When it comes to finding the perfect interactive whiteboards for your classroom, you will find many a option. Among them, you will find Smart interactive boards, Promethean whiteboards, Sharp interactive whiteboard, and Panasonic boards as the best one.

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Interactive Whiteboards For Smart Classroom Session

JTF Business Sytems brings a huge discount on wide range of Smart, Promethean, Panasonic and Sharp Interactive Whiteboards. Browse it all on its website.

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Sharp LC-70LE661U 70“ Commercial LED Smart TV

Sharp LC-70LE661U 70″ Commercial LED Smart TV are one kind of ​interactive whiteboards​ that can grab the attention of your audience and make the session more engaging. 9 more words

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Interactive Whiteboards - JTF Business Systems

Browse the online marketplace of JTF Business Systems and avail a huge discount on a wide range of Smart, Promethean, Panasonic and Sharp Interactive Whiteboards.

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CPS Services

CPS specializes in Audio Visual Design, Supply and Installation. With over 25 years’ experience in the Installation Requirements of both Small and Large Systems, we have been offering a total supply package to a broad range of commercial and corporate end users. 10 more words

Interactive Whiteboards in Classrooms

Interactive whiteboards can be seen almost in every classroom. But why do some teachers use them and others only use it as a visual aid? 229 more words