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Across Smart PJs Interactive Pajamas for Boys

Instead of choosing cute design, why not choose something that really makes a statement? You can choose statement pajamas like those with “Save the Rainforests” or “Politics suck” printed on the front of the top part. 406 more words

Advertising & Media -      Austin Chronicle, RARE Magazine                                                                                                             2006

As an account executive interactions with customers, agencies & content providers shaped my understanding of print & digital advertising; from crafting a message, analyzing demographics & psychographics, determining scope & frequency, coordinating multi channel efforts & calculating ROI. 421 more words


Billboard Internet Map Project

The objectives of this project included:

1) Develop a custom web application and functional user interface
2) Use the internet as a vehicle to disseminate spatial data and solution… 476 more words

Whispering Willows : Review

Whispering Willows is a retro inspired horror adventure which see’s you take on the role of a young girl Elena with the unique ability to send her spirit outside of her body. 520 more words


The Aesthetics of It

I have tried to make this blog fairly pretty – though I’m not sure how successful I have been (“pretty” is also subjective). I have utilised what I could from WordPress but it would also be a wondrous dream come true if I could somehow learn the ins and outs of coding in 1 day. 259 more words

POPdown and Tomfoolery: The Restaurant Experience

Dining is big now! Just eating is no longer what it’s about, the enjoyment is in the surroundings and the restaurants niche. Especially among us quarter-life crisisers , dining and cooking is now one of the most popular hobbies. 241 more words


Technology and the classroom

During my placement rounds I love using technology – most of my lessons I start them off by playing a game on the interactive screen (the game will relate to the topic that I am teaching), and the children love it (one of my students mentioned the other day that they still use some of the websites/games). 131 more words