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The Design of Work Teams

  • Groups should be the basic building block in management and organization design.
  • But groups have problems: time wasting, enforce low productivity norms, bad decisions, destructive conflict patterns, and cause stress to members.
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Handwriting with a Neural Net

Source: http://distill.pub/2016/handwriting/

I recommend the whole article because it’s interesting and clear and has some other great visualizations that attempt to elucidate why a neural network trained on handwriting samples picks certain strokes. 261 more words

Fatal traffic crashes involving speed in the United States, 2010-2015

Speed Kills, dawg.

The map is pretty self-explanitory.

Click to see it on the National Coalition for Safer Roads site

The 10 Cities with the most speed-related fatal crashes… 15 more words

Let's play a travel game

Print this Finland Bingo with you when you come to Finland in the winter time. Three markings in a row, column or diagonal make a bingo!


It's Time for a Gift Exchange!

A few weeks ago, I came across a gift exchange that my friend had posted on her Facebook page. I LOVE presents and postcards, and I especially love receiving positive surprises — so of course I joined! 122 more words


Best dataviz of 2016

I’m going to return to 2014’s approach of dividing best visualisation of data (dataviz!) from visualisation of methods (methodviz!).

In the first category, as soon as I saw… 208 more words


Lyric Flow

For many centuries, the human race has undergone many negative social changes and affiliations. People fight battles they don’t believe in, they are greedy, they degrade others, and they tend to take and take without a thought of giving. 530 more words

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