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A Hands-On, Fun-Filled Adventure in Learning

On this past cool, overcast Saturday, I took Zoe, a girl I was babysitting for the weekend, on a couple of “adventures.” We first drove to a Florida history museum that had good reviews, and from the moment we walked in, I felt welcome. 618 more words

Learning Is Alive At X5


GoLabz project is an international platform for online science labs. It aims at promoting and encouraging inquiry learning and experimenting in science education. The large database with resources can be searched on subject area, age group, science topic etc. 70 more words


Unto the breach, my friends

   I am a writer. Words are my thing. When the world is kind to you, you can make words pay your bills. When it’s not so kind…you turn to your other skills. 591 more words


Push My Buttons

How much advertising are we exposed to each day? The general consensus says we are bombarded with around 3000 pieces of advertising material every 24 hours. 616 more words

1,003 Posts

A couple of days ago I received a notification from the good folks at WordPress informing me that I’d reached the important 1,000 post milestone. Considering that I’ve been blogging for 506 days, that’s not too bad. 114 more words

Google Translate: La Bamba

Date: August 2015
Country: United States of America

A brilliant idea to promote Google’s “La Bamba” app which allows you to translate 27 different languages.