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Cinematography and Exploration in The Witness

Imagine being alone on an island where youʼre left to your own devices. All you have to rely on are your observations based on the subtle clues that little piece of land had to offer. 3,475 more words

Game Analysis

The Moon and Farmer McPhee - Margaret Mahy/David Elliot

Christopher’s Choice: Each week, C gets four or five books out of the library, and picks one as his favourite, and I review it. This is this week’s choice. 328 more words

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Beautiful Data

“There is a lot of information, very little amount of meaning. I see that as an opportunity.” – David McCandless

The Information is Beautiful site is more than just a collection of glorified info-graphics.

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Reader Interaction: Prompts

Here’s an opportunity to have a say in what’s posted on the blog!

All you have to do is give me a prompt:

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【マインクラフト】赤石先生&もえのプレイ動画シリーズ『ハカセカイ』シーズン2 #15 夏の思い出づくり... ✔

【マインクラフト】赤石先生&もえのプレイ動画シリーズ『ハカセカイ』シーズン2 #15 夏の思い出づくり…

【マインクラフト】赤石先生&もえのプレイ動画シリーズ『ハカセカイ …