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Taking a Look at the MiraiClock3 App


“Never feel ronery again — Mirai Suenaga will keep you company forever,” the byline for MiraiClock3 reads on Google Play. I have to admit, I enjoyed this byline to the point of chuckling the moment I read it. 579 more words


New Exclusive Story on Patreon!

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been a while, but I’ve been home on break and that always keeps me occupied. Besides this however, I’ve also been hard at work working on a new story, but unlike my others thus far, this will be an exclusive story on my brand new Patreon! 1,122 more words


A few excerpts from my attempt at Fanfiction

I am a person who likes to think they have some basic form of dignity, but who am I kidding, right? And making the comic with the John and Sherlock joke… 571 more words


How the New York Times simplified complex delegate math with interactive data

Perhaps more than any other, this year’s U.S. presidential primary race has made a few heads spin. Phrases such as “contested convention” and “delegate math” – previously found in the vocabulary of journalists and political junkies – have entered the mainstream circuit. 425 more words

Digital Storytelling

Interactive Media Management: The Program

Interactive media is about creating various and innovative ways of interacting with consumers by utilizing rich media content to create projects. The one–year Ontario College Graduate Certificate Interactive Media Management program at Algonquin College is industry–driven and designed to help you build the skill set required to work in the dynamic field of interactive media. 264 more words