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Total Battle: Warhammer Gets An Interactive Trailer Ahead Of Tomorrow's Release

Do you discover the normal deluge of computer game launch trailers to be a little, well, boring and uninteresting? How around an interactive one that allows you choose what to take a look at? 19 more words


Here Hare Here

The Chiseler has been dormant for some time due to, it seems, cyber-terrorism! But it’s back now, and I have a short piece about Kit Williams’ puzzle-book, Masquerade. 81 more words


Whiskas | Catstacam

Whiskas found a creative way to assert their role as an expert on cats. By using simple cat-collar cameras that linked to personal social media accounts, pet owners were able to follow their cat’s behaviors and turn to Whiskas in real-time as the intermediary to better understanding their pet.

I only hear what I want to hear

Don’t get me wrong

I love it when you engage me intelligently

It’s rare to find those who are able to hold me down in such lines of conversation… 50 more words

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The Beginner's Guide Review

The Beginner’s Guide Review

Initial NA Release Date: October 1, 2015
Reviewed on: May 22, 2016
Reviewed on: PC
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

A game about deducing and finding a deeper meaning in other games, as well as getting to know the character and personality of the developer of these games through his unfinished work. 870 more words

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2.6 Trillion Sperm

I don’t usually blow my own trumpet but – well if you can’t believe the BBC, who can you believe – and that’s the number of sperm they reckon i’m on track to produce before I pop my clogs… 44 more words