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Interactive Design-Assignment 1

For this assignment we were assigned to create an image gallery that can contain atlas 12 images. This is a link to my work: http://lollipop.co.nf/seapage.htm


Research : Shadowing


Winner of Watershed’s 2014 Playable City Award, ‘Shadowing’ created by Jonathan Chomko and Matthew Rosier, gave memory to street lights across Bristol echoing the movements of people who travelled under it’s light. 114 more words

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Research : Marshmallow Lazer Fest

Marshmallow Lazer Fest

Multi-disiplinary design studio based in London uses interactive technology and to create breath taking experiences. ‘In the eyes of the animals’ is a 360º film that gives a beautiful unique insight at England’s forests exploring the treetops and undergrowth as a dragonfly, frog, or an owl. 153 more words

Artists And Practitioners

How Valuable Is Your Primary Vote?

It’s a quadrennial complaint across 48 states: Why do Iowa and New Hampshire seem to play such an oversized role in picking the next president? The process for selecting presidential nominees is not remotely democratic. 305 more words