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Draw your own path

This is an interactive story in which, fate is decided by your choices.


Interactive Design: Responsive Design Concept

My website will involve an interactive story, that gives the user a fake history of the world and utilizes the users IP address as well as other information to make it unique for them. 15 more words


Responsive Design

My plan for this final is to create a site where you can pick your character, your dinosaur and an environment and color it on the computer and print it out.


Artist Block Website Design Draft

My website will be a sort of resource for people with artist block, with several random generators to give them ideas. For my design, I decided to go with a theme based on a pun on block; in artist’s block, block means to impede, but block can also be a noun referring to a part of a city. 63 more words

Interactive Design

Universal Studios Park Map

Whilst learning to use Adobe Flash, an interactive theme park map was created, based on the Universal Studios FloridaTM park. The map was designed for the use on desktop or mobile, allowing the user to view the park prior and during visits. 98 more words