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La Théorie du Y: Bisexuality, Theater, Kinsey and Web. The Interview with the Authors

La Théorie du Y tells the story of Anna, a young woman of 24 years old, struggles with her first job and that is engaged with Matteo. 938 more words


Illuminated Name Final


Going into the elements behind my piece, I decided to incorporate lots of line work in order to show the different pressures of line you can clearly see in the many symbols that are presented in the background of the swords. 94 more words


Every Year Japanese Art Students Get Together and Make Giant Animals Out of Straw

Since 2008, students from the Musashino Art University in Tokyo have travelled to Niigata City, Japan to create huge sculptures made from straw (featured previously… 180 more words


AR Facts

AR Dinosaurs

– Researchers at MIT’s Media Lab have developed an AR device they call EyeRing. It’s a small camera you carry on your finger and when you take a picture of an object, it transmits it to a smartphone that gives you news about what you’ve photographed. 151 more words


Rohingya crisis explained in maps


Rohingya crisis explained in maps

A visual explainer of the unrest in Myanmar that has forced around one million Rohingya to flee their homes. 514 more words

Teaching Tools for Geography

This page on Edutopia provides teachers with five different tools that they could use to make teaching geography more exciting and fun to teach. This will also help the students to be more interested in the lesson and be more engaged. 94 more words

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