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The greatest

On your way to Nashville from Ottawa, you pass through Kentucky. Pretty much inevitable. And unless you’re going to go mine coal or race a horse, you could almost be forgiven for only stopping for gas. 1,054 more words

The injuries most likely to land you in an emergency room in America

The emergency room visits recorded in the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System dataset include brief descriptions of the incidents that brought patients to the hospital. We’ve set up a… 188 more words

Here's the list of everyone attending Davos

The World Economic Forum’s big annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, begins on Jan. 20. Back in 2013, when Quartz first published the names of all Davos attendees, it was still considered confidential. 122 more words

Watch the quick retreat of East African pirates in this animated map

Not so long ago, hijackings by Somali pirates were a daily part of the headlines. But this year no attacks were reported in east African waters, according to data from the United Nation’s International Maritime Organization. 131 more words