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QUIZ: What U.S. President are you?

Do you have a very strong personality or the ability to dominate a room with your presence?

See what U.S. President you identify with »

INTERACTIVES: Election History, Spending, Fundraising

★★★ How States Vote for President Since 1968 ➤

Data visualization illustrates the electoral history of states and different demographic groups, including an analysis of the influence on the 2016 election: … 107 more words

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INTERACTIVE: Election Buzz on Candidates & Key Issues

The interactive dashboard draws on Google’s search metrics and Twitter’s conversation data to gauge interest and engagement along every campaign stop, debate, primary and caucus in the path to the White House. 11 more words

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INTERACTIVE: Electoral College, Road to 270

Interactive map analysis showing the latest AP election forecast, past election results and lets you draw your own map result predictions in the 2016 candidate race for the White House. 7 more words

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Fire Fire, Museum of London

It’s 350 years since London was struck by an infamous disaster. A not so ‘great’ fire, burning over 4 days before being tamed, destroying a huge swathe of London in its wake. 648 more words


POLLS: What is your vote in these poll questions?

Election Day, November 8, 2016, is coming up quickly. KRQE News 13 wants to know where you stand on certain issues and who you are voting for. 311 more words


QUIZ: U.S. Presidential Election Trivia

Do you know how many electoral votes does a candidate need to win the election or how old someone has to be to run for president? 51 more words