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How brand-new words are spreading across America

Words spread like weeds—seemingly at random but actually governed by invisible forces. Look away for too long, and suddenly new ones are emerging from who knows where. 827 more words

How to time your flights to get the cheapest fare from the US

Good luck finding cheap airfare from the United States in the summer, but there are still a few deals to be had if you know where to look. 294 more words

Quiz: Sharknado Plot Point or Real-Life Shark Encounter?

As Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No brings the ultimate weather-predator mashup back to Syfy Wednesday night—this time with more David Hasselhoff—thousands of would-be viewers ask themselves, “Is this the most ridiculous thing ever transmitted across a television screen?” The answer to that question is subjective (let’s not forget some other… 90 more words

Pop Quiz: This week in review

Which country did the US strike a nuclear deal with this week? What is the name of the mission that went to Pluto? What is the nickname of the drug lord who escaped from a Mexican Prison? 28 more words


Pop Quiz: This week in review

How well do you know what happened in the news this past week? Our guess for this week’s average success rating is seven out of 10. 9 more words


This is when your time zone gets an extra second

The next 24-hour period will be one of the longest of your life—literally.

This is because at 23:59:59 UTC on June 30, there will be a leap second. 225 more words