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Musings to the Max: Bring on the Interactivity!

Yesterday, I purchased Max 7. I’m pretty excited to have finally been able to get my hands on the program! While an undergraduate, I had the good fortune to have the opportunity to take a year-long course in electronic music. 466 more words

Sound Design

01 Why Octavia Rising?

Octavia Rising

These writings are tidbits and random thoughts from what I’ve seen, heard, learned and continue to learn at the intersection of storytelling, emerging technology, media and entertainment. 353 more words

The art and science of electricity

This week for a client proposal I’ve been pulling together all the electricity exhibitions, exhibits and activities that I’ve worked on over the years.

There have certainly been a few! 733 more words


Interactivity Project, Response from N.B. Aldrich

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12.17.16 Interactivity Project, Response from N.B. Aldrich

Blue – My responses.

Purple – Research

I spent 45 minutes or so with your project yesterday. 1,916 more words


Physical Processing: Basic Arduino

Some basic arduino stuff I’ve done. Next, I will do something more complex.

Maybe christmas related…

This is pretty cool isn’t it? I really like messing with LEDS. 28 more words


Interactivity Project, Instructions

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Experiencing an Alien Virtual Environment: Project Instructions

          The iPads are labeled with the character names. The password is “1 2 3 4.” Please open the iPads and explore the applications. 31 more words


Interactivity Project, Presentation Paper

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Interactivity Project: Experiencing an Alien Virtual Environment

                How do we experience an alien virtual environment? A virtual environment is simulated reality. A form of virtual environment is constructed through human interaction with computers and the internet. 2,737 more words