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How important is interaction in visualisations? (aka Where's Big Sam?)

Last week, I saw this visualisation tweeted by Gregor Aisch of a visualisation he produced for the New York Times.

I really like the look of this – striking, simple but quite unique-looking. 1,110 more words

Using Interactivity Well

Since the internet has become a daily usage, web developers have to do more to make their site stand out. One way of doing this is by making the website interactive and almost like a game. 277 more words


Research and Inspiration – Faye Teng – Week 02 PPJ

After our team met with Bruce Pollock, who has given us a lot of useful advice, the design team decided that this week the main task is to do research and find design inspirations from existing interactive exhibitions and sketch possible room display and interactions. 499 more words

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Drag and Drop with jQuery UI - Angel Wu - Week 02 PPJ

For this week, the development team started prototyping the technologies that we found which could potentially be useful for our project. Last week I researched things that could be used to build draggable and droppable user interfaces. 252 more words

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Hammering Down the Ground Work - Jackelyn Hayduk - Week 02 PPJ

The most exciting thins about Senior Project is the chance to do something you have never done before. For me this week, I got to meddle with… 283 more words

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Research and Inspiration - Arielle Mohr - Week 02 PPJ

This week there was a group meeting to discuss changes to our exhibit. A few of our group members met with Bruce Pollock who is a faculty member in the fine arts department. 519 more words

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New Code Club Starts

I am collaborating with the children’s librarian in my city to run a monthly code club for kids 8-12.  Our first meeting was last Monday.  We had six kids show up.  379 more words