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Data integration

We are currently working on support for integrating various data sources into Weld. Examples of data sources could be Google Product Feed, spreadsheets, databases, REST APIs.


Mapping out an Interactive

After the interactive has been story boarded, the next step is to create a sitemap for the entirety of the website.

The website for my interactive is planned to initially present the user with the ‘history of toast’ before offering them the option to begin the interactive. 88 more words


Designing an Interactive

The journey of designing a toast based interactive has begun!

In order to design an effective and informative interactive, it is best to begin by creating a storyboard of the interactive process, in this case making toast. 155 more words


Week 3: Design Patterns and Trends

This week’s pod focused on the importance of recognising and utilising design patterns.

The way that users consume web content is changing with the prominent device moving to mobile as opposed to desktop computers. 466 more words


Lecture Reflection Week 4 - Instructional Design

Week 4’s lecture pod teaches us that instructional design is something that teaches a user how to do something or how something works.

Our daily lives consist of different interactions with instructions on all different types of levels. 301 more words

Interactive Design

Lecture Pod 2 Notes

Process and Context

Context for use/Contexts of use

Part 1: Design Process Overview

  • Verplank distinguishes 8 phases of the design process
  • As interactive designers we have access to many tools and skills that help us come up with solutions  based on the problems that need to be solved…
  • 298 more words

How to make toast - Storyboard

This is the next step for my ‘How to make toast’ interactive design project! And yes, I know, I’m not the best at drawing…