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C0230 Assessment 1

The Boat’, based on the short story, ‘The Boat’, by Nam Le, is an important multimedia narrative about the Vietnamese diaspora following the Vietnam War. 320 more words

Asylum Seekers

Media Interactivity

Audience participation can be tricky thing. I spoke about it a little in my previous post ‘The U-Turn’. It was because of the lack of audience participation in my original plan that I changed the idea of what I was planning to do. 234 more words


The Hybridisation of Linear and Non-Linear Interactivity in Open-World Video Games

Interactivity is a crucial element of video game narratives. In certain genres of video games, like action Roleplaying Games (RPGs), player agency is satisfied primarily with the use of ‘open-world’ design. 505 more words

Digital Literacy

Blog Exercises: I Don't Have Any Comments

I hear this complaint frequently from new and long time bloggers.

“I don’t have any comments. How can I get more comments?”

First of all, let me explain something. 180 more words


Challenges of creating interactive content

Interactive content is considered the holy grail of content marketing these days. Every other metric is bases on engagement, and it’s not uncommon to hear CMOs demanding ‘Kickass interactivity’ in their website. 160 more words


Ragnarock museum: a timely and liberating step towards delivering innovative views about popular music

Of all of the museums of popular music that I have ever visited, Ragnarock, the museum for pop, rock and youth culture in Roskilde, Denmark, is for sure the one I have enjoyed the most so far, not just from the aesthetical point of view but also because it is the one whose narrative best conveys contemporary knowledge about popular music, knowledge gained from both popular music studies and ethnomusicology. 998 more words


Das Kunstwerk Lebt! #4

In der letzten Woche hat sich wieder viel an unserem Activity Board getan:

Was macht es, wenn niemand da ist?

wisper in ear 42
blödsinn muss traurig werden!

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Audience Development