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On Interactivity and its Power

This text was originally written for the Interactive Media Business course.

Born in 1988, in a rural village located on the countryside of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, running down the farms and hills, I clearly remember landline telephony being such big news. 1,228 more words

Student Work

The role of an Interactive Designer

When someone mentions ‘interactive design’, what first comes to mind? Touch screens? Instructions? Animations? These are just some common aspects that people generally grasp. What they fail in realising is that our lives and daily environments are surrounded by interactive design, which by definition is a product of shaping our everyday lives through digital artefacts. 322 more words

Interactive Design

Exploring Interactivity and Simulation

It is really exciting and a bit mind-blowing to think just how interactive media has become. After exploring the concepts of interactivity and simulation, I am amazed at how various levels of communication and participation happen in an instant when we use technology. 779 more words

New Media



1. Customer Service Site

     Hilton; Hotels and Resorts

          My Reservations


          Meetings & Events


          About Hilton



          Sign In

          Where do you want to go? 806 more words


Interactivity Activity

Kristen Yanez, Candace Martino, Chris Grisby, Rich Taddonio

  1. Costumer Service Site: Southwest Airlines
    1. Search/advanced search
    2. Learn more
    3. Get it today
    4. Book Now
    5. Log in
    6. Espanol…
  2. 436 more words

Sam Sara Bryan Kim Victoria

  1. Do the user’s choices make sense, and if so, how/why? Are they apparent, logical, etc.,?

Microsoft: Shop now, Get office 365, Learn more, Download

Yes they make sense because they follow the function of the company’s purpose. 454 more words


Interactivity Class-Assignment

Jeanine, Lex, AJ, JC, Tyler

Interactivity In-Class Exercise

Break into groups of four and examine together three types of web-based interactive environment:

  1. Southwest: book now, search, check in, change flight, check status, click and save, connect with us, upgrade now, and view all.
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