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Free Online Earthquake Teaching Resource

Natural Disasters: Earthquakes

The British Red Cross, supported by the Geographical Association, has launched a new, free educational resource for geography teachers. Natural disasters: earthquakes… 237 more words

Week 3 - Interactivity (The Best Job In The World)

It all started out with an idea by Tourism Queensland that braved a new marketing approach that would soon see international attention. The job was titled: “the best job in the world” and aimed at promoting 600 neglected island paradises around the Whitsunday region. 557 more words


All writers are cyborgs and you can't change my mind.

Beep boop hello, this title has nothing to do with what I talk about.

After reading “Recovering Delivery” by James E. Porter I had a lot of thoughts. 669 more words

Interactive Stories: Behind the Scenes

Digital delivery has largely taken over our scope of news since our “goodbyes” to printed journalism. No longer are we accustomed to turning the pages. Instead, we take our hands to touch-screen compatibility. 433 more words


Interactivity Essay 2: External Memory as Beyond-Body Experience

Essay 2, Draft 1

Response to: The Extended Mind by David Chalmers

External Memory as Beyond-Body Experience

Memory is not confined by the physical limits of brain matter. 899 more words


How to: create maps with filters from Google spreadsheets in 6 steps

I just discovered Mapping Sheets, an add-on to your Google Spreadsheets to plot your data into a map with filters and columns without coding skills. 125 more words

Data Journalism

Interactivity Reader, Part 2: Sections 3 & 4

The Interactivity Reader, Notes

09.14.16 Interactivity as Cultural Perception, Part 2: Sections 3 & 4

How is interactivity structured in a networked system?

“The End of Books” by Robert Coover… 1,057 more words

Book Study