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Video Games: Part 1

Since the beginning of the 21st century, video games have become a staple in youth culture. Games have evolved by leaps and bounds since its early years on primitive CRTs, and has since developed into a culture that involves hundreds of millions of people. 1,845 more words

Big Time Philosophy

What I learned at Jan Willem Tulp's workshop at the NODA16

Lacking data visualisation design skills can lead to distorted data and prioritising aesthetics before information. For this reason, Jan Willem Tulp organised a data visualisation design workshop… 704 more words

Data Journalism

PowerPoint Presentations Suck and Here's Why.

Think about the last time you were sitting in on a PowerPoint presentation.

Keep thinking about it while you answer the following questions.

What was the goal of the presentation? 441 more words


Design Project

For the design project I got the basics all ready for todays class. However for the final project I still have a variety of decisions to make. 117 more words


Ethics - Interactivity

As one of the more interesting topics that appeared during our planning, the idea of making our poster have interactive features has been something that we have been trying to decide. 77 more words

Interactivity in books

For my current project I’ve been looking into interactivity and books is an area of this that really caught my attention when I did some research. 258 more words

FourFourTwo: Digital Magazine analysis

Journalists are forever trying to find new ways to entice their target audience into buying and reading their work, as a result digital magazines have come of age. 354 more words