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Interactive Design Idea

There are many problems faced on trains… and one of the main problems I believe is the lack of knowledge and understanding of where you are going. 208 more words

Interactive Design

What are Interactive Environments?

Interactive environments are environments that have been built to be interactive, such as museums, restaurants, etc. As time goes by, more and more interactive environments are being introduced into the world. 198 more words

Platforms And The User Experience

The Persuasive Potential of Interactivity

3 AM. Sucked in again playing with the internet. Why are we so drawn into this medium? Some say the interactive nature of web sites makes us stay engaged, even mimicking one-on-one human interaction in some cases. 388 more words

Interactivity: Lecture on flow and meaningful design

The research I had done on flow put me ahead of the game but this wasn’t all our lecture was on. I was introduced to a new youtube channel called Extra Credit and will be utilising their videos throughout this project to teach me more about games design. 314 more words

BA2: A

Cup of Joe on the go!

It’s Monday morning and you are running late for work. We all know how horrible Monday mornings are so it is crucial that you get your caffeine fix. 408 more words


Unreal Engine 4: Getting to know you

As the title states I am going through the UE4 documentation in order to get to know the software I’m dealing with. Today I went through a quick start guide on level design. 18 more words

BA2: A

Scrollable Screens and Interactivity

The newest website design trend is opting for scrolling screens to display most of the information while minimizing clickable features such as buttons and hyperlinks. This is a direct result of an increased use of mobile devices where scrolling is the easiest way to layout most mobile sites but is it truly the best course of action? 271 more words