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Interactive videos are great tools in teaching because they enhance learner engagement and increase video completion rates. Whether you teach online or in the classroom experimenting with blended learning you should definitely give interactive videos a try. 30 more words

Online Learning

Group meetings for Albion Street.

Every Tuesday morning the group would get together to let the other people in the group know what they have done and what they are going to get done for the next group meeting. 454 more words

Week 3 - Design Patterns

Firstly, by designing screens for a mobile device a designer can effectively create a design that can be used for both small and big screens. Logically, it would be more complex to design from big screens to small because we are used to using larger screens. 781 more words


3 good narrative visualisations around human stories

Data visualisations are increasingly using narratives to convey complex information, as Edward Segel and Jeffrey Heer discuss on Narrative Visualization: Telling Stories with Data. 447 more words

Data Journalism

The World of Virtual Reality Milestone

Look outside your window and tell me what you see? My eyes can only see so far. Despite being long sighted I’m limited to the end of my eye-sight. 305 more words

Week 7: User Interface Visual Design Patterns

Many assume User interface (UI) refers to how a website looks but it is much more than that, it is also about presenting the user with the right tools to achieve their goals. 647 more words


Week 6: Scenarios

User scenarios are the stories your personas act out in conjunction with your design or project. They are thoughts or exercises where you predict how a certain user persona will interact with your website in a situation in order to achieve there goal or task. 190 more words