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Developing Universal/Cross-Platform Apps with MVVM - IV

In this series I will try to demonstrate the MVVM pattern and how it can be applied to cross platform applications using Windows Runtime and Xamarin for android. 1,346 more words


Links Between Prose Literature and Gaming

Video games share obvious resemblances with a peculiar subgenre of literature, the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book. These books are separated from traditional novels because they offer their consumer some degree of choice over their narrative, just as games almost universally possess some amount of choice: 208 more words

Light and Tunnel Installations

The list below shows a number of tunnel installations that use light creatively to transform the space.

The Mood Wall

The Mood Wall by Urban Alliance is an interactive installation in Amsterdam that works with light in tunnel space. 256 more words


Artist Inspiration

The space and light are integral components of my project. The installation will certainly be aesthetically pleasing however; I feel that working entirely on a visual level will not be effective enough to attract and engage audiences for long periods of time. 194 more words


Wordwall - create interactive activities for the classroom

Wordwall makes interactive activities and I like the look of this new tool for creating engaging content for the IWB. I particularly like the idea of the simplicity with which it seems resources can be created which would appeal to a wider number of staff who are sometimes put off by having to learn difficult new software. 82 more words


Telltale Games: The Walking Dead

When asked about games that change depending on the users decisions, this is the first one that comes to mind for me and maybe many others. 260 more words

4. Audiance Participation

New Review Game - Connect Fours

The brilliant Russell Tarr from Classtools.net has created a great new review game called Connect Fours. As with all the fantastic tools on the classtools.net website, they are free and can be hosted on blogs, websites etc. 125 more words