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How the Hebrews placed Leap Years

When seven overlapping weeks of years, as described, are spread over one Jubilee, a pattern of eighteen intercalary months appears that can be repeated indefinitely in each subsequent Jubilee cycle. 509 more words

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How To Multiply By 365 In Your Head

Kevin Fagin’s Drabble from Sunday poses a nice bit of recreational mathematics, the sort of thing one might do for amusement: Ralph Drabble tries to figure how long he’s spent waiting at one traffic light. 925 more words


Happy Leap Year Day!

So, I’ve saved my post this month for the 29th of February for the sheer novelty of posting on a leap year day! It’s going to be short and sweet, but here are few fun facts and folklore about leap years (also known as an intercalary or bissextile years) to keep you amused during your lunch break! 166 more words


Jen: Ladies, gather your (red) petticoats and get ready to Leap!

In case you hadn’t noticed, 2012 is a leap year or, to be fancy about it, an intercalary or bissextile year. And gentlemen, you know what that means, don’t you? 508 more words