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Are you being poisoned by your great grandfather?

Since I am more interested in rivers than history, I have yet to establish whether the original farms “Manor Farm” and “Brigadoon” actually share a common boundary or not. 927 more words


Divine Stalker

Everywhere I turn, you are there. I am not complaining, but I do wonder if you ever get bored of following yourself around.

I sure hope not. 9 more words


And when we dive deep into the centre of all manifestation we discover ONENESS

Stillness – an interconnectedness that frees us and then we see how expansive we really are and the infinite boundless space to travel, explore and be who we truly are ………. Blessings

Just Shizzle

The value of reaching out to others

Working for yourself, by yourself is a lonely business. Ask anyone who works from their home. Sure it has its perks – there is no traffic and I am wearing my bedroom slippers as I write this blog post – but there is such great value in connecting with other like-minded people. 418 more words

The Influence of Context On Character

“What is emerging is a new idea: that qualities like grit and resilience are not formed through the traditional mechanics of “teaching”; instead, a growing number of researchers now believe, they are shaped by several specific environmental forces, both in the classroom and in the home, sometimes in subtle and intricate ways.” 9 more words


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pals and visitors

Hallelujah Truth and her pals were just here visiting. The last time we met was in 2012, in London.

Hal has recently added “ 250 more words