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ID Please!

It took me many years to fully appreciate my individual quirks and to realize it is through our diversity that we offer a uniqueness in service to the world(s) we live in; each soulful, authentic person being a piece of the jigsaw puzzle of human interconnectedness. 344 more words

Self Awareness

Changing Times

The magnificence of life

Overshadowed by the chaos

Differences spiraling out of control

Are you in control anymore?

Your life, scripted by another

Contradicting your values… 95 more words


What if...

What if we opened all our borders

What if we said “Welcome Home Everyone”

What if we chose to see each person for what they bring to our communities in the form of gifts, talents and skills rather than what they would take from us… 579 more words

A Tantalization of String

The string had many ends
protruding wantonly
from its various epicenters
of line, curve and catastrophe,
each one of them meriting
careful study and consideration, 466 more words


* Inspiration - hug someone close

Hug someone close today

Hold them sweetly in your arms

Live this moment deep in your heart

Let it settle into your bones

Feel the flow of love… 7 more words

Middle Ground

The contented teacup: Dakota children understand...

Following on from yesterday’s post…interconnectedness.

Scream it from the roof tops.

This post comes about as I assess the state of our world. And I find it wanting. 90 more words

The Contented Tea Cup

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success - Law #2, The Law of Giving

Continuing on with my reading of Deepak Chopra’s, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Law 2 is the Law of Giving.

Being a part of the universe, entails both giving and receiving to remain “in the flow”. 444 more words