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Cosmic washing lines

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the night sky recently, watching the Perseid meteors, the beautiful full moon, and admiring the Milky Way whilst on a camping trip and on long walks home after dark from various adventures. 221 more words


The interplay between mind and body is far from simple;
the human set-up has many layers
that work together to produce
even our most basic and mundane experiences.

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we climb and slide;
writhing in tangles
of interconnected spirals;
well planned design
grates and grinds
against haphazard accident and
uninspired idea,
as we get crushed, freed, 33 more words


In the Company of Others

Hola Everybody,
As I mentioned yesterday, my friend, Soffiyah Elijah will launching her new initiative, the Alliance of Families for Justice, at an event at the Black National Theater in Harlem (6:00 PM). 1,533 more words

Hofbräu and Munich

Germany’s lager beer is famed the world over.  Saxony has their Köstritzer and Raderger, Bremen has Beck’s, Cologne has its Kölsch beers, but it’s arguably Bavaria, more specifically the city of Munich, that’s the centre of German beer brewing.   415 more words

Shazan Qureshi

soul call

May the forms of your belonging in love, creativity, friendship, be equal to the grandeur and the call of your soul. ~John O’Donohue


Ram Dass.

Once you have acquired even the slightest taste of interconnectedness, your world will change forever.

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