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Bleeding Hearts' Sunrise

It’s always an interesting process how creativity unfolds. I’m still learning something new everyday about myself and the world around me. How images can lead to words and words back to images.   241 more words


The Hand Inside You

This way is not what you think.

It makes some want to grab it
and others hide in caves

Where are those who dare it? 115 more words


Article: When Whales And Humans Talk

Harry Brower Sr. was lying in a hospital bed in Anchorage, Alaska, close to death, when he was visited by a baby whale.

Although Brower’s body remained in Anchorage, the young bowhead took him more than 1,000 kilometers north to Barrow (now Utqiaġvik), where Brower’s family lived. 333 more words

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It can spread.

It can blight.

It can seek a new host

To infect

With malaise.

But the ill

Need not creep

Onto me

Onto thy. 25 more words

Anecdotes Of Life

It Takes a Village of Mothers to Raise a Mother

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and I spent much of the day reflecting on how I came to be the mother that I am. As a mom of three sons, I frequently make some huge parenting mistakes, but I know I also get it right alot of the time, too.  1,035 more words

Life Matters

All My Ideas are Derived, Dependent Upon My Ability to Become Like the Chameleon.

 All Creation is Dependently Derived

          I guess one might say that I have a moreso fickle aspect to my being. I am always growing, changing the way in which I perceive reality. 498 more words

Forest for Trees

Tree by tree

It becomes.





Branch by branch

Green and dun.



Holders on.

A woodland

Is more than its… 12 more words

Anecdotes Of Life