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PANIC! Attacks

The recollection of such a horrid time in my life, when at the mercy of another.  The time was years ago and I don’t want to forget it, because to forget would leave that part open.  128 more words


Listen to...

The little birds chirping in your garden,
The whistling winds rush past the trees…

The orchestra of music in droplets of rain,
The crushing of leaves beneath your feet… 77 more words


Magkaugnay | Opinion

Magkaugnay is a Filipino term more or less meaning interconnected. This feels like it is the best word I can relate geology to, at least as of the moment. 833 more words


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Krystel was kind enough to reblog my poem Once upon a dream, so I asked her for a post that she was proud of that I could reblog in return. This is what she chose:

How Do the Brain and Body Keep Things in Balance?

All Living things try to maintain a balance, or a state where all their needs are met, both within the organism, and in relation to the environment around them. 289 more words

Related, connected, loved

While reading a certain article on Brain Pickings the other night, I was inspired to write the following about interconnectedness:

Everything and everyone is connected… 1,088 more words


The Flowing

If there is nothing between any two given bodies in space,
then what is it that holds the two bodies apart?

If there is nothing to separate me from you, 140 more words

Creative Writing

The Holographic Universe of Music

It is important to understand about the wisdom and knowledge of our earliest ancestors to avoid falling foul of all sorts of misunderstandings about space aliens building the Pyramids and such like. 2,201 more words