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Awareness Effect

TLS 365 Experience # 22
March 22, 2017

Since stepping over the threshold nearly twenty years ago and entering the liminal space of the labyrinth, my awareness of interconnectedness in life as a vast warp and weft of vibrational energy, has grown and deepened. 147 more words

The Daily Experience

Irritation Alert!

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A certain philosophical position is being developed in these blog postings, and it is likely to be irritating to almost everybody. 452 more words



Conquer worry, vanquish panic

Climb peaks of improbability

And do not let what is or isn’t feasible

Take the best of what

Is possible.

Master hope… 47 more words

Anecdotes Of Life

The world is not atomized

Several years ago, I briefly joined a Facebook group for administrators of inspirational pages. I was deeply discomfited by the group, members of which spent much more time talking about how to get more page and post likes than how to inspire people. 1,443 more words


the gospel of attention

Curiosity about the origin of the word ‘attention’ led to this image. Of all that swirls, once in a while there is connection.


we look different down here

five years in comparison to a lifetime is almost nothing

but if we’re looking at lifetimes, how do we frame the last forty

can we say that i loved as much and as well as anyone, and what does that mean, considering the way so many of us love… 216 more words

Short Fiction


12+ years ago, I fractured the 4th metatarsal of my right foot. At the ER (thankfully I was with a friend at the time it happened and got a ride to the ER), the doc put a brace around my foot and handed me a pair of crutches. 444 more words

It Happened