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Destiny - a thought experiment

In order to set up this thought experiment I need to set up a context for it. Imagine if you will that all of our actions, reactions, thoughts, behaviours and causal outcomes are thoroughly interrelated and interdependent. 782 more words


Many Friends


You’re full of surprises!

I never thought I would have

so many friends in one place.


TSM94 : I am a Serial Killer and So Are You

I’m a sucker for dramatic titles. You’ll have to listen to this to find out if I am a serial killer !

In today’s monologue I explore our interconnectedness and the impact that our diets and lifestyles have on other living things. 63 more words


Minimalism, East Asian philosophy (Buddhism), and how they are not that different from one another.

I think I’ve mentioned in several posts that there was one point in my life that I really got into some of the philosophies behind Buddhism, I was trying to be spiritual, and be more mindful of everything I did. 190 more words

Good Company

For ´╗┐breakfast this morning, try some good company. Feel free to add some bread with a little berry jam and tea.


I Made The About Page

I have just completed writing about myself and what this blog is going to be about.  Head on over to the ABOUT page and you can get filled in! 276 more words



Plugged in to the earth, the grass roots

Light up their green lanterns.

There is a curiosity for the crawlers

About this low forest. 76 more words