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Revolution is Evolution

Greetings everyone! As the sun is still a few minutes shy of reaching my Ascendant, I am milking this 12th house energy for all its worth. 880 more words


Göbekli Tepe

In the heart of modern-day Turkey is a mystifying complex of prehistoric artifacts and limestone pillars believed to be some 11,000 years old known as Göbekli Tepe.   489 more words

Shazan Qureshi

3,000 Year-Old Footprints

Recently, archaeologists excavating the site of a new highway to be built along Interstate 10 outside Tuscon have discovered footprints left by an Indian farming community 2,500 to 3,000 years ago.   284 more words

Shazan Qureshi

Indoor-Outdoor Winter

In a way, I’m glad the kittens have noticed the birds. They’ve spent their days the past week lurking in various windows, tensed, tails twitching in time with whatever music is on, watching juncos peck around the ground near the house for crumbs leftover from fall: dried rosehips, tiny purple-black foresteria berries, catkins scattered by the nuthatches and finches feeding in the birch tree, lavender; who knows what they’re finding in this deep and steady snow. 1,059 more words

Why I blog

We live in an amazing world. Everything is changing, and it is changing by the second.

More and more by the second, those with internet access have the ability to see what life is like for people around the world and in walks of life incredibly different from their own. 768 more words


Take a moment to gain some Perspective:

we are huge to many things,
we are also microscopic to others.
keep in mind no matter how small you feel,
you are still important in the grand scheme of things. 97 more words


The "birth of a new myth"

Just as we are born into this world, we will be birthed into a new world—that is, a new way of perceiving our place in the world.    1,086 more words