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Elul 18

#BlogElul – Ask

It’s ok. It’s OK to ask for help. I know, I know, this is Canada, and the vestiges of the puritan work ethic and the British avoidance of contact are so strong that we dread asking for help more than any other activity. 436 more words


Strange Coincidence.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to type anything but interesting human dilemmas are… interesting.

I have found myself in a position occupying both sides of a dichotomy. 863 more words

Elul 15

#BlogElul – Change

Ah, change. I don’t hate change any more. I used to. I kept trying for consistency, to hold on to something. I kept wanting to find a place that would be safe. 630 more words


Seeing Through The Eyes of God

Be careful how you judge your inadequacies and shortcomings.

There is coming a time when you will see them, through different eyes, as gifts.

When that time comes, you will know that you are seeing yourself and the world through the eyes of God


How interconnection increased global data flows by 45X

Datacenter News — Enterprises worldwide are facing a massive wave of digital disruption that’s causing them to rethink their current business and IT deployment models. The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) sums up the situation well, describing the meteoric rise of what it calls the “digitally interconnected global economy,” where global data flows have replaced and transformed large parts of an economy once dominated by flows of goods, services and finance. 6 more words


Ten Ways to Help

10 ways you can help the Standing Rock Sioux fight the Dakota Access Pipeline:

1. Call North Dakota governor Jack Dalrymple at 701-328-2200. You can leave a message stating your thoughts about this. 226 more words


My Life is in Transition

Over the last few years I have felt myself inching towards retirement. Last month, I set a retirement date of May 31, 2017 but the size of my psychotherapy practice has reduced so much lately that sometimes I feel as if I am already retired. 1,498 more words