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The Spark Reignites

I have very few memories of my childhood, most of which was spent as an “army brat” moving from place to place. As I have been thinking about those years lately, I realize that there is a theme in some of my happier days. 953 more words


Coming Home

I’ve been ashamed of my love too long


I’ve been on my knees crawling

too long

trees grow wide in exposed land

their roots run deep seeking company… 167 more words



To be heard deeply and fully is
the greatest gift one could ever receive.

To listen with one’s heart is
the greatest gift one could ever give.


mindful of thoughts, of words...

be mindful of your thoughtsbe mindful of your words…
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Another Reason I Love Maine

Our appraiser rescues injured birds!

As part of our search for greener housing, we are applying for financing with our local bank, based on our equity in our current house.   285 more words


Electronic Packaging and Interconnection Handbook 4E Clarifying

Some of the different industries that unit dose packaging & blister packaging are becoming more popular in are the pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetic industry, the medical industry, and the dentist industry. 232 more words

Self esteem vs self compassion

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”


Yesterday in Yoga Teacher/Holistic Coach Traning class the students were all giving feedback on the yoga class we just completed.   653 more words