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Curled full circle haiku

curled full circle
no CNN, no tweet storms
oh, to be a cat!


final mesh building

For the final video, I am preparing a bigger structure of body meshes, on which I am planning to apply as textures real footage that I captured in Athens and virtual animated elements. 162 more words


Interconnection: Wherever You Go, There I Am

We are all interconnected. On a most basic level, we all share the same planet on which we depend for survival. When one nation pollutes the air, we all breathe it. 543 more words


The Five Remembrances

One translation of the Pali word for mindfulness (sati) is memory or recollection. The five remembrances from the Upajjhatthana Sutta of the Tipitaka (a collection of texts forming the doctrinal foundation of Theravada Buddhism from which modern mindfulness practices emerged) are facts we can reflect upon regularly to help us overcome… 464 more words


Mayan Daykeeper Muluk

The essence of Muluk is the interdependence & interconnection between all things. What connections do you have, & how would you imagine it would impact you and them if they were not there? 422 more words

Mayan Daykeepers

Orphaned Paper

I bought fries the other day and on the way out of the shop I picked up one of those tiny packets of salt – just in case. 203 more words


Two webs

Billions of roots hold the soil. The multitude of grasses, the flowering beauties that return year after year, those rooted organisms you call weeds, the magnificent trees of our beloved planet all anchor our soil, forming a vast web of interconnection… 164 more words