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Never Alone

While walking through the forest, I heard a voice whisper, “Greetings, walking tree.”

What a relief. I was never alone.


REVIEW: The Blackcoat's Daughter (2017)

2017, A24 Films/Unbroken Pictures/Paris Film/Traveling Picture Snow Company/Zed Filmworks

Oz Perkins
Bryan Bertino
Adrienne Biddle
Alphonse Ghossen
Rob Paris
Robert Menzies
Oz Perkins… 624 more words

American Films

Quoets for Poets -- real poems travel...

“You can't force it intellectually. You spoil the poem. You mess it up. When you've 
worked through to the real poetic level, the connections webbing together every single 
word are quite beyond intellectual arrangement. 59 more words

Not Just for Native People

Today about 160-200 people gathered in Augusta Maine, in solidarity with the Native Nations Rise with Standing Rock march in Washington.  Organizer Sherri Mitchell commented how important it was that non-Native peoples were showing up–both because for too many years Native people have been struggling without support from the white community, but also because these issues really affect all of us.   534 more words


We're in this life together!

We are in this life on earth together! All life forms are inseparable – from the mosses under your feet to to the magnificent trees that encircle this earth with their roots and branches, to the winged creatures, the scaly and furry ones. 274 more words