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How does it feel? What does the experience elicit in us? What does the body look like in space? Performance skills: voice, movement and timing. 277 more words

The Autumn Leaves

On a wet table with reflection of maple tree

On a wet table 2

Maple shrub

Morning light


Hosta and fibrous begonia

Light plays with colour… 75 more words


Fall Has Arrived

The Earth has passed its halfway point in its rotation towards the darkest day of the year.  The mornings and evenings continue to darken.  I say good morning and good night to the Sun on our daily walks and I move all of the cacti to the front window so they can do the same.   963 more words

no thread untouched...

Watching a spider at workI vow with all beings

to cherish the web of the universe:

touch one point and everything moves.
~Robert Aiken Roshi

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I am a bug

I am the bug, upon which you tread.  Is it because I am small?

But how tall are you that you must demonstrate your might through indifference, violence and control?     435 more words



of seeds and wolves and water

of trees and wisdom


Elul 18

#BlogElul – Ask

It’s ok. It’s OK to ask for help. I know, I know, this is Canada, and the vestiges of the puritan work ethic and the British avoidance of contact are so strong that we dread asking for help more than any other activity. 436 more words