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receiving blanket

A rich tapestry of
covers us all
like a blanket
warming all
embracing all
who are kept under it
And over it
an ever expanding universe… 28 more words

Finding your own Way: Both --And.

A personal message from your friendly blog manager:

For some time now, I have been conflicted. Conflicted over whether to cut loose my deep connection to shamanism and the Great Nature Spirits in favor of a full serving of committed Zen. 155 more words



Coupled oscillations: A weird phenomenon which leads to the things in the cosmos being in harmony with one another. (1)

The wisdom of the cosmos lies in the most obvious things. 25 more words

Are We Disconnected? Or Interconnected?

Isn’t it funny? Our current interconnectedness through our electronic devices, the internet, and our current technologies can also seem like disconnectedness. And I don’t say funny to trivialize it, but instead to bring awareness to my intrigue in the contrast of these concepts. 332 more words


The Greatest Nation On Earth

The greatest nation on earth is where love reigns;

And kindness and generosity are its citizens.


A Reflection Of The World

Looking from within, we see the whole world as it is.

And looking back at us, it jumps with astonishment, thinking that it stares at its own reflection.


See The World

I look at you and the whole world stared back! Who would have guessed that it was that easy to see the world.