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Daily Sex a Healthy Habit

It keeps you looking super young and confident.

It lowers your blood pressure and your ability to stress out over basically nothing.

Sex can actually make you a super genius. 29 more words


The Top Sports Logos in Major League Lacrosse

Lacrosse. It’s a sport that goes almost completely ignored in the United States. While the Northeastern part of the country may love it, the majority of the U.S. 933 more words

In Defense of the Eggplant

After the cucumber and the banana, there is a new phallic fruit in town. The eggplant emoji, also known as aubergine, was added to the official Unicode 6.0 emoji set in 2010. 532 more words

Hybrid Realities

Tips to Build Sexier Sex

Are you ready to light your fire up? These moves shall ill make sex hotter, happier, and just plain sexier.

  1. Like a naked you

Women that have the best sex lives literally feel good about their own bodies. 451 more words

Erectile Dysfunction

"Pondulating the Origins of Sex" Club

My husband and I recently got into a funny conversation the other day which keeps rearing its strange and perverted head. This discussion evolved from trying to decipher if sexual idiosyncrasies and preferences among men (or women) come instinctively or are learned from social cues, media or watching porn. 302 more words



So apparently there’s now an app to agree not to rape your partner. It’s called ‘Sasie’ and according to reports, ‘the app is meant to be a legally binding contract between two adults who are agreeing to have a sexual encounter’. 1,091 more words


No kids? No regrets.

Sexless Marriage by M.Felding: No kids? No regrets.

One in five women are now being inducted into a new but growing list of members called the childless-over-forties club. 1,802 more words