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What Happened To The Woman In Deuteronomy 21:10-14?

It is often the case among some Christian missionaries to twist and misrepresent the Bible in order to suit their 21st-century worldview. Christian missionaries too embarrassed of certain verses they want to make the Bible adapt to liberal, Secular values. 2,182 more words


Woman Has Intercourse With Male Sex Doll, Narrates Her Experience

A woman has revealed in detail what it is like to sleep with a male sex doll.
Sex columnist Karley Sciortino, 31, gave her review of her 20-minute session with Gabriel as she tested out the dolls ‘ skills for a documentary about male sex dolls. 147 more words


Dare You Have It All…!

Dare you cherry-pick, my bits and bobs
I ain’t your, wish-list’s specimen
You ain’t the last, of manly snobs
My mystique’s woes, beyond whose ken… 107 more words


Knowing your limits

In the likes of relationships in the 21st century, there are limits that people are uncomfortable with knowing and discussing with fear of how their partner for example may react. 191 more words

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7 Types of Drugs That May Lower Your Sex Drive

You’ve likely heard about drugs that can improve the sex drive, but there are actually some medications that can reduce it. Do you find that you’re less interested in sex than you would like to be? 421 more words

Signs and Indicators of ED

Gentlemen who have signs of lowered intercourse generate (libido) due to low amounts of testosterone typically connected to ED or impotence. The indicators of erectile dysfunction may consist of:absence of sexual desireunable to get an erection by commandtrouble in maintaining an erection and it softens prior to sexual intercourse