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Do Not Get Caught In Miseries Of An Erectile Failure, Treat It With Vidalista

It is a common notion that the topics related to your bedroom should stay in the bedroom. Just like people do not discuss the joys they receive in their private arena similarly they do not want to share their problems relating to their sensual lives. 480 more words


Things I Wish I Knew About Sex

So this is my first post writing about something as intimate as sex. I was inspired by none other than Carrie Bradshaw, of course. I just binge watched SATC this past weekend and I was feeling some type of way, so here I am! 1,195 more words


Birthday Sweets

Birthday Sweets

an Emery&Chris story

by avenger-nerd-mom

On a secluded boat dock, Chris and Emery celebrate his 37th birthday together

Warnings: NSFW, language, cunnilingus, anal fingering, intercourse… 2,861 more words

5 Things Men Should Never Ever Do After Intercourse

A simple google search will reveal much about how to have good sex, how to prolong it, positions that promise to make you scream blablabla. 496 more words

Love Life

Yes Please

by Lao Tzu in Hua Hu Ching on Chapter 69

A person’s approach to sexuality is a sign of his level of evolution. Unevolved persons practice ordinary sexual intercourse.

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Make Love Sweet As Sin’s Poesy

Which fury sowed, in hearts’ abyss?
A love, its failing, to give in
To the pain, of yearning’s, lasting bliss
Could sublime be so, if not sin! 74 more words


Sex Beyond Penile Vaginal Intercourse

Sex is typically supposed to be an inherently pleasurable act for two or more parties. Everyone involved should feel comfortable and able to express their feelings and desires. 572 more words