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I Can't Sleep Next to my One Night Stands

How does anyone have unattached sex with someone and endure the emptiness of falling asleep together? I’ve personally never been able to, at all.

I noticed this when it was offered was by a boy I met in philosophy class. 281 more words


Searching for me

Definition comes early and easily.

The product of his home or community environment,

Keeping company with his peers,

Or the clothes he wears.

This or that is what makes him or made him what he has become… 219 more words


It Follows: Movie Review

I’ve heard good things about It Follows. This was the reason I hunted down a copy in the first place to see firsthand what the fuss was about. 426 more words


Pillow Sales Tactic

In a ruling that will be welcomed by “philanderers” everywhere, a court in Japan has said that a husband who “sleeps” with another woman is not committing adultery… 642 more words

Barack Obama

Because Fellatio and Sodomy Are Important, Too!

I know that the title of my post is going to be controversial but I am not a person to shy away from controversy! The Supreme Court’s decision in   477 more words

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Sex on your period?!?

Hey all!
I’ve been thinking tonight about how many girls actually have sex on their period. I myself wouldn’t be interested in the whole experience but is it more common than I’m aware of? 72 more words


Marabel Morgan on Sex

Sexual intercourse is an act of love. Express your love by giving your husband all you can give. A woman’s hands should never be still when she is making love.

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