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Let’s Get It On, Or Not: How Much Sex Should You Be Having In Your Relationship?

Once a week? Every Day? Experts weigh in.

So, spoiler alert, there is no exact answer.

Sex is such a couple to couple type of thing that you can’t really say how often anyone should be getting it on in the sack. 345 more words

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80% of the total world population knows about sex, 80% loves sex, 80% knows about different sex positions, 80% loves engaging in these different sex positions BUT ONLY 10% knows of the most dangerous sexual positions and it’s effects on we men and women. 848 more words


The Naked Truth: Having Casual Sex Because You’re Horny, Is like Eating Garbage Because You’re Hungry. You don’t care where its been. – Miss More Roses (don’t give me that condom crap, would you eat garbage wrapped in saran wrap ?)…that’s what I thought…


Woman Arrested For Extremely Loud Intercourse!!!!

**Editor’s note: some of the details may not be appropriate for all audiences**

RED LION, Pa. – A Pennsylvania woman says her family put up with the neighbor from hell for two years and “should have started calling the police a year ago.” On March 21, Red Lion police were indeed called and responded to reports that the neighbor, 25-year-old Amanda Marie Warfel, was “loudly fornicating and banging around her bedroom to the degree that the dresser and her own bed shook,” per an… 171 more words


No kids? No regrets.

Sexless Marriage by M.Felding: No kids? No regrets.

One in five women are now being inducted into a new but growing list of members called the childless-over-forties club. 1,802 more words


When To Have Sex

If you want a meaningful relationship, stop having meaningless sex.

Starting tonight.

Miss More Roses….