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4 Exercises to Improve a Woman's Sex Life

Did you know that you may be a workout away from an improved sex life? Exercise can of course help you lose weight but also sculpt your body, cause your endorphins to rise, and help you have a better time in the bedroom. 437 more words

The place inside palm

Place the palm above the neck,
Please, cherish the pleasure,
Until you say- bid adieu.

Pierce those rays of eyes,
Penetrate to the core,
Until you titillate the nerves. 14 more words


Halifax man charged with sexual assault of a child

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. –  Susquehanna Township Police arrested Joseph A. Miller, 35, of Halifax on a list of sex crimes involving a minor. Miller was taken into custody on January 10th. 81 more words


Searching for the love

I dig deep into the soul,
Searching the hidden treasures,

Of your love and the heal-
My heart longs for days,

Manhood impedes womanhood,
While eyes are docking the sight, 20 more words


How To Buy Gil in FFXIV | Major Infantry Legionaries

This Lorica hamata will be a kind of cycle mailbox armour made use of through Roman Republic ongoing over the Roman Empire like a standard-issue armour to the major major infantry legionaries as well as this soldiers (Auxilia). 475 more words


FFxiv Buy Gil | The Newest Connection

Weighty computer system end users usually try to find mega transportable, hiburan mega textbooks. This specific sub-category connected with laptops includes versions which might be each light source in addition to slim, and also being successful in addition to… 372 more words


What Happened To The Woman In Deuteronomy 21:10-14?

It is often the case among some Christian missionaries to twist and misrepresent the Bible in order to suit their 21st-century worldview. Christian missionaries too embarrassed of certain verses they want to make the Bible adapt to liberal, Secular values. 2,182 more words