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A Fistful of Women

This mountain top village brought five distinct women into my life. Each one would impact me, distract me, tear at me, and frustrate me. When I finally left this place, I was emotionally battered, bruised, and was rigid in my stance that I would never get married, never, ever have children, and instead would pursue financial wealth and independence. 839 more words

Can a Christian marry a non-virgin?

I stumbled upon a website claiming to be an “apologetics” website.  I am always very curious of those men who claim to be in authority when it comes to explaining Biblical Truth.  1,989 more words

Reading Leviticus, Seeing Christ (Part 7)

11. Lev. 18, Sexual Purity

God first reminds the Israelites of their call to holiness. They were not to live like the Egyptians lived – the land that God delivered them from. 733 more words


3 Reasons Why Married Couples Should Have More Sex

So, this morning, as my wife and I sat on the couch preparing to prepare for our day and perusing social media, we took turns sharing our favorite headlines from our Facebook feeds. 1,337 more words

Week 5: I Still Do…I Think?

So how did the past week go for you?  I hope well…or I at least hope it was better than the previous week.  Let me just forewarn you, I will be very forward in this week’s post.   481 more words




  1. Voluntary control over bladder and bowel functions.
  2. Self-restraint, esp. abstinence from sexual intercourse.

Being a frequent traveler, he has become a master of continence…

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