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Sacrality of Sex

Sex, sex, sex.

It’s all just such an everyday common thing in this generation; I’m irresolute as to where I stand on this, quite frankly. 337 more words

Dancing Lessons

Dance Lessons

*a Sunshine and Chris story*

Chris and plus-sized OFC “Sunshine”

By avenger-nerd-mom

Chris watches on as his plus-sized girlfriend “Sunshine” packs her bags for a trip to Boston, and music leads to dancing… 3,165 more words

Christiana man headed to trial in shotgun slaying

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. –  Lucas Newman threatened to shoot Julius Dale III on May 27 at a Sadsbury Township home, and, moments later, he did just that. 215 more words


History of Condoms

SEX – not the biological attribute we are born with (being the male or the female) but the ‘sexual intercourse’ which can take place whether consciously or unconsciously is a task which is essential in every human’s life. 870 more words


It's Time for Our Men to Be Realistic!

Working women don’t have sex more than every ten days, because they are too tired and out of their feminine energy. If stay at home wives priorities, sex can happen daily. 56 more words


Best ways to hang up after phone sex.

Calling a 1-900 number for phone sex – a leisurely pursuit once so maligned, it was almost considered a dirty

word. The practice has achieved mainstream approval in recent years, thanks to the acknowledgement and de facto approval of notable figures like Kanye West, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and even former president, Jimmy Carter. 903 more words



A night of full moon,
Riverside walking hands in hand,
Her voice echoes the ebbs and bows,
Tides are weaving with her words,
We walk along the endless river, 76 more words