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What is Said Just Prior to Intercourse

I have a question that everyone I asked had a different answer for. Does the Muslim have to say anything during the sexual intercourse “nikkah”?, and does the Muslim “husband and wife ” have to pray before the first day of sexual intercourse “nikkah”? 127 more words

Islamic Article

Ruling on Intercourse with a Woman in her Rectum

Please accept my apology if this questions offends, but in the pursuit of Islamic knowledge, we cannot afford to be shy for fear that if we are not well advised, we may commit a sin. 389 more words

Women Circle

masturbating is normal

I’m so horny right now. I’ve already tried booty calling some of my usual fucks. So I’m going to masturbate. Society doesn’t want to let others share that they masturbate. 233 more words

Corner Coffee Shop

Intercourse, Pennsylvania

Local shop.

In the heart of Amish country, there is a little Pennsylvania town called Intercourse. And in that little town, is a little coffee shop called Corner Coffee Shop. 151 more words


Toni Braxton Needs to Use Her Vagina More

I don’t watch The View much anymore but I did today.  Toni Braxton, the “Queen of R&B” singer-songwriter, pianist, musician, record producer, actress and television personality was on as one of the many revolving guest co-hosts of late. 176 more words