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The Blessing of Intimacy (sex)

This man was walking alone on Earth, not that he needed to be in the company of someone, better yet, not that he felt he needed to, but God saw his heart and understood that he would be happier if he could have someone by his side. 470 more words


Sex and the Church

Warning, we are going to talk about sex. If this scares you, close the page.

Have you thought about sex lately? What is it? Pleasure for sure, but have you thought of it as worship to a holy God? 732 more words

The Life We Created

Inches moved by clinches,gasped,
Momentary loss of our beings,
Rain of sweating ,breath shared.


Can Women and Men be Friends?

This topic did intrigue me when I spoke to a friend of mine. The topic went something ” Do you think guys and girls could be just Friends”. 230 more words


LIBIDO: Pure Will or Blue Pill?

Got erectile dysfunction? Phallically deficient? Need a little lift to get a stiff? Perfectly legitimate question given the cheesy ED commercials you see inquiring the same. 1,286 more words


Does Size Matter

Having intercourse could take multiple turns depending on the partner. There is a syndrome which is called “Small Penis Syndrome” in which man believe there penis is small. 290 more words