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Jesus, Mary, and Joseph: The Real Story?

So, if Jesus had a penis (see prior post here), then Mary had a vagina, right? Well, of course. And Joseph had a penis, too. 1,277 more words


Past Sexual Encounters

Soooo…. While cleaning out the attic and I found a list of my husbands past sexual encounters. It’s fucked up he made a list but with as many sexual partners as he had (30+), it probably helped him keep shit organized. 83 more words


WARNING: Zika Virus Can Be Transferred Through Sexual Intercourse

Zika Virus is an emerging mosquito borne virus. It is a member of the virus family Flaviviridae and the genus Flavivirus, transmitted by daytime-active Aedes mosquitoes, such as A. 22 more words

The Birds, the Bees, and the…WTF?


We all have embarrassing sex stories. We also all had to learn about sex. Puberty is like a fiery car crash off a cliff. You basically are going along as happy as can be when suddenly everything is upside down, you’re banging against everything, and when it finally stops you’re just happy you survived it. 1,151 more words



  • I knew I was fucked when I started daydreaming about Joseph’s face while watching The Revenant with Philip. After having sex and eating disappointingly mediocre sandwiches together I told Joseph I’m starting to become obsessed with him, more specifically with his face, and he said we should take a break for a week, and let things…
  • 88 more words

Beneath the bruise

Inches of scratches underneath
Of loin skin and the ache,
Shows me your human appetite.


Love, Sex, and Dating as a Neo-Virgin

“All through my teens I became known as The Person Who Didn’t Have Sex. My decision not to do it was often either used as the reason why a guy didn’t want to go out with me, or as the reason he did—so he could break down the barriers, so to speak. 10 more words