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How to fuck girls: advice I'd have given a younger brother had I ever had one.

  1. The longer you wait to even kiss her, the more likely she’ll let you do anything.
  2. When you don’t know what to be, don’t be what you think she wants you to be, just be honest.
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The Sexiest Story Ever Told – X Rated

Well, now that I have got your attention, I will tell you a secret.  I lied.  This will probably not be the sexiest story ever told.  1,532 more words

The Feminism of Initiating Sex

I was listening to a Ted Talk this morning about sexless marriages and how this leads to affairs and dissatisfaction within the marriage.

I found it interesting and there was something that stuck out to me that she touches on. 572 more words


Yeah, we all know what that is. Right?

Yup. Got a case of it right about…ALWAYS!!!! I’ve got two kids, and they are constant reminders of what I was doing for them to be here… 869 more words

Life Commentaries


Breeze caress the nerves,

Blood flows thro’ a happy pain,

Beats are high in feel,

while manliness enters the pleasure of heaven,

she squirting the drops of pearl, 6 more words

Creation Intercourse

The sexual act is very important. Here are keys we were given to making it more powerful.

    1. It must only be done under covenant of marriage between a man and a woman.
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Energy Work

Royal Indiscretions, Bathroom Spies, Hypocrisy And Death From A Broken Heart.

Sex, sex and more sex. Caroline knew exactly what she wanted and she certainly went for it. Bedding her lover in sumptuous apartments around the world, as well as enjoying modest ‘bunks’ on a boat and a naughty night or two in a tent in the Syrian desert. 2,192 more words